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Chapter 499: Home Turf
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Any unwelcome gaze would cause one to feel uncomfortable and when those gazes were mixed with malicious intent, Kieran felt that the gazes were stinging his skin like a thousand needles.

Although it was just a presentation, Kieran was never fond of it, so he quickly responded with his dissatisfaction without any hesitation.


A violent gale burst out from the car, mixing a scent of sulfur in the chaotic aura burst, ravaging in every direction.

The aura burst revealed a giant devil head with the looks of a goat but ten times more vicious, had fangs like blades as it hung itself in mid-air. When it opened its mouth, the devilish goat head gave out a heavy weird growl, similar to the echoes in the midnight mountains, echoing around and was getting louder by the moment.

As the growl got louder, it was similar to a sudden shout in one's ear.


Everyone with the malicious gaze was glanced at by the devilish eyes, thus scaring them back.

They were frightened by the devil's aura. Amidst their quivering and panic, they felt sheer coldness at their back.

The others who were around those frightened men with the malicious intents sneered at them.

Since they were from different factions, they had different styles of handling things. None of them held back their sneering at the frightened men yet soon enough, their sneering came to an end.

Those frightened men staggered backward after the devilish glance and all of a sudden, their bodies were engulfed in flames under those sneering men's eyes.

The flames burst out from inside the frightened men's body. Sparks came out from their nostrils first, then their eyes were burnt off, tongues of flames coming out from the seven apertures. It was like the men drank a whole barrel of oil and lit themselves on fire.

The flames ravaged the bodies, agonizing cries could be heard everywhere.

A moment ago the burning men harbored malicious intent but a moment later, karma struck them like thunder. None of them deserved any mercy but anyone who saw such a horrifying scene, even if one was from the mystical realm, their heart would skip a beat.

Or more precisely, they were shocked because they were from the mystical realm.

The aura alone could burn people alive! Every one of the evil mystics knew how hard would it be to achieve such power.

So who was that in the car driving towards them?

Everyone was guessing, their mind kept spinning, thinking about anyone who was related to the devil, or the factions, family of similar powers. When all the pieces were put together, plus the recent news, everyone came up with only one conclusion.

The Bird of Death! The Fiery Devil and the assistant of the God of Earth, 2567!

All the titles led to one name, but some of them still didn't want to believe it because based on their own guesses. Kieran wouldn't have reached such power.

Kieran relied solely on his aura burst, suppressed the malicious enemies and dealt real damage. Such power level has deviated from what they knew about Kieran.

"Is it really him?" The men guessed.

Some of them started to have extra thoughts, would it be someone trying to strike fear by showing of their strength?

Although such speculations were a little absurd, they wouldn't use it to cover over the fact that more than a dozen mystics were burnt alive.

Despite they themselves being mystics, some of them were willing to stay persistent in their own opinion. Such as the East Coast mystics which had a grudge against Kieran for a long time.

The East Coast mystics stood up on a small hill, sprouting a cold grunt to express their feelings one after another.

"Clowns trying to kick up a cloud of dust to mystify things!" One of them said without any courtesy.

After hearing such a comment, Felly who was also with them started to draw some distance with that man. Felly knew Kieran wasn't exactly a person with a good temper.

Standing still while allowing others to beat and scold him without striking back? It was definitely not a phrase to describe Kieran.

A moment later, Felly was glad that he was smart this time around.


Flames burst out from the man's body, exactly the way how the others were burned before him.

Amidst the agonizing cry, the flaming man hurled himself at those around him but it was useless. All he did was drag another unfortunate bastard with him.

After a couple seconds, the flaming man was burnt to crisp and the other unfortunate bastard fell to the ground, looking ugly but he wasn't dead.

Right after that, many others who were silently observing the moving car let out a cry of astonishment.

The car stopped, and its doors were opened.

The backpack, the box, and the familiar face came down from that car. Every sign pointed towards the person bring 2567, the one they hated the most.

However, compared to their earlier mocking and disdainful act, the East Coast mystics pretended to be mute and blind.

This time around Felly looked at the people around him with a disdainful thought in his heart.

Then, Felly gave a flattering smile to Kieran without showing any obvious signs or traces.

As the first person who witnessed Kieran's devil form, his instinct firmly believed that Kieran was the one mystics from the West Coast whose bad side he didn't want to get on. Felly had always been the one smart enough to understand where the wind blew and followed it.

Kieran came down and saw the flattering smile. He couldn't comment much based on the impression he had on Felly and moreover, he was completely astonished by his own condition.

[Arrived at high-density negative energy field, related skills effect increased, player gains +1 buff to all stats and skills…]

Although Kieran had been having some thoughts before he arrived that the negative energy field that it would be extremely beneficial to him, he never would have thought it would be such an obvious effect, as far as appearing in the notification list.

Even more so, Kieran hadn't really stepped into the visible negative energy field before him, he was only at the outer area! Yet drastic changes had occurred to him.

The devil's power and Eye of Chimeras were anxious to show their presence.

Both of the devilish verve had been increased, although it wasn't as obvious as the burning aura that the others saw but [Touch of Cardinal Sins] has become extremely useful.

Its cost has been reduced and effect has been increased.

Kieran was in his own territory!

The sudden phrase appeared in Kieran's heart. The place before him that everyone was uncomfortable about was his own territory! His home turf!

With the advantages and benefits of his home turf, it seemed like he could achieve even more now.

The car door opened again, Azinder and Ohra too came down from the car.

As Ohara revealed herself, those men who were staring at them widen their eyes first before they looked at each other in awe. They couldn't believe what they saw, seemingly unable to believe in the scene before them.

Ohara being one of the Archdeacons of the Sanctuary had quite the reputations among the mystical realm. Her looks had been floating around for quite a while among the mystics, there were even pictures of her. Hence, Ohara was recognized at first sight.

The rumor also followed tightly after the realization, which was "2567 has awakened his previous life's memories because of Ohara!"

At first, none of the mystics were willing to believe the rumors but when Kieran and Ohara appeared together and Kieran even presenting his power exceeding their wildest imagination, their view on the rumors had changed quickly.

"The rumors are true?"

"Is 2567 really the reincarnation of Hugh the Holy Knight?!"

Everyone was stunned on the spot, but only after a few seconds, some of them gave out a long sigh. The sigh of relief was obvious, it even woke those who were still astonished. Those who were stunned woke up as well and let out a sigh of relief as well.

"That's right! The reason 2567 is that powerful is because he is the reincarnation of a Holy Knight!"

"Otherwise he wouldn't have exceeded us so much?!"

Such thoughts had taken over most of their hearts and occupied their mind.

Everyone seemed to have forgotten that the devil power that Kieran showed off was illogical for a reincarnated Holy Knight.

That was what most people would choose to believe when encountering something beyond their logic, any forceful reasoning was enough for them to believe it willingly.

As for the truth? None of it mattered anymore, even though it was the cold hard fact.

Kieran could also clearly feel the changes of gaze from the mystics surrounding him.

"That God damned geezer Phandle!" Kieran cursed.

Ohara beside though tiled her head down shyly.

However, a moment later, Kieran and Ohara laid their eyes at the negative energy filled Ciaran City and the sudden changes that occurred.
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