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Chapter 543: Talented
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After the frozen Flurry Blade Ghost fell and shattered, part of its remains became hard for the eyes to identify but a general look could still tell it apart, the body was not of a human.

"What is this? What does this have to do with the murders in Saint Brilliant?"

Oaker gulped heavily as he looked at Kieran, asking with a heavy voice.

The nervous expression on his face was replaced by calmness at this moment.

Seemed like Inspector Oaker was indeed a qualified officer.

"This thing here is related to the "suicide" yesterday and as for the rest?"

Kieran then turned his eyes to Kana and Jen.

What about Tanya?

Kieran decided to neglect her since she required some heavy medication to fix her eighth-grade syndrome, even if Tanya was looking at him excited, muttering something like 'My knight needs my guidance' and stuff, the outcome would be the same.

It was also because of her muttering, Kieran decided to keep his distance from her.

Although Kieran had confirmed that she was the one who set the phantasmal image back in the teacher's office, based on how she presented herself, Kieran could totally guess why what caused Tanya to create that, so no further attention was placed on her.

The elder inspector also followed Kieran's gaze to Kana and Jen but his gun was still pointed at Kieran.

No doubt the two students weren't as dangerous as Kieran from Oaker's perspective.

"What do those incidents have to do with them?" The inspector asked.

"Oh, they are indeed related, in a big way! Even to go as far as everything supernatural that occurred in this school was because of them!"

Kieran looked at Kana and said slowly.

When he saw the half-fiend's terrified face was frozen for a while, he knew he was correct.

Even though he was deceived by her yesterday, Kieran didn't think what she said was all lie, at least the part where 'Senior Ling jumped off the building and followed by a hanging teacher, a student sliced her wrist' was real.

Kana wouldn't have used such simple facts to deceive him.

Using that as a starting point, they claimed that they didn't know anything but everything seemed to start from that day Senior Ling died.

What she said might be true or not at all.

A simple theory was that connecting the last part and what she said before, it must be the truth. While the first part was filled with hidden lies.

After some slight verification, Kieran had confirmed that he was correct.

He lowered his hands and slowly went over to Kana.

"Tell me what happened! I want the truth from you and not lies. I think you should know what will happen to you if you try to lie to me again!" Kieran emphasized each and every word clearly.

Oaker wanted to say something out of instinct but eventually, nothing came out of his mouth.

From the common beat cop to his current position as inspector, perhaps Oaker was not some great inspector worth telling stories about but at least he could tell from a person's actions and manner whether they were acting genuinely.

Oaker could tell from Kana's actions that she was hiding something.

Kana, on the other hand, held her friend's hand tightly after Kieran pressured her, she wished to get more courage and support from Jen. Yet Jen looked at her friend, confused as ever, having the least idea of what was going on, she even still gave Kieran a smile.

"Good day teacher!"

'Sigh, another one who needs medication' Kieran thought in his heart but his eyes were straight.

"My time is limited, before the Funeral Society arrives if you can…"

Before she could finish, she felt more pressure from Kieran's eyes.

"I...Fine! Fine! Fine!"

Kana finally decided to cooperate, she yelled loudly as if she was venting out her heart.

"I'll tell! I'll tell you everything! Three weeks ago, Senior Ling performed a divination, she discovered that some ill omen beings had appeared in Saint Brilliant High School but she was confident that she could handle it. So after simply briefing us, she went off handling the situation. It wasn't the first time Senior Ling came across such incidents either, so…"

Kana was looking regretful as she spoke.

"Continue," Kieran said coldly.

Kana's actions from before made Kieran fed up and have no time to listen to her reminiscence about someone he didn't know.

Kana glared angrily at Kieran but as he raised his left hand, she continued.

"So, when we heard that Senior Ling killed herself, we started to investigate the incident, from top to bottom! Just that the fiends came all too suddenly, causing the school to turn into a place of danger. At first, they were afraid of sunlight and it allowed us to investigate quietly on our own but as their numbers grew, we were forced to run for our lives. After all, we still needed to release Senior Ling's Soul. But we've discovered some surprising leads this morning!"

Kieran kept quiet but signaled her to continue.

"This morning, after we finished releasing Senior Ling's soul and let her rest in peace, we were arranging her leftover belongings. That was when we made real progress in our investigation! We discovered that the last person Senior Ling met was… The dean of students!" Kana said.

"The dean? But when you girls had the lead on him, he was already dead. Don't tell me this is just a coincidence!" Kieran pretended to laugh coldly but his heart was beating fast.

Coincidence! Everything was too coincidental.

Not only the coincidence when he discovered the dean was fishy yet he died right away, there was also another coincidental incident, which was after the girls released Ling's soul and let her rest in peace, they had run into the fiend that might very well be Ling's murderer!

The coincidence was beyond comprehension!

More importantly, the suspicious dean was also the one who hired Kieran to come to Saint Brilliant.

Kieran wasn't a person who believed in coincidence. When coincidental incidents happened one after another, he would doubt the incidents as a whole, at least before he could determine whether he was dealing with allies or enemies, he had to.

"Of course it wasn't a coincidence! It's murdering the witness! The dean worked together with something that killed Senior Ling! Otherwise, with her powers, she wouldn't have killed herself!"

Kana clenched her teeth saying, and she took in a deep breath.

"That is why I went for Tanya! I hoped that her divination could find out who killed the dean to silence the witness!" She said.


Kieran turned to Tanya with a strange gaze.

Nikorei was the one holding the title of God of Earth, it wasn't just because of her immense power but also because she had talents that no others possessed, which allowed her to be near omniscient.

However, Kieran never thought an eighth-grade syndrome little girl that seemed to require heavy medication would possess such talents as well.

Just when Kieran looked at Tanya, she walked over to Kieran.

"Oh, my dear knight! Do you need my guidance?"

The president of the Occult Society said like chanting a spell.

Kieran frowned right away.

"No thank you!" He said directly.
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