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The Devil is Cage 573 Knowing One’s Limits

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Chapter 573: Knowing One’s Limits
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

"That's enough!"

Kieran said directly. He ignored the surprised gaze from Ren and focused on the notifications that popped up in his vision.

[Special event completed: Unusual quake]

[Player will leave the dungeon in 5 minutes]

[Please take whatever items you wish to keep with you.]

[Note: Any items that exceed the maximum weight will be discarded!]



Kieran let out a heavy breath as he glanced through the returning notifications.

He knew if Ren continued his story, he would trigger another special event but it was not what he wanted, at least not now.

Kieran would never belittle himself nor would he be arrogant about his strength. He knew he wasn't qualified yet to get involved in the battle of the Gods.

Through the battle with Ren, Kieran had gotten a precise standard of his power level in the current dungeon world.

During normal conditions, Kieran would be able to challenge the higher power with all his skills and with a plethora of equipment, similar to how he challenged Ren. However, the distance between the highest power within the dungeon was still quite far, similar to the old monk from Rassho Temple. He might not even stand a chance against the highest power even if he factored in both his ace cards, [Transform Devil] and [Desire Summoning].

The way the monk utilized his tremendous strength skillfully and the unknown yet terrifying technique had allowed Kieran to realize the distance between the strengths of his own and the monk's, let alone Godly beings.

Even though he didn't obtain any information from the books he read, judging from how easy Artitelgar dealt with the natural disaster, Kieran knew his strength was too low.

With the gap in strength, should he be involved in the battle of the Gods, he might not even be able to protect himself properly, let alone maximizing the rewards.

So, Kieran decided to leave the dungeon world temporarily.

Just temporarily.

After making sure his dungeon clear rating would be sufficient to produce a special dungeon, a sequel to the current one, he would be truly involved the next time he re-entered.

Now, however, Kieran would turn around and leave the place.

After crashing into Rassho Temple's backyard, he still caught a glimpse of two familiars even during battle.

"Wait! Hold on! Are you not curious at all about Perforation Sting?!"

Ren stood up, gasping for air as he spoke.

Kieran, on the other hand, had no intentions in replying, instead he hasten his steps because his time was limited.

Seeing Kieran leaving his sight quicker than ever, Ren couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Ditko who was observing the battle beside rushed in and helped his lord, his face was heavier than ever.

"Don't worry, I'm still not dying from these wounds… But, what a rare junior we have here! Perhaps…" Ren wanted to say something but as the thought came to his tongue, he shut his mouth instead and signaled Ditko to carry him away.

As the engine of the car growled, the Huntsman and Fiend Exorcist went off.

The broken walls of the temple started to repair itself. The whole place acted like it was alive and had a memory of its previous state, the bricks returned to where they were and the asphalt road repaired itself to a smooth path.

A slight breeze blew over to recover the original look of the old temple, which was still as broken and busted as ever.

Similar to a rising sun, regardless of how shinning its glorious light or how it warmed the hearts of humans, it would not change.


Kieran noticed the self-repair but before he could be surprised, he arrived before Kana and Tanya.

"Where's Jen?" Kieran asked in a hastened tone.

After knowing the truth from Ren, some clues that lingered in Kieran's head started to become clear.

The magic circle underneath Saint Brilliant was prepared for Jen. Ling was just the pawn but Jen was the real medium.

If Ling successfully controlled Jen's body onto the magic circle, the events that would happen would be out of Ling's control because she was just a pawn.

What would happen then?

Kieran had no idea but he had a hint that it would be related to Perforation Sting and the Godly beings.

Otherwise, the terrifying presence wouldn't appear in Rassho Temple.

"Jen is in a hidden place!" Kana eventually answered after hesitating for a bit.

The half-fiend had a clear view of the battle that just happened.

Ren, one of the 21 famous Fiend Exorcists.

If Kieran could fight Ren and emerge a victor, it already struck Kana that Kieran's strength was something that she couldn't have imagined.

The nature to comply with the stronger existence from her fiend side had gotten the best of her.

"What place?" Kieran asked instinctively.

This time around, Kana stayed quiet. She had her innate nature lingering inside her but she still had something that he held on to.

Kieran raised a brow but eventually turned away.

Since he was still within Rassho Temple premises which was the territory of that old saggy monk with unpredictable power, he couldn't play coy.

Though, it didn't disappoint him because he knew Rassho Temple was not without any defenses.

It would be enough for now.

Which would be better to settle Jen down, a person who was leaving the world in minutes or Rassho Temple the powerful native faction in the dungeon world?

The answer was self-explanatory.

"My knight! My…"

Someone behind Kieran uttered something, but Kieran hastened his steps quickly and disappeared away from Rassho Temple. Kieran didn't even listen to what Tanya had to say.

"I…I just want to bid farewell."

Tanya gazed upon the vanished figure, her voice dimmed down because of the disappointment on her face.

Kana frowned. She wanted to comfort Tanya.

It was true that Kana had a hot temper and was very cunning but she has a kind side as well.

However, before Kana could speak, a frantic look replaced the disappointment on Tanya's face.

"Is this the test of fate? Regardless of how harsh it will be, my knight! I will be waiting for the day we meet again!"

Kana facepalmed herself and walked towards the backyard without a further care about that sickening someone.

"You must hurry back!"


Right after leaving Rassho Temple, Kieran was forced to a stop.

He was looking at the person with the youthful face yet had a mature temperament before him. His heart became cautious.

"I've said it before, I mean you no harm," Artitelgar said before reaching out his hand.

The sealed box that Kieran discovered back in the underground space of Saint Brilliant flew out from his bag and went over to Artitelgar's hand. Artitelgar softly touched the surface of the box when it stopped above his hand.

Trying to take things from a stingy ghost's bag? Not even a God could do so!

Kieran prepared his devil power without a second thought.

"I'm just giving you your rewards. The seal on this box, if I don't open it up for you, it will be quite the trouble. Though, your lineage is quite something! What a familiar smell!"

While feeling the rampant, chaotic aura, Artitelgar glanced over Kieran with a surprised gaze. When the sulphuric scent was emitted, it made the God of Flame City slightly happy.

"If I didn't make sure that old geezer didn't leave behind other descendants, I might think that I have a little brother! Thank you again for what you did for me! Oh yes, before I forget you can call me Great Swamp. Artitelgar is too fussy."

The moment his voice subsided, his figure vanished into thin air as the box flew back to Kieran's hand.

Kieran was confused. Why would Great Swamp thank him?

Because he investigated the truth behind the earthquake? Or was it because he fought one of the Fiend Exorcist?

"No, this can't be right!" Kieran muttered.

Before he could ponder the question further, time was up!

Kieran too vanished into light particles a moment later.
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