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Chapter 546: Jar of Sealing Fiends
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

A patrol cruiser drove off from Saint Brilliant High School.

Inspector Oaker was the driver and Lee, the Funeral Society member was in the passenger seat after changing from his mourning uniform into casual wear.

After taking off his mask, Lee was just a normal middle-aged man, that kind of passerby's face that one would easily forget, yet the elderly inspector kept sizing up the person beside him with the corner of his eyes.

30 years with the force granted him experience and intuition to know what how scary Lee was. Though, for the most part, all of his attention was focused behind him on the man in the back seat.

Kieran was sitting slightly slanted, leaning back on his big backpack.

Seemingly taking a catnap but any small movement from time to time would scare one off his seat.

If the Funeral Society member beside Oaker was considered dangerous, then Kieran at the backseat could be considered catastrophic.

A venomous viper in hiding compared to a typhoon that could ravage the place anytime, which one was more dangerous?

To be honest, not only Oaker felt that way, even Lee shared the same feeling, and even more real from a certain aspect.

Lee who possessed abilities and intuition that surpassed a commoner felt like a primordial fiend was sitting behind him, glaring at him.

The feeling was terrible, if it was possible, Lee would jump out of the car right away but he had to endure it.

Kieran, on the other hand, seemed like he felt nothing wrong from the both of them.

He was emitting a faint devil aura and was checking the spoils of war from Flurry Blade Ghost and the rewards that Lee mentioned.

The former was a Chinese style meat cleaver, not too big but very heavy. The cleaver's body was divided into two parts, a common sharp blade on the front and teeth similar to a saw at the back.

[Name: Blood Cleaver of Flurry]

[Type: Knife weapon]

[Rarity: Magic]

[Attack: Strong]

[Attribute: 1. Lifesteal Lvl 1, 2. Dismember Lvl 1]

[Effect: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Prerequisite: Strength C+, Sharp Weapon, Special Arms (Master)]

[Remark: Not only do you have to possess strength but also special skills to wield it. Which means you need to pay more effort but it will not let you down!]


[Lifesteal Lvl 1: 5% of damage dealt will be converted into HP (target must possess a body with blood and flesh)]

[Dismember Lvl 1: While attacking with the saw part, a certain percentage to damage the drops below Magic rank]


No doubt it was a high tier Magic weapon. If it wasn't for the special prerequisite, the value might surge higher.

Although it was nothing to Kieran, it would definitely sell for a good price.

Kieran placed the cleaver aside and turned his eyes to the rewards from the Funeral Society.

Other than the currency notes, there was two more items.

Both of them were potions, but it wasn't filled in test tubes, instead, it was filled inside balls of wax.

[Name: Repel Potion]

[Type: Potion]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attribute: Create a scent that low tier fiends hate, repelling them in the process, 6-hour duration]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: yes]

[Remark: An ancient recipe crafted by the Funeral Society in the form of a medicinal pill, all you need to do is break the wax coating to consume]


[Name: Conceal Potion]

[Type: Potion]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attribute: Conceal your presence before low tier fiends, allowing you to be invisible before them, 5-minute duration]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: An ancient recipe crafted by the Funeral Society in the form of a medicinal pill, all you need to do is break the wax coating to consume]


"Products of a system outside Potionology?"

Kieran speculated based on its remarks without twisting the pill open.

Basic [Potionology] wasn't able to provide Kieran with the exact details of the ingredients inside the wax coating, so he couldn't compare it with the potionology ingredients he knew of.

Though, based on this new information, the current dungeon world seemed to have differences than the mystical knowledge system that he knew.

Still, some rules still applied, such as the application of power and the existence of firearms.

Other than the extra fiends roaming around, the current dungeon world was almost identical to the modern world.

Kieran saw the buildings on both sides of the window, the cars that sped by on the highway and the pedestrians that walked the streets.

A flap of the butterfly wings would cause a typhoon in another part of the world, let alone the disruption from the ancient beings like fiends.

At least, from the moment they left Saint Brilliant and went on the highway to the suburbs, Kieran sensed the gloomy and cold presence of a piled up body more than once.

No doubt those places had become the slaughterhouse of the fiends.

After marking a couple of the spots down, He turned to Lee in front.

Lee immediately felt Kieran's gaze and his body quivered a little. He turned around half of his body and asked with an eagerly attentive tone, "How may I help you, sir?"

"Why are there so many fiends attracted to Saint Brilliant High School?"

Kieran fired his answer directly since he saw how attentive was Lee.

"Well… It was because of a single item, the Jar of Sealing Fiends! I'm not sure whether it was from the ancient time nearest to the present or the medieval times. The Jar of Sealing Fiends was passed down and it was accidentally auctioned off, bought by the principal of Saint Brilliant. The principal passed away a year ago but three weeks ago, the Jar of Sealing Fiends had loosened up and it revealed its presence, attracting many fiends in the process."

Lee spilled what he knew after slight hesitation because he felt Kieran's rampaging aura pressuring him.

Kieran nodded in satisfaction. The moment he stepped into the car, he purposely gave out the devil aura, enshrouding both of them. The purpose was to dominate them with fear and everything went smoothly.

Lee might be stronger than the common man but there was a limit to how strong he could be. Under the presence of the devil aura plus the shifting of time, Lee had lost the power to resist.

After all, Kieran wouldn't expect a person who liked to utilize his authority and political tricks to have a tenacious mindset. They were best at compromising and dealing in trades.

"Jar of Sealing Fiends?" Kieran pretended to mutter the term.

He didn't know what was inside the jar and only able to put up a theory based on its name and the fiends that gathered, something that would benefit the fiends was hidden inside.

Though it was not the purpose that he muttered the term out loud. He purposely prolonged his tone, waiting for Lee's follow up.

"There are too many possibilities of what is hidden in the jar, even the society couldn't give a precise guess but from how the often the fiends gathered, it should be some medicinal pills that will benefit the fiends or maybe it is some flesh of some high fiends."

Lee replied with a bitter smile.

His words were uncertain but it gave Kieran a general understanding about the jar.

A vessel that had something sealed inside.

'It's completely a treasure box!' Kieran commented.

Kieran then became more interested in the Jar of Sealing Fiends.

Based on what Lee said, the thing inside the jar shouldn't only hold things that will benefit the fiends, it should also benefit humans as well.

Though, before Kieran opened his mouth, Lee beat him to it.

"Master Bird of Death, please don't place me in a difficult position, my authorities are limited, it wouldn't allow me to gain more or even the location of the jar. To be honest, if the jar didn't appear within my jurisdiction, I might not even be involved and the result of getting involved is obvious! A Fiend Hunter died unexpectedly, and I was forced to send you a special investigation assist request. This is not any good news for me."

Kieran looked at the bitter Lee, the lack of information forbid him from telling whether what Lee said was true.

Kieran was ready to pressure him more but just when the thought came in his mind, concentrated gunshots were fired from afar.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

That direction was exactly the place where the dismembered body case was.
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