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Chapter 542: A Direct Way
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Kana could see what was behind her through the reflection of the window glass on the third floor.

It was a fiend.

It was a big, tall fiend but its body was covered with blade wounds. Its dirty front chest had a broken sword plunged into its head and a couple more arrows were stuck behind its back. Its face was covered by a layer of black mist and was wielding sharp swords in its hand, floating in mid-air.

Compared to its figure, the sword it was holding was shining in an unusual way.

Its thick hilt plus the thin blade body which wasn't really long gave it a bloated feeling, similar to a Chinese butcher knife enlarged a couple of times but its sharpness was something a person couldn't neglect, let alone a half-fiend.

"Flurry Blade Ghost!" Kana said in surprise.

She couldn't understand how the fiend that was supposed to appear in a butchering field with a small chance would appear in Saint Brilliant High School.

Though, she knew what must she do. She let go of her hands that were clinging on the third floor's edge and her body steadily fell downwards again.

She tapped her feet on the wall and slightly altered her falling trajectory, from a straight line down to a diagonal plunge.

As a half-fiend herself, Kana knew she wouldn't stand a chance if she fought the Flurry Blade Ghost in mid-air, even on the ground, she barely had a chance of winning.

Compared to the Puppet Fiend and the Devour Woman previously, the Flurry Blade Ghost was on a whole new level.

Based on the appraisal of the Funeral Society, the level of the Flurry Blade Ghost would require the deployment of at least a Fiend Hunter rank personnel to deal with it.

Although she hated the Funeral Society, Kana trusted the appraisal of the organization. After all, it was the research results of countless lives.

If she wished not to put her life in the results as well…


Kana was plotting her escape course when the thought solidified itself in her heart, yet she miscalculated one thing.

The speed of the Flurry Blade Ghost!

The moment she tapped on the wall with both her feet, the Flurry Blade Ghost had already appeared before her, swinging that unusual butcher knife down at her head.


Kana's fists were burning fiercely as the fire wrapped her hands, she launched both of her punches at the body of the Flurry Blade Ghost. Even though the fire didn't cause any damage to its body but it allowed Kana to dodge the knife slash.

However, a second slash was incoming.

Kana opened her eyes wide at the sharp knife. The fiery strike she did before was already her ace, she was too exhausted to perform it again in such a short period of time.

In simple words, she was waiting for her death.


The sharp violent wind was stinging Kana's face, causing blood to squeeze from her pores.

Though, what was a little blood compared to impending doom?

Sorrow filled her heart, she had too many things she wanted to accomplish but now she was dying under the knife of the Flurry Blade Ghost. A strong unwillingness struck her but there was nothing else she could do.

Right until a chilly palm appeared before her face.

The palm was long and the fingers were strong, the freezing air that came out from it was beyond her wildest imagination.

The Flurry Blade Ghost that Kana was helpless again was frozen into an ice statue like the Devour Woman but when she saw the owner of the palm, she was infuriated once again.

"You did that on purpose!"

Kana might be hot-tempered and rash because of her bloodline but she wasn't stupid at all and had quite an accurate intuition.

Connecting all the scenes from before, Kana could easily guess what happened.

Kieran was using her as bait to lure out the Flurry Blade Ghost.

Kieran didn't deny it as well because it was the truth.

Just as he wanted to question Kana, he discovered some unusual presence so he had to alter his plans all of a sudden.

Or in other words, Kieran assumed that it would be a 'two birds, one stone' move and the facts proved that it indeed was!

[Case solved 2: Puppet Fiend]

[Case solved 3: Flurry Blade Ghost]


The system notification appeared on Kieran's vision without any delay, telling him that his choices were correct.

At the same time, it solidified Kieran's thought that appeared as well.

He didn't reply to Kana but grabbed from behind the neck and tapped the air with his feet.

Following the shine from [Modii Boots], Kieran did a backflip mid-air while grabbing Kana and landed on the corner ground of the academic building.

The frozen Flurry Blade Ghost fell to the ground and shattered to pieces.

A dash of green appeared on the monster and Kieran turned to Kana after grabbing his spoils of war.

"They seem to be very interested in your blood and flesh," Kieran said softly.

Kana quivered. She realized the idea of his that was not expressed in words.

"Using you as bait was the best idea to lure out these fiends but it's too troublesome. You are not some reliable collaboration partner. Guess I have to get the things I want in a more direct way."

Kieran then raised his left hand as he spoke.

A crystal made ring on his middle finger was shining in an unusual way.

The moment Kana saw the ring, not only her body was quivering but her teeth followed as well.

Her instinct told her that the ring she saw was a terrifying item.

Kieran nodded in satisfaction when he saw how Kana reacted.

[Mesly Ring!]

The powerful item that had [Charm] and [Dominate]!

Although it has a Spirit authentication for the target, it wouldn't be a problem for Kieran since his highest attribute was Spirit. As long as he picked the correct target, no problem would occur.

In fact, the half-fiend before him was the perfect target.

She would be considered as hostile since she lied to him before. Her Spirit attribute wasn't too high either, otherwise, she wouldn't be affected by her own bloodline powers and there wasn't anyone else in the surrounding area.

Kieran could use [Mesly Ring] without any burden.

There were too many things for Kieran to consider in an unknown dungeon world.

The unknown always had changing variables, he wished not to be ganged up on by the enemies before he figured out what was going on around himself.

The [Mesly Ring]'s effect could easily attract unwanted aggressiveness from others.

The crystal ring started to give out its unusual glimmer but before it could reach its full potential, Kieran covered his hand with his sleeve. He frowned at the corner spot not far away from himself.

A couple of figures appeared almost together.

Jen with a face of confusion.

Tanya with a face of excitement and…

Inspector Oaker with a vigilant look and gun in his hands.

"You do have quite the luck, but how long would you think your luck will last?"

Kieran said slowly after lowering his voice to Kana.

The quivering Kana staggered backward out of fright.

Even there was someone else in the area, the terror within her hadn't decreased a bit.

The inspector even pointed his gun at Kieran when he saw Kana terrified.

"Freeze, put your hands where I can see them!"

Amid his voice of justice, Kieran cooperated and held his hands up.

Though, his right hand pointed at the frozen pieces of the Flurry Blade Ghost.

"Inspector Oaker, I think you should pay more attention to that thing!" Kieran said.

The inspector glanced over that spot with the corner of his eyes and his face turned sour instantly.
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