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Chapter 624: Battle Of The Sons
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"Can I have a look at your Fire Raven?"

Maxim turned even more respectful towards Kieran when Kieran ordered the Fire Raven back.

The moment Maxim saw the Fire Raven land on Kieran's shoulder, he even acted like a fanatic worshipper of sorts.

It made the intelligent Fire Raven uncomfortable and feel unpleasant, though it didn't attack Maxim after Kieran calmed it down.

Maxim's observation at the Fire Raven was short as well, he took less than a minute throughout the process.

As he returned beside Celty, he nodded to the anxious Celty in an affirmative manner.

"I've not mistaken! That is Master Crown Raven's Fire Raven!" Celty said in excitement.

He then turned around and weirdly saluted Kieran. He bent his back and lowered his head with both his arms extended backward, posting like a real bird.

Kieran quickly dodged the salutation without even thinking. His suspicious nature made him think that something was not right, especially when he saw Maxim turned back to him and started to smile, the feeling got heavier.

"Did you both mistake something?" Kieran asked.

"I did not! You are the disciple left behind by Master Crown Raven. Although he uses the name Andy, what he gave you was definitely not something a common mercenary can have. Your techniques, the fire and the Fire Raven that follows you everywhere are the best proof! We were too foolish to not notice this earlier, we had Ellen's lead for so long but we didn't follow up… Maybe it is because of our foolishness, Master Crown Raven was disappointed in us and left us fools behind."

Celty shook his head and said affirmatively. He sounded helpless and full of melancholy.

"Celty, we have located Master Crown Raven's disciple now, send out the Raven's order and gather all the others before Lightning Fortress. We shall aid Master Crown Raven's disciple in defending against the Prairie invasion!"

Maxim interrupted Celty's exclamation and said straightforwardly.

"Yes, lord recorder." Celty bowed before leaving the tent.

Kieran was left alone with Maxim right after. His eyes towards Maxim were unfriendly but he didn't say anything. He sensed the threat in Maxim words which translated to Maxim wanting the identity of Crown Raven disciple in order to provide reinforcements from the Raven Sect and as long as Kieran acknowledged himself as the disciple, he would instantly acquire a huge amount of supporters.

A lie in exchange for decent support.

Kieran wasn't rejecting the thought but given that such lie wouldn't end badly for him.

Therefore, Kieran remained quiet as he was waiting for Maxim's explanation.

Maxim should have noticed that this was all a misunderstanding and yet he kept on pushing the lie forward. His intentions were something that was worthwhile to ruminate over.

"I beg for your forgiveness, Lord 2567!" Maxim bowed to express his apologies.

"Please don't mistake my intentions, I mean no malicious intent… It is because of the current situation within the Raven Sect that forced me to compromise. If the Raven Sect wouldn't change soon, we will be the next Viper Sect! Or even worse! After all, whenever the members contended for the Crown Raven's position, they will kill their opponents with all their might, despite being comrades in the past. So, a rightful leader that can settle the member's heart is required .."

Maxim was smiling bitterly.

"So you wanted me to put on this fake crown of yours?" Kieran replied with his question.

"No, you are not a fake! At least you have a Fire Raven with you, which is of the same lineage with Master Crown Raven's one!"

"What?" Kieran was stunned.

He remembered clearly where his Fire Raven came from.

Could it be that [City of Fiends] and [The Queen's Shield] dungeons were somehow related?

Impossible! How could it be related when the worldview was so different to begin with?

It must be a lie!

Kieran unconsciously thought of the possibility and his eyes at Maxim turned even colder.

Given Kieran's current situation, it wasn't impossible to have a win-win situation between him and the Raven Sect which was each take what they need but if the collaboration was mixed with lies, Kieran couldn't accept it.

However, Kieran soon frowned.

What good would it do Maxim if he lied about something like this? Nothing!

Was it necessary for a non-beneficial lie?

"I can make a vow in Raven's way that your Fire Raven shared the same lineage with Master Crown Raven, it's just that…"

"Just what?" Kieran pressed on.

"It's just slightly weaker." Maxim thought over his words and tried his best not to stimulate the young man before him. He really felt the killing intent from Kieran just now.

It felt like he had fallen into an icy abyss, which made him exclaimed that "As expected of the thousand men rival!".

At the same time, Maxim's thirst in his heart became even more passionate.

He wanted to reorganize the whole Raven Sect and rally all of them under a single command, so he could ascend to a higher position.

When the thought came in his mind, Maxim quickly struck the iron while it was hot.

"My lord, back in Raven Sect's secret base, there is some of Master Crown Raven's manuscripts and records of how he reared the Fire Raven left behind, I suppose it would be very useful for to you! In fact, it would be only useful to you only. Other than yourself, my lord, I'm afraid there isn't anyone who owned a Fire Raven species."

Maxim revealed his sincerity just right but Kieran's brows still furrowed together.

His Fire Raven was a medium rank fiend that had been fed [Merman's Meat], its strength should have easily surpassed a common Fire Raven yet from what Maxim said, that Crown Raven's Fire Raven was much more stronger than his.

Although Maxim carefully used the word "slightly", the expression on his face told Kieran what was the real deal.

A Fire Raven that appeared in a different world and was much stronger than his…

Was it a coincidence?

Kieran wouldn't buy that saying from the bottom of his heart.

"Where are the manuscript and records?" Kieran asked directly.

He wanted to go through the manuscript and records to gain more valuable information.

"If you have the need, I will send them to you right away! But I think my lord, you should be focusing more on the Prairies invaders. Based on the information that I've gotten, that descendant of the Wolf God, the current king of the Prairies is not similar to his previous generations who only plundered the south and returned to the north."

"The current king is after the entire Warren region!"

Maxim altered his title of address to Kieran and revealed a shocking news.

"The entire Warren region? His target… is Zilin Prefecture's reinforcement!"

Kieran instantly reacted to what happened.

A moment later, the system notification popped up on Kieran's vision.

[Triggered special event, Battle Of The Sons!]

[Do you wish to join? Yes/No]
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