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Chapter 613: Lure
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A strong wind blew. It lifted the tent shutter up and landed it on the metal hook beside.

The movement was light and precise, as though an invisible pair of hands rolled and moved it.

Then, a figure further away was advancing swiftly towards the tent in an S path. It was so fast that after a breath's time, it arrived before the tent entrance.

Mary was shocked. She reached her hand out to the hilt of her sword almost instinctively.

With her mother's teachings, Mary was not only mature but also possessed a decent level of strength and eyes surpassing her peers. She knew how terrifying the person that could dash almost a hundred meters within a breath's time was, especially when the person was an assassin, it was enough to make her tremble.

Kieran raised his hand over to the girl's head, he could feel the girl was nervous even though she was prepared for this.

"She's still a child after all…" Kieran exclaimed in his heart.

He didn't think about the fact that he was only a few years older than Mary.

Going through different dungeons in the game had trained his mental state, allowing him to surpass any common person. It wasn't about getting used to dead bodies and possessing the correct state of mind when coming across one, it was more like the constant lingering on the verge of death.

When Kieran laid his eyes over the Viper Sect leader who decided to show up without an invitation, Perry Kaner stopped right away.

The sudden stop from extreme speed caused a strong air current around the tent.

Her mantle fluttered with the wind, revealing her voluptuous figure underneath. Even with the greenish black leather armor, it didn't diminish her eye-catching figure.

Under such a seductive view, most people might neglect the danger that followed, such as the flying knives around her waist and daggers. But Kieran was an exception, he calmly scanned over her arsenal, trying to make out an attack pattern.

"Two daggers, pouches of flying daggers on both sides of her waist, seems like she is fond of dual wielding. The belt on her waist isn't matching with her armor… a hidden flexible sword? The bottom of her boots were thicker than usual, something must be hidden underneath!"

Kieran's mind has already started a simulated battle against her.

As his mind went on, his eyes somehow turned colder and even more so when he realized she was a hard opponent to fight.

Kieran still hadn't forgotten the essence of Viper Sect techniques, any fist, kicks or weapons were only facades as they excel on illusory techniques.

His extremely powerful Spirit attribute would shield him from such techniques but Mary behind him had no resistance against it.

If Perry Kaner would strike, Mary would die in one hit.

As the thought bloomed in his mind, Kieran's cold gaze was overflowing with killing intent.

Similar to how he knew Perry Kaner was a difficult opponent, he knew that had he returned a little later, a disaster would occur.

What would an assassin do with their targets?

Even if they would capture their targets alive, Kieran wouldn't count on them being merciful.

It would be too naive of him.

The moment Kieran decided to enter this underground game, he had ditched the naiveness in him.

So, he never showed any mercy towards his enemies.

Perry Kaner too noticed the killing intents overflowed in Kieran's eyes. It was too obvious as it was accompanied by the presence of death.

With a thought from her heart, she dished out her own killing intents from her gray eyes as well. It was her counterattack to Kieran.

However, despite the reply of killing intent, Perry Kaner had controlled herself well enough to not make an actual move. It wasn't time for that yet, she needed to wait for the opportunity to mature.

Perry Kaner looked at Kieran and started to provoke him as she had planned in her heart.

"Give me Torstar and Jyaichi!" Her voice was cold and certain.

"Why are you people after Mary?" Kieran countered with his question.


Perry Kaner suddenly shook her hand and hurled a flying knife at Kieran's face because he gave an irrelevant answer.

Kieran slightly moved his head and the flying knife grazed the edge of his ear.

The flying knife flew on and perforated the tent.

Perry Kaner suddenly appeared right in front Kieran with daggers in her respective hands and was going after his heart and throat.

Both daggers were glaring coldly under the candle light, as though they were the fangs of a viper. They weren't just fast, precise and vicious, they were laced with poison as well.

A sweet scent already filled in the tent when the daggers appeared.

Mary wobbled and sat on the ground, whereas Fanner who was under Kieran's control lasted longer than a breath's time before falling as well.

Kieran, however, remained still and standing. The upgraded version of [Body of Evil] increased his resistance towards poison significantly. He quietly looked at the dagger coming at his face.

Mary opened her mouth with all her effort. Just as she wanted to utter her warning to Kieran, he turned towards her and smiled.


Darkness erupted and shrouded the tent.

Everyone's vision and hearing were disrupted by the supernatural darkness from above Transcendence level [Undercover, Shadow Cloak].

All they could hear was blurry noises of metal clunking together and fist and kicks hitting each other.

After a while, all the blurry noises were replaced by relentless snake hisses.


The snake hisses sounded continuously and endlessly, everyone felt like they had plunged into the abyss with myriads of snakes around them with their vision robbed.


Meanwhile, outside Warren's campsite in a shadowy spot.

A couple of men who were watching the campsite heard the relentless hisses.

Cold laughs then followed.

"Our chance is finally here! Perry Kaner has been lured out and stalled there. This powerful 2567 will complete his mission perfectly! Now… all that's left is Pietro and Bicker!"

"Once they are dead, the secret of the Viper Sect will be ours!"

"Let's go!"

The group left in a hurry amidst their gloomy and cold yet delighted laughs.

Since the moment they arrived, none of them realized there was another pair of eyes watching over their actions.


The supernatural darkness shrouded the twisted myriad of snakes but it couldn't cover Perry Kaner's astonishment.

It was ineffective! [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper], the high tier secret technique of Viper Sect which was also considered to be the ultimate technique, was ineffective against Kieran.

Since Perry Kaner became the leader of the Viper Sect and cultivated the secret technique, she had never lost a battle before, until…

She already thought highly of Kieran in her heart and now, an extra dignified impression was added.

Truth be told, if her goal wasn't to eliminate those traitors, she'd never want to provoke a powerful opponent that could rival a thousand men.

Now, after her ultimate skill was ineffective against Kieran, the first reaction that came into her mind was to retreat.

Since after the myriad of snake hisses sounded, the traitors would be caught up with her skill, thus her goal would be complete and she wanted to walk away alive.

Therefore when he engaged Kieran in close combat, Perry Kaner twisted her body in a strange way, allowing her to escape the fight.

However, the moment she turned around and tried to leave...


Snake hisses echoed in Perry Kaner's ear.

She was completely stunned and followed by a myriad of snakes bursting out from the ground, consuming her whole.
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