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Chapter 535: Disgusting
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Sou Sou Sou!

The air-breaking noise sounded rapidly.

The dean was stunned on the spot, the inspector though instinctively wanted to dodge aside but his body wasn't young anymore, it was hard for him to complete the movement.

Two of them could only stand still, watching the shattered glasses as sharp as knives approaching rapidly.


A strong wind was blown across before them, causing their hair and beard to flutter.

The dean quickly closed his eyes out of instinct but Inspector Oaker opened his eyes wide.

Two different occupations made the two of them react differently during times of danger.

Inspector Oaker then saw a big area of black before his eyes, After a sudden shake, the darkness was removed and return to Kieran's hand.

Inspector Oaker was surprised to know what the big piece of black that stood before his eyes was.

"The sheets!?" The inspector cried in shock.

His eyes towards Kieran became more astonishing after.

"Mr. 2567, what a nimble hand you have! It's beyond anything I've seen!"

The elderly inspector said.

"I may be a cultural teacher but my favorite is physical education," Kieran replied with a smile.

The inspector was still testing him. There wasn't any hidden malicious intent behind as it was nothing more than a veteran inspector's occupational habits that formed throughout his career.

Though it was not a favorable act to most people, at least Kieran had become reluctant to speak with the inspector.

Especially when Kieran remembered how the inspector touched his fingers, the disgust struck his heart hard.

So, Kieran turned his attention towards the dean. The dean was still in shock and never even noticed Kieran looking at him.

After panting heavily, the half bald middle-aged man said in a rigid tone, "It's night soon, Mr. 2567, remember your night patrol task… I have to leave now!"

The dean left in a hurry without even greeting Inspector Oaker as he dashed out the building.

"You need any help? The inspector pointed at the shattered window.

"Gladly! If it's not too much of a trouble, can you help me get some plastic cloth?"

Kieran maintained his smile even knowing what the inspector really wanted to do.

After discovering the unusual abilities of Kieran but still couldn't probe any suspicious points from him, the inspector naturally shifted his attention towards Kieran's personal belongings.

Though, it wouldn't provide him with any results either.

Before the police arrived at the school, Kieran had done his concealment preparation.

After staying for almost half hour, there was only a slight dash of radiance left in the sky. Kieran politely sent the inspector to the entrance of the old school dorm.

"Be careful now, Inspector Oaker!" Kieran said.

"Be careful? Of what?" Inspector turned around, asking in confusion.

"You didn't really think the shattered window is an accident, do you? Or do you think this place has been in disrepair for so long that a glass window could be shattered by a loud shout? The shout even fired the glasses inwards at us, defying the laws of physics. The night is coming, you better be careful walking on the streets alone!"

The moment Kieran finished, he saw the expression change on the inspector's face.

Then, before the inspector could reply, he turned around and returned to his dorm room, shutting the door loudly.


The door was slammed at its frame and it sent chills down the inspector's spine.

He glanced over the shut dorm and its secluded area, the darkness around was nourishing his fear.

Even though Oaker never thought that he needed to be afraid, he turned around and left.

Kieran saw the inspector leave in a hurry with hastened steps through the corridor window. He couldn't help but smirk as he did that on purpose.

Kieran wasn't really a person that sought revenge for the slightest grievance but he wouldn't hold back after being slapped by someone.

If he was disgusted, he would return the disgust as well.

"I feel so much better now!"

Kieran was humming an unknown melody and slowly heading back to his dorm room.

Gak Tsk, Gak Tsk!

The irritating screech from the wooden flooring as he stepped on it sounded louder than ever.

All the equipment that Kieran hid in the other rooms and along the corridor came back to him. When he grabbed the box with [Arrogant Word] in the shadow of the second-floor turning point, he quickly opened the window and leaped off the building.

Even with all the items on him, there was only a light tapping sound upon his landing.

Kieran then quickly sprinted towards his destination

He was heading for the lead that he picked up!

The reason why Kieran's mood was lifted was not only because he disgusted the inspector but he also finally found the lead that he longed for since the beginning.

Just like Kieran said before, regardless of how old and disrepair the building was, the glass wouldn't shatter because of a person's loud shout and fire the glass inwards, defying the laws of physics.

There must be something that existed that normal people couldn't lay eyes on it to achieve such a feat but Kieran was no normal man.

The moment the window glass shattered, he already picked up a gloomy and cold energy accumulated at the window. He even picked up a shadow after activating [Tracking].

If it wasn't for the natives beside him who were still doubting his identity, he would have given chase but it wasn't too late now either.

Musou level [Tracking] could pick up traces not only limited to common living beings anymore.

In his clear vision, a black mist cloud appeared before his eyes and it was escaping and rumbling towards a single direction. The black mist was like what a jet left behind when it soared across the sky, a line of clouds. Although it might dissipate following a prolonged duration, it was very obvious for the time being.

Kieran was chasing after the black mist, sprinting quickly towards the direction.

Soon, he reached the back of the main academic building of Saint Brilliant, an area of scrub bushes.

The black mist dissipated completely when it reached the bushes.

Kieran carefully sized up the new surroundings and saw an iron gate drawing a line between the school premises and the outer area.

Four big trash boxes were placed beside the iron gate.

At a further spot, there was a concrete sealed incineration house. No doubt it was the place where the school dealt with their rubbish before utilizing the uniform method of disposing their rubbish.

Kieran glanced over the iron gate and the trash boxes and eventually laid his eyes on the concrete sealed incineration house.

A faint gloomy and cold presence was coming out from there.

"Is this the place?" Kieran wasn't too sure.

Able to affect reality in its spirit form, including revealing itself and moving objects was not something a slight amount of negative energy could achieve, let alone shattering glass.

It might very well be a demon, but the lack of negative energy couldn't even hold a normal wandering soul, let alone a demon.

The doubts in his heart didn't cause any delay in his movements but just when he wanted to investigate, a series of footsteps sounded.
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