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Chapter 497: Scroll
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The tall figure plus with delicate facial features. Semi-long brown hair which slightly curled up at her shoulder, waving along as she moved into the room.

A pair of deep blue eyes but it was giving out pitiful sorrow.

The moment Ohara saw Tally Landsky, she quickly turned to Kieran, trying to observe his expression and when she noticed Kieran's eyes were contemptuous and disgusted rather than affectionate and adoring, Ohara was slightly relieved in her heart.

Though promptly, Ohara became curious as to where the disgust originated from.

Whether was it Hugh in her memories or 2567 before her, neither of them were people who revealed their negative emotions directly but Ohara didn't take the initiative to ask. She sat quietly and observed.

Tally walked into the room and glanced around the area, eventually her eyes landed on Kieran.

"This is what my grandfather wanted me to handover."

As she spoke, a cowhide package was placed in front of Kieran.

Kieran didn't check what was inside but he frowned at Tally who was standing before him.

Promptly, Tally's blue eyes were showing a self-mocking gaze.

"I know you don't want to see my face again but the whole Landsky family is being watched by some unknown parties and especially my grandfather is under heavy surveillance. Since I am the one person being sidelined since the beginning, there is still space for me to escape."

"My grandfather wanted to remind you, the war between Barry and the Sanctuary has too many unknown forces involved, best you keep yourself away from it!"

Tally then walked herself to a corner of the room and leaned herself to the wall.

"Why are you still here? Shouldn't you have left by now?" Elli said directly.

Elii wasn't courteous to Tally since her first impression wasn't good by any means. In fact, if it wasn't for Kieran who explained the situation back then, Elli would have gone after Tally for revenge. After all, it was Tally who forced Elli to understand the importance of power, with a direct, miserably painful way.

"Leave? Although I am not the one under heavy surveillance, my absence is enough to ring the alarm for those watching us. If I return, it would be suicide! I have no intentions of ending my life this way!" Tally shook her head.

She didn't seem to be begging by any means in her manner when he spoke, more like she was just stating a fact.

The young lass pouted and eventually stayed quiet, neither did she try to send Tally away. Even though Tally was a hateful person, Elli was kind at heart, her conscience wouldn't allow her to perform vicious deeds.

As both Elli and Tally's conversation ended, the room was silent except for Kieran flipping the papers from the inside of the cowhide package.

There were only a few papers with several written pages but the contents were compact, handwritten, from Rosland Landsky himself.

Kieran was sure since he had seen Rosland's handwriting before.

On top of the several written pages, Rosland had described in detail the abnormality of the whole West Coast Government and the things that he was dubious of. Other than the mystical organization, East Coast, the Old South country and maybe even the North might intervene.

"In order to recreate the Blood Moon in the West Coast?" Kieran saw the Rosland's written conclusion.

Then he turned his attention to the pictures that came together. Compared to the few papers, there were much more pictures, a total of ten pieces and the contents could be divided into two parts.

Part of the monochrome pictures were showing a lab, with huge translucent containers, holding what seemed to an unconscious grown man.

The other part was showing a city at sunset but since the pictures were monochrome, the sunset was blurry, giving a haunting and eerie look.

Without a doubt, the former were the alchemy fighters created by the alchemy enforcers and the latter was Ciaran City being corrupted by the negative energy.

Kieran didn't utter a word and passed the pictures to Charles and Simones.

Both of their expression turned heavy after they quickly went over the letter and pictures.

Listening to information and seeing it with their own eyes were two different concepts.

"This is even worse than we thought!" Charles took a deep breath and said.

"I agreed to Rosland Landsky's suggestion, we should start off from the West Coast City, gather more men and form a new defensive system!" Simones took a heavy puff from his pipe and expression his opinion.

In the letters, Rosland didn't only described the information he had gotten but more of it were plans to deal with the current situation.

Not only were the points were neatly arranged but it was appropriate as well. Anyone who had a glance over the letters would know how much effort Rosland had put into coming up with the plans.

Kieran also wouldn't try to ignore the fact and deny it, however, he wouldn't do as suggested.

After triggering [Special event: Full-scale war], Kieran had basically no options left. In order to get the best out of it and more rewards, he had to be involved. Of course, he could carry out the plans at the same time as well.

"Simones, Master Charles, I hope that you all can follow Rosland's suggestions and set up the defensive system in West Coast City," Kieran said with utmost sincerity towards both his teacher.

"How about you?"

Simones and Charles weren't idiots. After they heard what Kieran's request was, they knew what his intentions were.

"I want to investigate Ciaran City. Don't worry, it's just a simple investigation and recon, I am not that kind of person who will neglect my life. If there is any danger, I will be the first one to leave!"

Kieran said pretended to be relaxed.

However, the young lass has worry filled her face.

From her perspective, Kieran's emphasis sounded like the more he said the more he wanted to hide. She unconsciously wanted to say something but after she saw Ohara aside, who remained quiet and a smile, she had some delay.

Elli was no idiot as well, quite the contrary she had wisdom that none of her peers would have, therefore she had her own guess about Ohara's thoughts. Still, the guesses didn't change her original intentions as well.

"I'll go with you!" The hard-will lass said after slightly hesitating.

"No!" Kieran shook his head in a decisive way.

The trip to Ciaran City would be filled with tremendous dangers.

Though Kieran could ignore the high density negative energy environment because of his [Body of Evil] but it didn't mean the others could.

To be honest, Kieran was confident of his trip just because of [Body of Evil].


"No buts!"

Kieran stopped Elli from furthering her argument. He knew he couldn't be hesitant over such things. Once hesitation took over, with Elli's attitude, it would be too tangled up to unravel.

Seeing the young lass feeling wronged by his words, Kieran silently apologized. He then stood up directly and was ready to take off.


Elli stopped him again. Then under Kieran's questioning gaze, she took out a scroll from her bag.

"This is a scroll left behind by teacher! I think it will be of use!" Elli said.
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