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Chapter 517: Reinforcements
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Norm's clamouring was harboured by the night breeze and clearly reached the port.

Promptly, the mystical individuals of West Coast condemned his act, scolding him for being a coward.

From their perspective, Norm did escape in an ugly manner. Not only did he not behave like a loser, he instead fired out arrogant words and lost his demeanour.

Both sides were mortal enemies by nature and adding the shameless attitude of Norm made the crowd from the West Coast ditch their identity scruples and greet Norm and his mother with the most vicious words they had in their vocabulary.

Then, the crowd witnessed a scene that they were going to remember for life.

Thousands of burning rays fired off like laser beams across the night sky, chasing the fleeing East Coast fleet and sinking them upon contact.


The whole fleet started to break apart after the blinding explosion.

The crew on the fleets didn't even utter a word or cry before vanishing into the light.


Simones, the messenger and the others raised their heads up at the gigantic monster, which was stretching its body and swallowing a mouth full of foam uncontrollably.


Such thoughts bloomed in everyone's hearts.

"Hahahaha! So this is all you got? Bird of Death!"

Just as the crowd on the port was astonished by the scene, Norm's voice could be heard from across the sea again.

After the light dissipated, a layer of red, watery barrier built up over the remaining fleet like a castle wall.

Norm who was standing on deck was unscathed and his ship was sailing even faster.

All he needed was a few seconds to completely disappear from the sight of the crowd. Norm had nothing else to fear with the speeding ship sailing away.

"Believe me! The next time we meet, it will be…"

"Next time? There is no next time!"

Just as Norm wanted to say something, Kieran interrupted him before he could finish.

Kieran raised a brow against the Loran faction leader who kept clamouring. He could feel that such clamouring was not as simple as it seemed.

"Trying to misguide my emotions? Or is it some kind of secret technique?" Kieran wondered in his heart.

However, it didn't stop him from countering with a corresponding attack.


Thousands of evil eyes lighted up once more and were different from the scattered strike from before. This time, the thousands of burning rays was focused at a certain point.

Instantly, Norm's expression turned very ugly and Gertrude even fell to the deck, limping weakly.


The blinding light flashed once more and the concentrated burning rays pierced the red barrier like the chopping of a twig from a death stump.

There wasn't any so called restraints nor were there were anything about disintegration. The burning rays perforated the barrier in the most direct, rampant way possible.

Quantitative change will also result in qualitative change once a certain amount was reached.

More so, [Thousand Evil Eye Strike] already possessed powerful powers that no one could overlook.

When [Fusion Heart] was leveled up to II, not only was the devil part leveled but Creature of Desire did too.

[Name: Creature of Desire II]

[Type: Summons]

[Rarity: Special]

[Attribute: 1. Desire Dominance II, 2. Thousand Evil Eye Strike II]

[Effect: Devour]

[Prerequisite: Fusion Heart]

[Remark: The shards of Eye of Chimeras fused with you flesh, blood and desire, creating this monster. Its strength and malefic nature cannot be contained by the world!]


[Desire Dominance II: Your deepest desires will be exposed before the Creature. It will be enlarged infinitely and turned into a weapon against you. When you are facing the Creature of Desire, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride, seven types of irresistible authentication +1 will occur. Target who passed will be immune by the effect. Target who fails will be punished by the respective sins.]

[Thousand Evil Eye Strike II: The attacking ability from the thousand evil eyes. They will fire out a burning laser with attack judgement. One of the core eyes has Extreme attack level. The 10 main eyes have Powerful attack level. 100 eyes have Strong attack level. The rest derivative eyes have Common attack level. Able to fire together or individually, 2 per day]


[Devour: When Creature of Desire devour the targets under its effect or target that it kills, the power will transfer to the user as well]

[Note: Devour is a special trait. The targets that Creature of Desire kill will not drop any loots.]


Not only [Desire Dominance] acquired a +1 buff. More importantly, [Thousand Evil Eye Strike] gained another firing chance.

Although it was just one time, it was a drastic improvement to Kieran.

It meant that Kieran acquired another core eye attack at the Extreme level, ten more Powerful attacks from the main eyes and hundred more attacks from the common eyes at Strong level and exactly 889 times more from the derivative eyes of Common level.

Regardless of what kind of attack, it was going to be fired out in the form of burning rays which allowed Kieran to have more confidence against any enemy, just like the case with Norm and Gertrude.

The kill notification had appeared on his vision and the Creature of Desire beneath his feet growled in satisfaction through his heart before disappearing under the night sky.

Kieran fell down from the sky and those who were concerned about him gave out a cry of shock.

It was almost a few hundred meters fall. Even for mystical individuals, it was a height that they had to be careful but amidst the cry, Kieran's free falling figure landed down as light as a feather.

[Crow-like Agility, Feather-like Nimbleness]!

[Crow's Black Feather] fluttered with the wind and its special power made Kieran's body as light as a feather.

The moment Kieran landed on the ground, he tiptoed and [Boots of Modii] shone. Kieran jumped up another few meters and did a mid-air backflip before landing firmly and completely.

While the crowd gathered around him, Kieran saw Simones.

"Head to Hologest Port! Some accidents happened!" he said.

Simones' heart skipped a beat and quickly recalled the attack that was two hours earlier than planned.

Without further ado, the crowd quickly cleaned up the battlefield and Simones regrouped his men. After around ten minutes, a team of men departed from West Coast City.

Since [Night Owl Token] was still in cooldown, Kieran hopped into the messenger's car backseat.

Notifications began to pop in his vision.

[Special event: Full Scale War! (Completed)]

[Acquired Perfect ratings, Continuous Event triggered…]

[Requirements not met, Continuous Events unable to trigger…]


[Discovered sub mission: Reinforcements!]

[Reinforcements: After tracking down the Fallen, you've noticed that West Coast City and Hologest port are in big pinches. You will need to provide aid to both places and ensure the survival of Simones, Charles, Elli Jones, Tally Landsky, Raul and Cidney.]


"Continuous Event? Requirements not met!?"

Kieran couldn't help but furrow his brows when he saw the notification.

He had not much information about [Special Events]. In fact, it was his first encounter during [The Queen's Shield] dungeon but it made an impression in his mind.

Not only was it going to alter the main mission, the rewards that followed were going to be substantial!

Now there appeared a continuous event after the special one…

It was not up to him to turn away from it.

Even though he lacked information, he came up with some guesses.

However, he was more concerned about his submission [Reinforcements] right now because no matter how he looked at it, Raul and Cidney had gotten into big trouble and things were always worse than what Kieran imagined.
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