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The Devil is Cage 578 The Unclear Face

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Chapter 578: The Unclear Face
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

The flying knife went forth like a bullet.

One of the gemstones from Blacksmith's side flew out and tried to block the flying knife. However, the flying knife distorted in a weird sense and passed through that gemstone and plunged right into Blacksmith's shoulder.


Blood splashed out.

"Hahahahaha! Did all that embedding make you stupid, Blacksmith? After taking hits from my flying knives, you dare resist me further?"

The casually dressed man laughed out loud and at the same time. He raised his hands up and threw out his knives again.

It was not one but six flying knives at once!

His right hand swung upwards, throwing three knives from his palm and his left hand swung downward, throwing another three knives.

Six flying knives intertwined as they shuttled through space and swirled around Blacksmith like butterflies.


A couple of gemstones vibrated fiercely, giving out a different color of luster.

The luster felt real as the gemstones turned into palm-sized shields.

The casually dressed man laughed coldly at Blacksmith's resistance. He didn't hurry on with a follow up as he wanted to crush Blacksmith during her most confident moment.

Was it grudge that lead to man to such state?

No, both of them didn't even meet before this incident.

Yet why did the man push Blacksmith so far?

It was just the man's habitual action to crush his opponent during their most confident moment and watch them collapse without getting back up, especially when his opponent was a lady.

The moment he thought about the tender, soft cry coming from his prey, he couldn't hold back his excitement.

The gemstone shield took form right before the swirling flying knives were fired out.

As the man had expected, his flying knives pierced through Blacksmith's defenses without a single bit of delay, leaving cuts after cuts on her tall, slender body.

Her red mantle became brighter as her blood gushed out more.

After suffering continuous damage, Blacksmith couldn't maintain her floating state anymore. As she fell on the ground, the pain from her wounds assaulted her, causing her to frown.

Her heavy panting even stated that she was in a terrible condition.

"Hey girl, anything you haven't used yet? If not…"


Before the casually dressed man finished his sentence, an explosion went off.

Two of the gemstones from Blacksmith had flown out towards the man's feet suddenly and exploded without a sign.


The blast wave from the exploding gemstones sent the man flying, crashing into one of the houses close by.

Five more different color gemstones were fired into the crash site as a follow-up attack.


An even bigger explosion went off, blasting the whole house into the air!


The casually dressed man didn't perish from the huge explosion. Or more precisely, the man was steps away from death.

The man was tainted black and had blood all over his body, yet he walked out in a staggering manner.

"So this is your counterattack? It ain't useful!"

Before his voice even subsided, a beam of green light was fired at him from afar, healing his visible wounds in an exponential rate.

After the green light vanished, the man's wounds were completely healed other than his ragged T-shirt.

"See this honey? This is the power of teamwork! The heights that you lone wolves will never achieve!" The man then clapped his hand as he spoke.

Dak Dak Dak Dak!

A series of footsteps marched over quickly, revealing a group of black cap mantled players arriving before the man. Each of the players was holding automated weapons that shared the same color.

"Let's play a game shall we, honey? The game is… Bullet Dodge!"

Malicious laughs sounded from the casually dressed man once more.

Then, his eyes shifted towards the night sky and he heard wings fluttering.

"A birdie?" The man was surprised.

The man knew clearly the special methods that other players in the game possessed.

In the big city, stray dogs and cats were all over the place, birds were no exception.

Birds, however, were aviary with higher intellect, they wouldn't appear on the streets at night, especially after explosions during battles, the birds wouldn't even come near to the place.

If any birds would come near to the battle scene, it would definitely be under some player's instruction.

"Oh look at that, there is some bold idiot prying over the Black Robes?"

The man laughed deeply.

He eagerly gave out the orders to his men to fire.

When new prey entered the scene and with much more excitement and freshness, his interest towards Blacksmith dimmed down completely.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Muzzle flashes lighted up ceaselessly from the players' automated weapons, the bullets fired out even formed a giant net of death and enveloped Blacksmith.

Gemstone after gemstone flew out from Blacksmith and turned into shields, blocking her from the bullets.


The first bullet landed on the gemstone shield and ricocheted in another direction.

Even though the first bullet was blocked, it didn't mean the others would follow.

When the fifth and sixth bullets landed on the gemstone shield, the lustrous shining shield started to crack. The seventh and eighth landed as well and splintered the gemstone shield into pieces, that was not the end of the gunshots.

To the firearm players with at least twenty more bullets in their magazine, it was the time they really showed off their destructive power.

Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak!

Gunshots were fired relentlessly, Blacksmith's eyes could even clearly see the bullet's trajectory yet she couldn't move her body to dodge them.

Since she operated her powers with a special power, her style of battle has already decided that she wasn't a player that relied on her body but her gemstones!

Unfortunately, she consumed too many of her gemstone stocks during the last embedding for Kieran, it went as far as turning the situation that she could easily handle into a difficult one that exceeded her expectations.

The scent of death was already lingering around her.


Blacksmith sighed heavily in her heart.

She was unwilling, unyielding to death, yet she was helpless.


A black figure suddenly appeared before her, blocking all the bullets trajectory. The crow feathers from his mantle were fluttering under the night breeze and were glittering in a deep glint under the stars.

The fluttering from the feathers echoed in Blacksmith's ears, it also overpowered the firing sounds of the guns.

"How are you holding up?

A deep but powerful question sounded like a palm reaching out to her from the void. The voice also gathered Blacksmith's scattered thoughts in an instant.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Gunshots sounded in her ears again, at the same time the blury face before her became clearer yet not to the point that she could recognize who it was.

"It's blur… The system blur…" Blacksmith muttered softly.

"What?" Kieran was surprised.

Kieran has no idea why Blacksmith would say something like that during such a moment.

Still, she collected her thoughts right after her blabbering.

"Careful, his flying knife can pierce through space!" Blacksmith reminded Kieran.

"Leave it to me!"

Kieran took out a [Healing Potion] and handed it to Blacksmith with a warm smile.

He then sized up the players behind him and kept away his smile as he glanced over them with a cold glare.

Kieran slowly walked towards the players.

An indescribable wicked aura erupted from Kieran's side as he walked. Each step he took forward, the wicked aura would get denser.

Even the night couldn't overpower such wickedness.

The players felt like they saw the devil rise up from the abyss and break free from the shackles of the material world, crawling towards them with a rampant and chaotic presence.
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