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Chapter 642: Repairs
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Kieran could see everything about his character in his attribute windows.

From the strongest Spirit attribute, followed by Intuition, Strength, Agility, and Constitution, all of his attributes had reached the Character Model Template Limit.

If he wanted to further enhance them, he would need to limit break all of them.

Otherwise, even Golden Attribute Points or leveling skills wouldn't change any of those stats.

It was unacceptable since Kieran had always wanted to strengthen himself.

Powerful strength didn't equal to powerful attributes, it might be a special bloodline or other items but a powerful set of attributes would surely enhance one's strength.

Kieran had understood that fact long ago.

So, after some time thinking about it, he had decided to take the extra mission to limit break his Character Model Template Limit.

What pushed him to this decision was the Prairie King and Great Swamp, plus the giant hand that formed under the moon in Naveya City.

As his dungeon difficulty increased, the enemies he encountered would no longer be limited to mortals but even more threatening Magical species, fiends, dragons, diving beings or even God itself.

With his style of maximizing his benefits throughout the dungeons, what he had encountered would not be the least and probably will come across something even more terrifying in the future.

Kieran could also choose to clear the upcoming dungeons with a safer way but if he did, it would put his hard-earned advantages to waste bit by bit and eventually falling back to the common ranks.

He wished the day would never come.

It wasn't his ego or pride by any means, it was just his habitual persistence and stubbornness.

Since he had made up a decision, he would carry it out with his full effort.

It had always been his attitude towards life.

Yet with countless warnings from Lawless, Kieran wouldn't dare to underestimate the extra missions to limit break his Character Model Template.

All he had was one go, if he failed it would be the death of him.

Many examples before were enough to prove everything.

Kieran immediately made preparations because of his vigilant attitude.

First, it would be repairing his equipment.

Back in the fight with the Prairie King, his armor [Armor of Excellence] and mantle [Crow's Black Feather] had suffered severe damage, especially the mantle since it was damaged beyond the looks of a proper mantle.

Kieran then contacted Blacksmith.


2567: I might need to trouble u again.

Kieran directly sent over two screenshots over since he was familiar with Blacksmith's attitude.

Blacksmith: Mantle cost 5000 Points to repair, the armor u might need to find another guy. He's an armor repair expert.


Together with the reply was a name card of another player.


A single name might seem odd but it was common among in-game names of players.

Just like Kieran who used four numbers as his in-game name, which probably only he himself would do that in reality.


2567: Hi, Blacksmith introduced me.

2567: I want to repair my armor.

After adding Shu's player name, Kieran directly stated his intentions.

Shu: 100K.



There wasn't any extra talks and replied in a simpler manner than Blacksmith.

100,000 Points.

Kieran frowned. It wasn't expensive but actually quite cheap!

After embedding [Dark Nether Stone], [Armor of Excellence]'s rarity had reached Legendary.

How much would a Legendary equipment be worth in the market?

Kieran knew perfectly since he graduated from his newbie rank.

In simple words, as long as the timing was right, Legendary rank items and equipment were priceless.

Kieran had the resolution to spend a great amount for his repairs but now all it would cost him was 100K?

It was quite surprising, he even wanted to question his doubts.

Still, it was rude against someone who he had just met moments ago but since it was related to a Legendary rank armor and it was also his last line of defense on his body, Kieran had to be careful.


2567: Did u see properly?

2567: It's a Legendary rank equipment.

Shu: It is not from where I see it, only the jewel embedded on it is!

Shu: It might seem to have merged with the jewel but still the jewel is the core!


Even through messaging, Kieran could feel the irritation from Shu after he questioned his judgment but it relieved Kieran.

After signing a contract and paying the required cost, Kieran closed his PM tab, went offline to deal with his personal problems in real life.

When Kieran came back to his game lobby room, Lawless has already presented him with the trade earnings.

A total of 250K!

Which was around Kieran's expectation.


Lawless: If u are not in a rush, u can earn a lot more.

2567: It would waste too much time, my time is limited.

Lawless: U little fella enters dungeon every time the cooldown is reset, now u are really similar to those lunatics that been through the Age of the Witch.

Lawless: Those lunatics may be stimulated by the Witch.

Lawless: But what are u doing this for?

Lawless: Don't tell me it's because of Broker.

2567: Stimulations, yes but not all of what u said.

2567: I think it should be my attitude and habits from my daily life made me like this. I'm used to seizing the moment and gaining more for myself. The underground is no exception since it has already affected our reality!

2567: I'm very scared of dying u know.

Lawless: Who doesn't!

Lawless: Let me tell you, the first time I went on those mission with a slim chance of survival, I almost peed my pants…


The conversation should be a casual chat about life but with Lawless diverting the topic, it completely turned into a ridiculous tone.

Both of them chatted for an hour plus and was forced to an end when Kieran stayed quiet for more than 10 minutes.

"Well, from a certain aspect, nagging is really scary!"

Kieran shook his head while the scare lingered in his heart.

He couldn't imagine how a person who looked like a tough guy on the outside would talk relentlessly about his bath time with his yellow duck and how he played with it for hours.

After shaking his head hard and discarded the unpleasant picture from his mind, he turned his attention to his points tab.

[Points: 426,000; Skill Points: 55; Golden Skill Point: 7; Golden Attribute Points: 8]

Since his attributes had reached the limits, Golden Attribute Points has no use at the moment.

Kieran had already drafted out how he would utilize his 7 Golden Skill Points.

[Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] would be the priority since it was related to his strongest attribute, it would cost 50,000 Points and 5 Golden Skill Points from Musou to Transcendence level.

The second skill down the list was [Sword Skill, Tiger Stance].

During the battle with the Prairies King, the unusual performance of [Sword Skill, Tiger Stance] had made quite an impression on Kieran.

He thought it might help him understand more about the true meaning of the skill by leveling it up.
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