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Chapter 547: Intervene
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Just as Kieran wanted to jump out of the car and head towards the place of origin, the gunshots ceased.

It only sounded within a blink of an eye.

Kieran raised a brow but he didn't stop his actions.

"I'll go first!"

Kieran then disappeared from the car leaving such words behind. Even though with the big backpack that weighed a lot, Kieran still sprint off like a bolt of lightning, vanishing before Oaker and Lee's eyes.

The inspector didn't say anything but clenched his teeth and stepped on the pedal with all his might.

Lee, on the other hand, was terrified. Since Lee as a member of the hidden world was different from the inspector who was a commoner, he knew exactly what such explosive speed meant, even though it was the first time he saw Kieran display a portion of his true strength with his own eyes.

That's right, it was only a portion of what Kieran was really capable of!

Lee recalled the remains of the Devour Woman, Puppet Fiend, and the Flurry Blade Ghost.

"A Fiend Hunter rank huntsman that is skilled in speed, sharp weapons, and freezing techniques?"

Lee was concluding his words about Kieran, he had already made a mock-up report to be presented to his superiors.

Kieran, on the other hand, had no idea what Lee was up to, even if he did know, he would only reply with a smile.

The more the others focused on what he presented, the more the others would neglect what he was hiding.

When critical moments arrived, the hidden side of Kieran would be a lethal spear, plunging deep into the enemies that held malicious intent against him.


When Kieran was a dozen meters away from the dismembered crime scene and where the gunshots were fired, he halted his exploding sprint, bringing up a powerful violent wind with his stop.

When the wind finally stopped ravaging the area, Kieran walked forth quickly to the crime scene with the body pieces.

[Tracking] was activated the moment he stopped, forcing every detail to reveal itself before Kieran.

A faint presence of fiends shrouded the area, as the bodies were scattered across randomly, the faces on the dead were terrified by the sudden gunshots.

Judging from the spots where the bodies fell and the guns in their hands, Kieran's mind naturally painted the scene of when the incident happened.

The police officer that stayed behind for garrison duty couldn't help but pulled out his gun and squeezed the trigger repeatedly at his colleagues and the other colleges from forensics.

"Puppet fiend? Or something else?"

With the lack of understanding of the dungeon, Kieran couldn't determine precisely which fiend caused the incident but one thing was sure.

"It's very familiar with my movements?"

Kieran held his chin with his hand, muttering softly to himself. His voice didn't sound angry, instead, a faint smile appeared on his face.

The mastermind behind the scene was altering his plans because of Kieran's movements, which meant his movements had exceeded the mastermind's prediction!

On top of that, this crime scene should have some clues that would lead to more questions before this gunfire.

Though those clues were certainly erased but Kieran's guesses were verified by such a move. Still, he would need to find the remaining clues by himself.

He lowered his head and used [Tracking] to examine the area.

Even though the crucial part was destroyed, Kieran wasn't a person that would give up because of a sole guess. He would only come to an acknowledged conclusion after he really did what he could.

Bit by bit, inch by inch. Kieran started to stroll around the narrow road in the secluded suburbs.

The road was 5 to 6 meters wide, allowing one car to cruise by without problem but if there were two on each side, the drivers would have to be careful when they crossed each other.

A slight misstep would cause the car to fall off the road, into the wilderness beside, which was a small slope filled with rocks and fallen leaves.

The fallen leaves were from the jungle 5 meters away from the scene. The jungle consisted of wide leaved pittosporum trees a dozen meters in height and a robust trunk. It looked extra lively during noon time, giving out an energetic presence.

Of course, it didn't include the scene with the bodies laying down before the trees and a car that crashed into one. The car should belong to the unknown Fiend Hunter.

Kieran went pass the police line and examined the crashed car.

The car has been modified. It was crude but sturdy enough and because of that, the car didn't break into pieces and only suffered a caved in bumper in front when it went off the road with such speed, crashing into the tree.

The windshield was shattered like the shape of a spider web, forming a big, irregular hole in the middle.

Kieran circled around the car and didn't find anything noteworthy.

"The car was attacked when it was still moving, causing the car to lose control and crash into the pittosporum tree here. The attacker then jumped on the front hood, smashed the windshield and dragged the Fiend Hunter that wasn't able to react because of the crash. Then, the Fiend Hunter was killed on the road and part of his body was eaten."

Kieran then returned back to the front of the car. The engine was missing, the starter and other components were exposed.

"So this is the reason it returned?"

Kieran made a guess and headed towards the spot where the Fiend Hunter was eaten.

The minced meat was cleaned up by the officers but blood stains remained.

[Tracking] highlighted the blood brightly and the trail started from the car to that exact spot.

Surprisingly, Kieran didn't notice any struggling even when the Fiend Hunter was dragged over, as if he couldn't resist the monster or even died from the crash impact.

"Well, he wouldn't be dead! Judging from the amount of blood spilled over and the distance from the car, the man would be dead on that spot because of extensive bleeding, which means… He was tranquilized by some toxin or abilities?"

Kieran shifted his eyes back on the road. He followed the previous tracks from the point where the car slipped off the road. The white tracks were very clear because of the emergency brake and sudden turn.

In fact, a commoner's sight could easily spot the black tire tracks on the road.

"He saw something that he must avoid, so he stopped the car! But because of the sudden stop on the accelerating car, the brake was rendered useless and the Fiend Hunter was forced to make a hard turn, going off the road and crash into the trees!"

Kieran looked at the car from where it started to break, other than the tire tracks, there wasn't anything else.

"Phantasmal Image?" Kieran squinted his eyes.

The inspector finally arrived at the crime scene from afar.

The moment he got off the car and saw the bodies scattered around, his old face was filled with anger instantly.

"Bastard! Damn it! F*ck!" Curses sounded repeatedly.

Lee wasn't in good shape either, not only because of a fellow human being was killed but also because the death before his eyes will be calculated in his assessments as well.

The result would not turn out to be great after this, even hardly able to pass.

Lee must compensate himself!

As the thought bloomed in Lee's heart, he asked Kieran in an anxious voice.

"Master Bird of Death, did you find anything?"

"Before I tell you what I found, I have a question for you. Who else knows the course that the Fiend Hunter used to get to Saint Brilliant?" Kieran intercepted Lee before answering.

At the same time, Kieran's fierce glare was glued to Lee.
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