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Chapter 55: The Test
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The night flew by as Kieran and Guntherson went about their business.

Before sunrise, Kieran made a promise to Guntherson and told him to return to the school.

Kieran went back to his apartment and cleaned up the place before picking up the Skill Book from the floor. It was the one that had dropped off Swarko. NPCs were unable to see or touch Skill Books.

[New Skill Book Discovered: Lockpicking]

[Do you wish to learn it?]


[Skill Learned: Lockpicking]

[Name: Lockpicking (Basic)]

[Related Attributes: Agility, Intuition]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effects: Able to pick simple locks with a hair pin, steel wire and screw driver]

[Consumes: Stamina]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Remarks: Make sure there is no one around when you pick the lock!]


Once again, knowledge was transferred into Kieran’s mind. Kieran automatically grabbed one of the lockpicking tools. He felt the edge of the hairpin with his finger. It was so familiar, it made Kieran smirk.

Although he had been through the knowledge transferring process several times, it still surprised him every time he acquired a new skill.

He delicately felt the [Lockpicking] skill’s changes before he tightened his coat and lay down on the bed.

There was still some time left before sunrise. It was enough for him to rest his eyes.

Kieran appreciated the rest, because he knew such peace would be a luxury during the coming days.


It was around 7 a.m. in the morning, and the sun was already shining bright. Kieran arrived at St. Paolo School once again.

"Morning, Reed!" he greeted the captain with passion.

Reed grunted at Kieran, but he did not stop him.

He put Sister Mony’s orders above his own emotions.

Kieran did not bother acknowledging the captain’s cold treatment. He headed straight to Guntherson’s cabin like it was his own backyard.

"Mornin’ Kieran! I’ve got bread, milk and some honey! Though I would prefer a roast pork knuckle myself!"

Compared to Reed, Guntherson was a lot more welcoming. He even invited Kieran for breakfast.

The small table was filled with food. No one would believe that such a huge amount of food was just for an 80 year-old man. That same amount could feed three to four full-grown men.

"I like meat as well!" Kieran smiled, not rejecting his offer.

After the previous night, their relationship has grown closer. They had gone from mere acquaintances to friends.

None of them spoke of what had happened the previous night, though. Even though Sister Mony was not joining them for breakfast, they still kept silent about it.

Once again, Kieran regretted that the food could only fill his stomach, but not replenish his health or stamina.

Still, that did not stop him from enjoying it. He gobbled down the food like a tornado and licked his plate clean.

His behavior kind of startled the Guardian Knight.

"Has my cooking improved that much?"

Guntherson doubted his own skills, because he had tried the food himself.

He was looking at Kieran in surprise.

If it was not for his well-dressed appearance, he might have mistaken Kieran for some war refugee. Even civilians had some basic table manners, plus no one would have such a big appetite.

Despite the fact that Guntherson was staring at him, Kieran did not feel embarrassed of the way he was eating. After all, his table manners did not clash with his game identity. They just drew a little attention.

He was a detective after all, not some noble duke of some sort.

Guntherson felt the same way. He was not concerned about appearances. He believed that one’s integrity was their true honor. Kieran had good skills, and he was quite famous as well.

After a short engagement with him, Guntherson could vouch for that.

He seemed like a very nice young man.

Guntherson gobbled down his food at a similar speed and as he thought quietly.

He was different from Kieran. Although he ate fast too, others found the way he ate elegant. Kieran, who was currently sharing a meal with him, thought this had to be the manners of a Knight.

Kieran waited patiently. He hadn’t gone to the school this early in the morning to have breakfast with Guntherson, but for something else entirely.

Still, it was good manners to wait for Guntherson to finish. Kieran could grasp that.

Five minutes later, Guntherson ate the last piece of bread and started to clean up the plates. Kieran helped him. He had just had a satisfying breakfast, so he did not mind repaying Guntherson that way.

After Kieran and Guntherson had cleaned up the table, they sat back down in front of the cabin.

Kieran had wanted to discuss this matter with Guntherson the previous night, but there had not been enough time to do so. They had come up with a rough plan, but still needed to fill in all the details.

Before Kieran could speak though, Guntherson said, "Kieran, what do you know about firearms?"

Kieran, who hadn’t been paying attention, was surprised by his question.

It led him to believe that this was some kind of test, but he was not sure what kind. It had come out of nowhere, at least in Kieran’s point of view. Such a test should not have come up before he had completed the Sub Mission.

According to Kieran’s original calculations, only when he finished the Sub Mission would he achieve a closer relationship status with Guntherson, and would be able to use that relationship to learn more skills.

Then the aforementioned test would follow, or maybe be skipped completely.

Kieran was familiar with that questing route, but this?

Although he was puzzled by the situation, he had to answer the question fast.

Now was not the time for him to figure these things out. He quickly collected his thoughts and considered Guntherson’s question.

It was hard to answer it. Guntherson’s generation had been wiped out because of the invention of firearms, and Guntherson’s glory days had been brought to an end because of their bright fire.

As for firearms themselves, this was just the beginning. Hundreds of years later, the age of firearms would still reign.

Kieran was well aware of those facts, which was why he found it hard to answer the question.

He could not have said that it was the wheel of time that moved things along and anything who stood in its way would be crushed mercilessly.

Something like that would surely make their conversation and relationship awkward.

As for coming up with some white lie?

Kieran believed the truth was always the better choice.

He assumed that Guntherson was no fool. As the last Knight of the Church of Dawn he had definitely witnessed the changes around him through the course of time.

Kieran was stuck in an awkward situation. He had no idea how to answer,

As time went by, Guntherson’s face became moody and he soon turned impatient.

The time that Kieran had taken to answer had upset him.

"Not yet?" Guntherson asked after two minutes.

"No. I don’t know how to answer," Kierah shook his head.

It was not a satisfying answer. No matter what he said, he could not pass the test. It might be better if he kept quiet.

He could avoid giving a dissatisfying answer and use a different method to save their relationship. After all, this was not a game of limited choices.

It was a high-realism game, so anything and everything was possible.

Before Kieran could speak again, Guntherson started to laugh.

"Not bad!" he said.

"Huh?" Kieran was puzzled. He did not know what was going on.

"The rise of fire powder and steam machines was inevitable. Just as the times of knights. A new generation will rise from the ashes of the old generation and become even brighter than the previous one! Although the transition might have its consequences, it’s still inevitable. However, a certain tradition has to be preserved, and that is kindness! The fact that you could not answer only proves that you are a kind person!" Guntherson said with a smile.

He was admiring Kieran even more now.

"You have quite the reputation around here, plus a good set of skills. You show no mercy to your enemies, but still maintain a sense of kindness. I think that every time you execute one of your plans, you get even stronger… Although this is the age of fire powder and steam, some ancient knowledge can still be useful! Are you willing to learn, Kieran?" Guntherson offered in a prideful manner.

"Definitely!" Kieran shouted with joy in his heart.

He agreed without a second thought.
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