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Chapter 520: Meow~
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

On top of the crystal clear spider web, a small spider was crawling on it.

Compared to the hair-like spider web, the small spider wasn't big by any measure, and from its shaky movements, it seemed like it couldn't cling on properly, perhaps a small breeze could blow it away like dust.

If Kieran wasn't within range and his focus wasn't heighten to his limits during battle, he himself wouldn't be sure it was the spider image that crawled out of [Mardos Arm].

Though, moments later, the small spider started to grow, inflating like a balloon rapidly following its crawl forward.

The spider web was no longer than 30 meters yet within such distance, the small spider's body expanded almost a thousand times.

Its shaky, dust-like image turned rock-solid.

The smell of sulfur started to erupt from its body.

The moon and stars got even dimmer, to the point, it was barely noticeable, even the sun-like dazzling figure dimmed down a little because another source of dazzling light appeared.

It was a river, a river that pierced the sky and earth. It was as high as the vault of heaven and as low as the netherworld.

The water in the river was red lava, boiling fiercely as it flowed through the earth and sky.

The bloated spider dived into the lava river and started to stir up its flowing current.

As the lava was stirred around, some vague, unreal figures started to take shape.

A scarlet red singled horned figure, a pitch black multiple-armed figure, and a figure with a thousand eyes but no legs.

Monsters! Powerful monsters that were unrivaled, dreaded by people appeared from the lava river!

Yet, each of the monsters bowed down to the spider. They lowered their prideful heads, using their body as stairs and allowed the spider to climb up from the river, climbing towards the dazzling divine figure.

"Hell Fiend Spider!!"

The divine figure that considered itself without rival in the world cried out in panic when it saw the spider as if it saw the scene that it dreaded, feared and felt unbelievable.

"So this is…"


The divine figure muttered to itself, seemingly understanding something but before his sentence could form, Mardos went up straight and bit on its head.

The dazzling divine figure's head was crushed to bits and pieces with one bite from Mardos' mouth, then Mardos started to devour its entire body.

It was fast and simple. The divine figure didn't resist, nor did it protract its tortuous struggle.

Mardos was like someone having dinner in a diner, eating the divine figure bite by bite.

The stars and moon disappeared, so did the lava river.

The surreal illusory realm vanished into thin air, returning Kieran's sight to the streets of Hologest Port filled with the living dead.

The only thing that was different was the small spider on Kieran's palm, as big as only a penny. It wasn't an illusion or mirage anymore, nor did it float around like a spirit.

It became solid, a real spider and when Kieran used his finger to touch it, the solid feeling rose spontaneously.

"This is real?" Kieran looked at the petty spider in astonishment.

It was not the first time he encountered the spirit mirage from his equipment but he would never have thought the mirages would become real and still connected to his thoughts.


The small spider was delivering such an emotion to him.

Then, before Kieran could give any reply, it quickly ran back into [Mardos' Arm]. The returning process was like a drop of water merging with another drop, it felt so smooth without the slightest bit of abruption.

Though Kieran viewed it as a way the small spider returned to its nest.

"What...What the?"

Kieran couldn't even form words anymore after being shocked by the scene before his eyes.

His gathered knowledge and information couldn't even assist him in understanding what kind of power that was. The power that could turn an illusory being into something solid, with flesh and bones.

Soon after, his stingy, Scrooge character kicked in, causing him to check [Mardos Arm]'s status out of instinct.

[Abnormal devouring, Mardos Arm leveled up…]

[Acquired Item, rarity Above Legendary: Mardos' Lair]


[Name: Mardos' Lair]

[Type: Armor (Right-hand wrist guard)]

[Rarity: Above Legendary]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attributes: 1. Spider Webbing III, 2. Web Bind III, 3. Soul Devour III]

[Effect: 1.Hell Fiend Spider Fire II, 2. Hell Fiend Shadow]

[Prerequisite: The one who killed Mardos (Binds to player)]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: Mardos was hatched from a Hell Fiend Spider egg that was left on earth, through a special and hastened hatching process, it had a growth disorder in nature, in addition to losing its intellect, strength, and lineage of a Hell Fiend Spider, all it had was the natural predator instinct, but your presence has started to change it!]


[Spider Webbing III: Fire a tensile and sticky retractable spider web not longer than 40 meters, the spider web has a Powerful defense, target would require to have B+ Strength or above to break away from the stickiness, 30-second duration, 3 times per day]

[Web Binding III: Fire an 8-meter radius sticker spider web laced with poison, binding multiple targets 80 meters within sight, spider web has a Powerful and above defense, target would require to have A- Strength to break away. The poison will force the target to undergo 3 Constitution authentications of A-, B+, and B. If target fails all 3 authentications, target will receive Powerful poison attack. If target fails 2 authentications, target will receive Strong poison attack.

If target fails 1 authentication, target will receive Average poison attack, 20 seconds duration, 2 per day]

[Soul Devour III: Player will absorb the soul energy of each target killed, replenishing player's HP, Stamina, the recovery rate is based on the target's soul level. The soul can be temporarily stored in the armguard, able to replenish at will. The restore level is equal to 1 Heavily Wounded Status worth of HP and Stamina and 3 Moderate Wounded Status worth of HP and Stamina. (Availability: 0)]


[Hell Fiend Spider Fire II: When using Spider Webbing or Web Binding, bound target will receive Powerful fire damage and Strong negative energy corrosion. Able to activate Hell Fiend Spider Fire by your will.]

[Hell Fiend Shadow: The monsters that lived around the hell sulfur river are not as simple as they look. When using Spider Webbing, Web Binding, bound target will be forced to undergo a Spirit authentication not lower than B, Intuition authentication not lower than C+, target will also be induced with Fear and Illusions during the authentication. If target fails 1 authentication, target will receive a Strong mental impact attack. If target fails 2 authentications while receiving the mental impact attack, target will be forced to undergo another Death authentication (Special rank), target will be Doomed instantly if they fail and the soul will be devoured!]


"Mardos' Lair?"

Looking at his new armguard, the appearance wasn't that different but its attributes had undergone a drastic improvement. All skills were enhanced and new effects were added, all the signs were pointing at [Mardos' Lair] being a one-of-a-kind special item.

Especially [Hell Fiend Shadow]!

When Kieran glanced over the effect, he unconsciously recalled the monsters that appeared beside the sulfur river. Though the most concerning point were the changes in the remarks.

"Started to change… Means it will repair its defects?"

Kieran pondered the question in his heart but his movements were not slow.

He hadn't forgotten what he was there for, to save his friends!

Though when he broke through the tight encirclement of the zombies with ease and rushed himself to Wine Glass Inn, all he saw was some magic circles and Charles, weakened.

He was stunned.

"You've made it! Stand inside! Explanations are waiting for you inside!"

The weakened Charles said.

Because of Charles sincere smile without hidden intent and the gratitude for his teachings, Kieran didn't object the suggestion.

After another glance at the magic circle around, Kieran could tell it was some sorts of teleportation magic. He then walked into the magic circle with a heavy heart.

The light blinded him when he stepped into the circle, causing him to close his eyes.

Amidst the blinding sensation, he could clearly hear something in his ears.

"This is really a mess!"

The phrase made Kieran raised a brow but before he could ask a question, the loss of balance appeared. When everything returned to normal, Kieran had been teleported from the inn to an unknown place.

A yellow and white striped plumpy cat was looking at him with a yawn.

"Meow, you are really slow, boy!"

The cat spoked.
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