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Chapter 587: Ways
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Kieran was standing in an unknown street corner.

It was unrealistic for Kieran to remember all the complicated streets and routes in the big city, he would rather risk his life in the dungeon world where it would be more rewarding.

In fact, even players who were fond of taking records found it hard to memorize the plethora of streets, especially since the city was still expanding on its own.

Kieran leaned back on the street corner and stared at the big building not far away from him.

The Fire Raven was tidying its feather on his shoulder.

Kieran was certain that Black Robe had entered the 19th-floor big building 10 minutes ago through Fire Raven's sight.

The building itself had tight security. The exterior alone had three outposts on the bright side and another five more hidden guard points. All of the outposts were placed at optimal vantage points, providing the guards with extreme advantages and allowed them to see almost everything around the building's surrounding.

If that was the exterior, how would the interior be?

Kieran was more cautious than before.

Unlike the dungeon world, Kieran always has a general estimation of the natives' strength but when facing against players of the big city that shuttled through dungeon worlds, it was difficult for him to come up with a general estimation about what kind of weird powers he would be facing, especially Black Robe Rayerwent.

Kieran never thought it was possible for a player to transform into swarms of bugs.

However, he was more concerned about how pretentious Black Robe was at the moment.

Through Fire Raven's sight, Kieran was certain that Black Robe lured him over on purpose, otherwise he wouldn't have paused on the way there.

"He lured me here in order for me to fight Broker's men?" Kieran wondered.

There was no need for further proof to state the working relationship between Black Robe Rayerwent and Broker anymore because a part of Black Robe's words proved as much.

However, it seemed like the outcome had exceeded the Supernova's expectation. The current turn of events obviously was not within his calculations, hence luring Kieran to the place.

Black Robe wanted to take revenge on Broker, he wanted to shift his own mistakes to others and comfort himself as if to say it wasn't his fault that he failed, it was other people's mistake that caused it.

Even though it was despicable to do so, it really would provide a huge comfort to one's heart.

On top of that, Black Robe's organization had suffered severe casualties and on the other hand, his collaborator was not even involved, no one would feel good about that.

It was obvious that Black Robe was envious and hateful but would Broker be unprepared?

After multiple confrontations with that evil merchant, Kieran knew how cunning the man was thus the heavy doubts about the current situation.

"Hmm?" Kieran was surprised in the midst of his thoughts.

The outpost guards around the building started to retreat all of a sudden.

The weird move struck a bad feeling in Kieran's heart.

"Could it be…" Kieran shifted his attention back to the building instinctively.


The moment Kieran shifted his eyes at the building, a sudden brightness shone from inside the building. The glasses were shattered by the blast as fire burst out from every possible window, burning upwards.

Right after the initial explosion, the whole building collapsed!


The collapsed building brought up a storm of dust, forcing Kieran to back away quickly.

After getting almost a thousand meters away from the ruins, Kieran squinted his eyes at the scene while hiding in the shadows, away from the debris.

He had thought of a lot of ways Broker could deal with Black Robe but he would never have thought Broker would kill him directly.

Based on Kieran's speculation, their working relationship should be built around a solid contract, he could even imagine the contents of such a contract like promising to not harm each other.

However, right before his eyes, Broker killed Black Robe.

"Broker has ways to violate a contract?" Kieran's heart skipped a beat.

Although he hated to admit it, it was the only reasonable explanation. Kieran also remembered during the last big commotion that happened, there weren't any cyber law enforcers in sight, similar to the current situation.

"He didn't just possess ways to violate contracts but affect and stall cyber law enforcers?"

Kieran scowled hard when the thought came into his mind.

It wasn't a good news by any means for Kieran since Broker was an enemy.

He would hate to have a bunch of cyberlaw enforcers to arrive at the crucial moment during the battle with Broker.


Blacksmith flew down from the night sky with her mantle fluttering, causing a sharp air whistle.


Blacksmith saw the building in ruins, she then tossed [Reverse Scar] back to Kieran.

It might be overthinking but Kieran felt Blacksmith was acting coldly at that moment.

At the very next moment, Kieran was proved right when Blacksmith stated her intention to leave after returning the favor.


Kieran held her back. When Blacksmith turned around, Kieran pointed at the [Armor of Excellence] and [Crow's Black Feather] on himself.

"I need help in repairing these! And also [Dark Nether Stone] embedding!" Kieran said.

"Follow me then."

Blacksmith said after a deep breath as if she had made a life-changing decision.

"Sure! I have a serious problem on my tail now, let's hurry up!"

Kieran briefly explained the curse dispeller's curse that was following him since.

"You'll need a door guardian for that… Lawless would be delighted!"

Blacksmith said as she swiftly headed towards the train station.

She wasn't rushing by any means but was traveling quickly, she acted like she was evading Kieran on purpose.

Kieran raised a puzzled brow.

"What happened?"

While he tried to recall any noteworthy events in the recent days, he didn't realize anything, hence he followed up quickly.


99th Emma Street.

Kieran saw Lawless outside the little garden. Other than Lawless, Hanses, Coll, Raven, and Ramont was there as well.

They were either standing or sitting on the porch and greeted Kieran and Blacksmith when they arrived.

"Hey, 2567!"

Hanses, Coll, and Ramont called out loudly, Raven was as silent as usual.

Lawless, on the other hand, was at a loss for words, which was rare for him.

"You are running out of time," Blacksmith commented.

After greeting the bunch, she returned to her room.

The rest of them looked at each other in a puzzled gaze before moving away, making space for Lawless and Kieran because they knew both of them had some important matters to discuss, similar to how they had doubts about the situation

Kieran looked at Lawless, his face was blurred out but his eyes wouldn't lie.

Kieran was certain that Lawless was extremely awkward at the moment but he wouldn't mind enjoying how the awkwardness tortured Lawless.

"Fine, fine! I admit it! I was lied to! I never thought the curse dispeller was one of Black Robe's men! Even his loner character was an act! Since I am an easily provoked guy plus I like to help those loners, I fell into his trap perfectly…"

Lawless finally opened his mouth when Kieran looked at him with his ridiculing gaze.

His nagging personality also exploded when he explained.

Lawless went on for a full three minutes before ending it, he tossed a cigar to Kieran before lighting one up himself. He sat down against the wall and took heavy puffs before spitting out clouds of smoke, he smoked for quite a while before doing anything.

When the area was filled with cigar smoke, Lawless finally asked, "So what's your plan now?"
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