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The Devil is Cage 569 Don’t Bully An Honest Man

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Chapter 569: Don’t Bully An Honest Man
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Rassho Temple?!

Kieran squinted his eyes.

He never thought the place where the terrifying presence came from would be Rassho Temple itself.

He looked at the stalker through the back mirror and shifted his gaze in front at Rassho Temple again. Amidst the shifting of the subject, Kieran's eyes lit up with an unusual brilliance.

"Well, you can stop here. I have to go on by myself from here onwards."

Kieran turned to Oaker and said.

Oaker then stopped the car without further delay. He knew some matters were beyond his qualifications.

"Here, take it as a farewell present. Well, if you don't want any, then dump it in the trash."

After Kieran gotten off the car, he hurled the monetary rewards that he had gotten from Funeral Society before through the car's window.

The value of the notes was like paper to Kieran, it had absolutely no use placing it in [Crimson Ghost Stomach], other than taking up space and increasing his weight.

Though it was different for the inspector, at least the money would provide him with a better life.

During the video watching session, although Oaker did beautify his living place, Kieran was able to confirm where the inspector lived through his sharp observations.

Even though Oaker had made the effort to conceal it, everything was revealed before Kieran's [Tracking].

Kieran, of course, didn't toss in all the monetary rewards though, he kept some for himself in case he needed to spend for his living expenses in the dungeon world.

The inspector saw the package hurled into his car and Kieran who turned away.

He knew what was inside the package from the seams. He frowned hard, hesitation filled his face. Three to four seconds later, a heavy sigh came out from his breath.

He might not need the money but his…

The money was desperately needed!


Oaker cried out his gratitude through the rolled down window.

Kieran didn't turn around, instead, he waved his right hand.

The car engine growled once more as the inspector drove off yet another car came by right after Oaker left.


The friction between the tires and the ground filled the air with a burnt smell.

Ditko, the huntsman from Funeral Society came out of the car.

He then turned back and opened the back door like a chauffeur, revealing a handsome young man yet mature looking behind the doors.

Donning a khaki colored wind coat outside and a deep color suit inside without the tie, his shoes were shining like a polished mirror, similar to his wide forehead.

His long hair which could cover his face was neatly combed behind.

A lit cigarette was held in the middle of his index and middle finger on his left hand.

The smoke flowed out from the cigarette, making the scene look dreamy to anyone who saw him.

The man saw Kieran's back and he came out of the car. He slowly made his way up to Kieran and stood beside Kieran's shoulder.

"Surprise?" The man spoke, his voice being rough but not too hard to hear.

"Umm..." Kieran nodded.

He wasn't lying, he was surprised because of Rassho Temple before him. Based on the books he read and how the records described Rassho Temple, the place shouldn't be as busted and broken as it was.

Not only covered in mottled taints, the walls around the place even had cracks from the lack of maintenance and repairs.

The two gate planks were even branded by the marks of time, one of the gate planks seemed like it might fall off with a slight breeze.

Through the gate, Kieran could see a huge area of wild grass. The vigorous wild grass even covered the original stone panel on the ground.

The temple before Kieran's eyes didn't match his understanding at all.

"You can't always look at things on the surface." The person beside Kieran spoke.

"Such as?" Kieran smiled and turned his head over to the Funeral Society member.

He knew the man's words had a double meaning but why?

Other than Artitelgar, there wasn't a possible explanation.

To be honest, after confirming the stalkers were members of the Funeral Society, the speculations in Kieran's heart grew more.

The speculations didn't involve those who seemed to be related to him and the guidance they provided though, whether was it Artitelgar or Ditko from before.

Kieran would never trust anyone in the dungeon.

All he trusted was himself and his judgment. Though if it would provide him with more information, he wouldn't mind either.

"Such as… I wanted to invite you to my place as a guest. Not too long, around four to five weeks." Unfortunately, the person beside Kieran didn't bite the bait, instead, he replied in a joking manner.

It might sound like a joke but his tone was very serious.

"What if I say no?" Kieran replied with a smile and a question.

"2567! Do you know who you are talking to! This sir here is one of the 21 Fiend Exorcists, the great Lord Ren! You… Please answer to the lord's request!" Ditko interrupted.

Ditko sounded loud at first but eventually soften his voice at the end with a begging tone.

The hints in his words were even more obvious.

"Because what I did before that coincidentally saved his life?" Kieran glanced over Ditko with a surprising gaze.

He never thought such a person existed within Funeral Society.

After all, Lee's impression was branded in his mind, to the extent it made him biased towards the other members.

Though, even realizing the difference between Ditko and Lee, Kieran didn't plan to alter his thoughts.

He shook his head. He chose to reject in a stern manner.


Just as Ditko wanted to say something out of anxiety, Ren beside him interrupted this time.

The Fiend Exorcist looked at Ditko, saying after a deep breath, "Ditko, please don't put me in a difficult position."

"Pardon me, my Lord! I…"

"Fine, let's do it then!" Ren interrupted Ditko again.

"Fight me, I'll spare you a hand, the time limit is one minute. If you win, I assure you there will be no Funeral Society members to intervene in your matters in the coming months! Of course, if the time limit is up, it's my loss as well," Ren said.

"So, this is you trying to repay Ditko's favor?" Kieran saw Ditko who was agitated aside and turned back to Ren who was smiling always.

"I guess you can say so. After all, he is my subordinate that I picked up from the battlefield with tons of hardship. If I would strike at you directly, he would definitely stand before you and I can't strike one of my own, so this is what I can muster up." Ren shrugged.

Ditko at the side was touched without reason, Kieran could even see Ditko's eyes were tearing up.

Whether it was a real thought or an act from the Fiend Exorcist, Kieran knew Ren did it. At least, Ditko would follow his lord in a deadly obedient manner from now on.

Though, what did all that have to do with him?

That time was just less successful planning, it wasn't related to saving Ditko's life. Kieran had no intentions of owing the favor.

"Use both your hands then, remove the time limit as well. The so-called favor of gratitude was only his own wishful thinking. That was just some plan using [Merman's Meat] in order to lure more greedy bastards. Ditko here is just a bystander caught up in the mess!"

Kieran then walked aside a few steps after he spoke.

After drawing distance from Ren the Fiend Exorcist, Kieran gestured to him.

"Come on!"

It wasn't part of Kieran's etiquette in bullying an honest man, similar to his fearless attitude towards any challenge and battle.

Ren was stunned and he laughed.

"Another twisted fool?" Ren said, his movements were not slow at all.

He flung out the half-burnt cigarette at Kieran.


The cigarette flew out like a comet, firing straight at Kieran's face.
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