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Chapter 561: Rassho Temple
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The knocking subsided.

"Come in." Kieran's voice came from within the room.

Kana came through the door. Even though she prepared herself a lot, she couldn't hold herself back at the faint aroma.

She glanced over the [Merman's Meat] in the ice box and quicked turned away.

Kieran frowned against her actions.

He originally thought Kana was there because of the [Merman's Meat] but it seemed like it was some other matter, which peaked Kieran's curiosity.

Kieran did directly spill words posing threats to her life before, making her obey him for the time being. It was natural that such obedience wouldn't last long.

So, what did Kana have up her sleeve to persuade him instead? With words or actual actions?

Kieran was very expectant because he knew there was substance in her words.

He still had a heavy impression of Kana though, perhaps her strength might be average to above average but she was definitely a cunning character.

The way she perfectly utilized her age, sex, and even her attitude was a feat that no common high school girl could do, especially under the influence of her bloodline, that attitude which caused her to get angry about almost anything.

It was extremely difficult for her to achieve what she did, Kieran knew it in his gut.

While Kieran was staring at her, Kana opened her mouth.

"We need to leave this place!"

"Me and Jen!" A slight pause later, she emphasized once more.

"Oh." Kieran nodded without commenting on her decision and was waiting for a follow up.

"Jen's parents were from Rassho Temple. We would contact them on a daily basis at a certain hour but from yesterday onwards, we didn't send out any message because of the incident. Jen's parents would be worried!" Kana said slowly.

"Rassho Temple?" Kieran squinted his eyes.

He wasn't a stranger to that term.

During his all-nighter spent reading, Rassho Temple had appeared more than once in multiple books, even with his quick skimming readings.

The frequency of the term was even higher than the Funeral Society and only comparable to a few more terms.

According to the books, Rassho Temple and a couple more civil organization were the main forces in dealing with the fiends before the Funeral Society.

Even after the Funeral Society's emergence, it didn't affect Rassho Temple's position in the public, quite the contrary, it lifted their position at the same time because one of the founders of the Funeral Society was from Rassho Temple.

Kieran wouldn't dare underestimate such an organization, just that he never would have imagined that ever-dazed Jen was related to one.

"Inheritance… Rassho Temple? Could it be?" Kieran's squinted eyes were shining brightly.

He related the place with Sanctuary Force almost instinctively.

Though, it didn't mean Kieran would take Kana's word for it.

"I have no reasons to lie to you. Such petty lies would surely be seen through within moments. If you don't believe me, I can call Rassho Temple and prove Jen's identity!"

Kana saw how Kieran reacted. Her half-fiend's sharp intuition caught the inconceivable thoughts from Kieran and quickly explained.

Kieran however smiled.

"So?" He asked.

Then, before Kana could continue, Kieran continued, "So you hope that I will release you girls or let you make the phone call to verify? Even though there is some misunderstanding in the process, I'm afraid that you girls might either be long gone or reinforcements will storm this place. Am I right?"

Kana was frozen by the reply.

"I am not lying!" She emphasized.

"I can't take your words for it, so I have a better way to make myself believe you!"

Kieran raised his left hand as he spoke.

[Mesly Ring] was shining brightly.

Kana was shivering as the ring shone, the unspeakable fear descended on her once more, enveloping her souls.


Her scream of panic caused her to stagger backward, which paused Kieran's movements.

In a more precise way, after Kieran got what he wanted, such threats and scaring was not necessary anymore.

It wasn't a few days ago, if it was, Kieran would directly cast the ring on Kana, making her one of his puppets.

Now, however, there were more things on Kieran's plate waiting for him to digest. He had no intentions to further cause complications.

Kana wasn't alone after all, and where Kieran was now was someone else's premises.

Even if Kana was being completely obedient, some changes were enough to spark unwanted attention from others.

Kieran never dared underestimate anyone. If he treated others as fools, he would become one in the end.

"Go make the call," Kieran said.

"Huh!?" Kana was stunned when he backed up to the wall out of panic.

"Go make the call, tell Jen's parents in Rassho Temple or the reinforcements of your choice. Tell them everything that you come across and happened here." Kieran said slowly

Kana was dubious against the sudden change of heart while her heart was still pumping fiercely.

Though she didn't utter another word, she knew what she needed the most at the moment.

Kana quickly turned around and walked out.

The door was shut once again, leaving Kieran alone in deep thought in the room.

He was sitting in a pile of books quietly, perfecting his own plans.

From the start till end, he never minded more people being involved in this current situation, as long as there were enough rewards and benefits.

Of course, he had to complete the [Special Event] while he was at it.

Kieran flipped the books once more, trying to search for the fiend that was related to the earthquake.

At the same time, a map of Flame City was opened up before him.

He picked up the red marker and started to draw lines.

A long, thin line was quickly drawn across the map and that direction at the end was where he felt that terrifying presence.

Though he wasn't sure whether the person or fiend was on the "line".

His A+ Intuition allowed him to capture all the details within a dozen meter in radius, yet once the target left the range, his abilities would be a little lackluster.

So when Kieran sensed the terrifying presence, he already knew it was because he was fighting the dragon-snake sculptures. The fight revealed the force behind, not because of the person or thing was in range.

As for where the person or thing was, Kieran couldn't be sure.

It wasn't a good news for him since he needed to investigate [Unusual ground movements].

As far as investigating was concerned, he could only follow the traces left behind by the thing and make comparisons with the records in the books, trying to search for a connection in between and related to more.

No doubt it was a stupid way but it was the only one he could come up with for now.

He was certain that the thing couldn't have absorbed all the power from the earthquake from thin air, there must be some special method involved and such a method surely wasn't a simple one, to build or to utilize.

Otherwise, it wasn't necessary for the thing to only flash its presence.

What if the thing wasn't within Flame City's premises?

It wasn't out of the realm of possibilities though.

Kieran did think of the possibility as well but he wasn't quite willing to give up before trying.

Therefore, Kieran spent the whole morning and afternoon staring at the map before him and flipping through the books around him.

The search was boring and dry but Kieran used his best patience and wouldn't let go of a single detail.

Until he found a hidden map inside a certain book cover.
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