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Chapter 627: It Has Begun
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[Sharp Weapon, Projectile Weapon not detected, prerequisite not met!]

[Sharp Weapon, Flexible Sword not detected, prerequisite not met!]


When Kieran picked up the [Viper Dart] and [Viper Sword]'s skill books, both notifications popped up in his vision.

Although Viper Dart and Viper Sword were just the basics in Viper Sect's list of techniques, it was already an advanced skill for a player, [Viper Kick] might even be a high-rank skill.

When players enjoyed the conveniences that the system brought them, they needed to follow the system rules as well.

Perhaps a native could learn both techniques together but Kieran as a player couldn't, therefore he needed to follow the steps before he could get learn the skills.

Though it was nothing compared to the convenience that the system brought him such as [Living Rope Technique] and [Dormant Viper], after the prerequisites were met, he could already master the skills even if it was just a basic rank.

[Name: Living Rope Technique (Basic)]

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Attribute: Control a rope object no longer than 5 meters]

[Effect: None]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Mystical Knowledge (Basic), Spirit A]

[Remark: This is a basic technique that requires talent. Its incantation has only one note but you cannot neglect it!]


[Name: Dormant Viper (Basic)]

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Attribute: A high ranking technique among the Viper Sect, uses a special way of breathing to send the wounded into a slumber and heal for 0.5 HP/minute]

[Effect: None]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Spirit S]

[Remark: It will consume your stamina but its roots are within the Spirit, it is the entry level technique to the real Viper Sect ultimates!]


The knowledge transfer and synchronization process ended quickly.

Kieran heaved a long sigh while arranging the knowledge in his mind, then he chanted "Ms!"

Right after the incantation, the [Deceiver's Key] in his hand came alive and moved according to his will.

Though its nimbleness was less than satisfactory, all it could do was complete simple movements that Kieran imagined and couldn't go further in more complicated movements.

Kieran wasn't displeased though, what else could he ask for in a Basic level skill?

However, Kieran has a general idea of how the skill would expand in the future, of course, he wouldn't use it for bondage or other sorts but something more useful.

As for [Dormant Viper], no one would mind an extra healing skill. It might be the crucial skill that could save his life, especially the remarks that mentioned "the entry technique to the real Viper Sect ultimates".

Kieran made more guesses but he couldn't know what was the real ultimate of the VIper Sect. Even "Words of Sects" didn't mention anything about it plus most of the Viper Sect members didn't know about it either.

In fact, Kieran had no idea about the Raven Sect's ultimate either, all he saw was the control of fire and potions. It would be a joke for him to truly understand the real ultimate techniques of the Raven Sect with limited pieces of information.

Kieran was sure if he ever showed such thoughts before Maxim who had been a friendly native since his appearance, Maxim would be the first one who turned on him.

"He is just a temporary collaborator," Kieran exclaimed and returned to his tent.

Mary was still sound asleep. It seemed like the little girl was exhausted from the recent days.

Carrying a burden that didn't match her age was an extremely exhausting task, to begin with, Kieran felt the same as he too had similar experiences.

He knew how it would wreck the little girl when the number of burdens that could even crush an adult was placed over her shoulders. Kieran couldn't even imagined what the girl would face if he hadn't arrived.

It was a high possibility that she might work to death. So Kieran didn't disturb Mary, he sat down with his legs crossed and started to carefully arrange all the information that he had gotten so far, checking whether there was something he missed.

Kieran knew he wasn't the brightest person in the room back in the orphanage, so all he could rely on was non-stop, relentless thinking to compensate for his stupidity.

His thoughts went on and on…


Time flew.

Three days later, the Viper Sect and the Raven Sect members gathered before Lightning Fortress.

Rover who has been tasked with flushing out the Prairie's spies in Riverdale also returned together with news from Bosco who was paying a visit to the southern region.

"The Duke of Will sent ten thousand men and they are marching here right now?"

Mary's mouth corner curled into a cold smile after she saw the secret letter from Bosco.

She knew the reason the Duke of Will sent out his troops was not because of loyalty or honor but worries about his lands being invaded by the Prairie invaders.

The girl was certain that without Kieran's idea, the old Duke would still be hiding in his own land like a tortoise and watch the Prairie invaders take down Lightning Fortress and Riverdale.

So, the girl wasn't grateful for the old Duke at all in her heart, on the contrary, she had a bold, unusual thought in her mind.

She raised her head at Kieran, trying to ask for his opinion. She trusted he would never leak the information she shared with him. After going through life and death situations and the reliance in her heart, Kieran was already the closest person to Mary in the entire world, even much closer than her father in name, the King James VIII.

"I want to…"

"It's not time yet!"

Kieran shook his head when Mary opened his mouth.

He knew what the girl wanted after glancing over her expression when she read the letter because he himself wanted the same idea as well but he couldn't mix up his priorities now.

The important thing at hand was to defend Lightning Fortress and Riverdale and stop the Prairie soldiers from invading.

As for the rest, everything would have to queue in line. He would settle the accounts after the war and would get back everything, including the interest due.

Mary quickly kept away the words and slightly squinted her eyes at Kieran. He was leaning against the tent pole as though he was dozing off.

The girl unconsciously reached out her hand to Kieran's.

"Are you worried?" The girl asked.

"Not really, I'm just curious what the Duke of Zilin is doing. Three days ago, Maxim got news that Zilin's scout riders appeared behind the Prairie camp. Judging from the distance between the scout riders and the main troops, plus the delays in speed, Zilin's main troops should have arrived behind the Prairie camp a day and a half ago!"

"But, there isn't any news since then. If I didn't make sure that Prairie King didn't leave his main camp, I might have assumed that Zilin's troops were eliminated." Kieran shook his head but he didn't conceal the questions in his heart.

"That Duke of Zilin isn't a mere straw bag. A day and a half, he might have caused an unexpected threat towards the Prairie King! If that's the case, it will lessen your burdens."

Before Mary finished her words, Kieran stood up straight.

"It has begun?" The girl reacted quickly.

"Em!" Kieran nodded.

Through the eyes of the Fire Raven, Kieran saw a squad of soldiers leaving the Prairie's main camp and head the opposite direction.

Two figures among the squad of soldiers were extremely eye-catching.

One was the ever hot-tempered Lapierre and the other was the ever shining Prairie King.
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