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Chapter 599: One Man Against Ten Thousand
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The burning beams were fired down from the sky.

The Prairies riders that charged forth like the raging tide were instantly cut off.

Each and every one of the riders under the beams were perforated by the beams including their horses. Almost a thousand of them vanished in an instant, filling the air with a heavy charred smell.

Then, it all went silent.

The battlefield was boiling a moment ago but it has turned dead silent at this moment.

The remaining Prairies riders pulled their horses back and had terrified gaze at the monster above them. Their eyes followed the monster's movements and eventually landed on the figure standing on the fortress wall.

A single figure without any reinforcement.

Right after that sudden strike, none of the Prairies riders dared to underestimate and face him light-headedly anymore.

One strike from the monster and it wiped out almost a thousand of their men, the situation was not something to be underestimated or more precisely, it was something to be fearful of!

The Prairies soldiers were infamous for their ferocious manner but it wasn't a sure fact though.

Their vanguard troops were horrified beyond reasons when they faced Kieran in his out of control rampage and this time around, there was no exception either!

They opened their eyes wide when Kieran stepped onto [Creature of Desire], standing on the biggest eyeball and glanced over them with his calm eyes.

Every one of the Prairies riders felt chills under Kieran's glare.

The night breeze continued to blow.

His black feathered mantle was dancing in the wind, fluttering loudly.

All the riders felt like they saw the grim reaper himself, that gaze from Kieran was the stare of the death.

Their heart that was fired up by their greed was thrown into the coldest wind of the Arctic.

The coldness that they felt could even freeze their bones.

The presence of death was overflowing, even their horses were neighing and started to back off because of their animal instincts. The riders on the back felt even more terrified than before.

Especially when they saw [Creature of Desire] switched its parallel angle from the ground into a perpendicular one under Kieran's thoughts, the smarter ones already guessed what would happen next.

They swiftly turned their horse around and ran for it but the horses that complied to their orders like their own limbs during war times were petrified like concrete, they did not budge a single inch from the spot.

The Prairies riders then abandoned their horses without a doubt and ran with their legs instead. Horses might be an important asset to them but when their lives were at stake, what would they consider?

However, just as their feet reached the ground, skeletal hands sprung out from the ground and clamped on their calves like metal clamps. The skeletal hands then started to tear their flesh away and their calves turned mushy and bloody moments later.

All of the Prairies riders fell to the ground, crying in agony but what they got in reply was more hands clamping to their body.

The skeletal hands acted like vultures, chipping their flesh off bits by bits.

As the Prairies riders were losing flesh, the skeletal hands gained more and regenerated into a robust arm.

The robust arms pushed themselves out of the ground, revealing their full bodies underneath. Their dirty faces were green and creepy and when the Prairies rider saw their face that sprung out, they were horrified beyond words.

"I didn't kill you!"

"No! You forced me to!"

"Die! Die!"

Different cries sounded everywhere, whether was it a begging or rageful tone, all of them eventually lost their minds. They took their weapons and attacked the dead, slicing them into pieces.

After killing the dead, the riders let out a long breath but the pain that followed right after made them realized before they could react, they weapons they swung at the dead ended up in their bodies instead.

"What...What happen?"

Every one of the riders asked themselves but none of them got any answer why would they attacked themselves.

As the life energy faded, they perished.


Unified gasps sounded like a melody throughout the battlefield. Compared to the thousand burning beams that wiped out a thousand riders, this scene before them was not as astonishing.

The unknown would bring fear.

After seeing the charging Prairies riders killed themselves or each other, not only the Prairies troops were terrified, even Warren soldiers were shaken beyond words.

Those soldiers that mustered up enough courage to step on the fortress wall were scared to the ground, limping helplessly.

"The...The Devil!"

The terrified chants from the Prairies even echoed in the soldier's ears. Despite both sides being enemies, they shared a tacit agreement on the subject at that very moment.

The soldiers of Warren acknowledged the form of address but following the acknowledgment, the nervousness and anxiety in the soldier's heart had somehow settled down.

When they saw the vicious Prairies riders were being slaughtered like lambs, Warren soldiers suddenly felt like they weren't that scary anymore.

Besides, the Devil was on their side.

The soldiers' morales were boosted by a little, more soldiers climbed up to the fortress wall despite their eyes were still showing nervousness and hands shivering with their weapons, they didn't let go.

Kieran saw it and was not surprised.

If after what Kieran had done and the soldiers couldn't even pick up their weapons, they were no different from the city guards in Riverdale.

He looked at the Prairies troops once more.

After [Thousand Evil Eye Strike] and [Deadman's Gaze], almost half of the Prairies troops were eliminated, [Deadman's Gaze] was super effective after being scared by [Creature of Desire].

However, Kieran had no intentions of sparing those retreating troops.


Sou Sou Sou Sou!

A beam of burning ray fired out from the Creature of Desire's eyeball in a straight line and followed by hundreds more.

Kieran controlled [Thousand Evil Eye Strike] to scatter its firing and the results he had were a few times more effective than before.

Because of the firing angle, the previously unified beams were fired perpendicularly, each beam only perforated one rider before hitting the ground, despite the powerful main eye attack.

Kieran didn't use the core eye's beam though, in fact, if there wasn't a couple of notifying presences among the riders, Kieran would not even use the main eyes to determine the tide with one strike.

This time around, the scattered beams were fired at the escaping troops. The straight line of firing allowed the beams to perforate them like a skewer.

The deviation eyes could at least take out two riders and the secondary eyes three to five.

The main eye blasted its beam at the first rider to all the way back in the end and even went towards the main camp of the Prairies without signs of slowing down.

However, changes started to occur at the couple of spots that Kieran had his attention on.

A blurry shine rose up from those spots and formed a black, robust arm.

As the palm opened up, black mist overflowed. It acted like a giant fortress wall before the Prairies main camp.

The ever-burning beam struck directly at the palm and vanished without even causing a ripple.

The Prairies soldiers cheered up instantly!

Yet their cheers halted right away like a duck being squeezed on the neck.

Two more burning beams were fired out from the monster's eye, stronger than any beams before.


The first burning beam pierced through the black palm directly and the second one perforated the Prairies' main camp without any resistance.

A 3 meter wide, few hundred meters long "path" was carved open in the middle of the main camp.

The battlefield went quiet once more.

Everyone's eyes were looking at the person above the flying monster, seeing him pointing at the charred land.

"Whosoever crosses this line, dies!"
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