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Chapter 491: Enemies Ambush
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

Inside his own cabin, shimmering lights glimmered in Kieran's hand.

Its tranquil aura filled the whole cabin, expelling the darkness and coldness around him.

As the white glimmering light accumulated, it completely surrounded Kieran's hand and extended towards his elbow.

However, when the light was inches away from his elbow, it burst out with a soft "bang" and rapidly dispersed in the air.

"I still can't get it? How did Guntherson do it?"

Kieran was staring blanking at the spot where the Dawn Force dispersed. His mind was replaying the scene where Guntherson unleashed his technique against the treasure waves.

Kieran remembered clearly the scene back then was very agitated, he could even clearly picture the Guntherson's expression. Still none of his memories did him any good.

The root of [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] still laid inside the energy within his body!

Even Kieran remembered exactly how Guntherson moved and what his stance was, he was still unclear about how the Dawn Force within him worked.

It was hard to understand how his inside worked by relying on his movements outside, at least Kieran didn't make any progress during the whole week he spent cruising on the ship.

Though he wasn't discourage but in fact he was feeling quite fortunate!

Since he witnessed Guntherson use the Dawn Force before other than strengthening himself, it made him understand that [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] might have other abilities as well other than simply raising all his stats.

From Kieran's perspective, it meant the gate to a new territory had been opened.

Maybe there wasn't any use when [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] was still in the lower levels but as its skill level was raised, the benefits started to become clearer.

The most impactful benefit was the skill saved Kieran a lot of time. It told him which step he should take to move forward and although the next step would require immense energy and focus, Kieran would gladly endure the hardship.

Inside the underground game, he knew how important strength and capabilities meant for a player. Strengths was important but it might not mean everything to the others but for Kieran, an orphan, his strength was everything he had in the game.

His future life goals had living style had to rely on his strength to acquire gains within the underground game.

While understanding that saying, Kieran had no reasons to slack off, therefore he was constantly finding ways to increase his own strengths.


The flame rose high in his left hand. The flames were rumbling fiercely as Kieran tried his best to control the devil energy within.

Different from his first encounter with the sudden fire, which was jerky and full of resistance, with sufficient communication with the devil, Kieran had grown familiar in controlling the fire with ease. Though accidents still occurred sometimes.


After around twenty seconds, the flames in his hand shook violently and exploded on his left hand. The flame waves and bursting air swept across his cabin in an instant.

The moment the high impact flame waves came close to breaking a hole in the ship's cabin, a translucent layer of force field barrier appeared and extinguished the fire.

Since Kieran decided to practise [Charles' Fire] inside his cabin freely, he wouldn't be unprepared. Though the one who set up the barrier wasn't Kieran but Ohara instead.

The Archdeacon of the Sanctuary has attainments in magic and spells far exceeding one's imagination. At least she could easily set up the barrier and withstood the explosion from [Charles' Fire] three times.

Ohara did spend her effort and delicately set up the barrier in order for Kieran to have a better control of the energy within him.

After a whole week of practicing, [Charles' Fire]'s explosion didn't even hurt the ship once.

"This is a really strong defense!" Kieran praised the barrier when he checked the ship's cabin.

The force field barrier level shouldn't be that high but its ability to recover and tenacity was remarkable. There wasn't any unusual changes throughout the entire week.

Such a phenomenon had exceeded Kieran's perception because within his mastered [Mystical Knowledge], there wasn't anything mentioning a self-regenerating force field barrier.

No doubt this was one of Ohara's specialties and also one of the legacy skills from the Sanctuary.

The first time Kieran was in awe of Ohara's capabilities, she explained that the power that she possessed was called the Soul Bless Force and even went into detail about what she could do.

Kieran had goosebumps and numb scalped when he recalled the affectionate look from her eyes during her explanation.

Kieran ignited his Lineage Fire in order to expel the feelings in his head.

His practice schedule was divided at noon. In the morning, Kieran focused his mind on mastering the Dawn Force and from afternoon till evening, he would be practising the Lineage Fire.

After dinner, he chose to read the manuscript that had records on Saint Thorns. Though as the Lineage Fire were getting stable day by day, in order to fully control it and add [Charles' Fire] to his common means of attacking, he altered his timetable to continue practicing his Lineage Fire even after dinner a day ago.


The flames burned high.

The explosion occurred again after around twenty seconds, though the time delay of the explosion was getting longer.

The afternoon sun was getting lower. When the residual light from the sunset shined through the small window into the cabin, Kieran looked at the Uncontrollable Lineage Fire in his hand which was changing according to his will and absent of any feverish feeling, he couldn't help but smirk in delight.

[Through practice, Uncontrollable Lineage Fire II ascended into Controllable Lineage Fire II]

[Controllable Lineage Fire II (Your bloodline is suitable for fire magic, your talents allow you to control it at will. You can ignite a ball of fire with the damage of None, Low, Weak respectively. After charging 5 seconds, fire elemental damage +1, has a small chance of triggering Flame Burst to your enemies]


"I did it!"

Seeing the notifications come to his vision, he let out a long breath in his heart.

Kieran promptly stood up and headed towards the next cabin.

Master level [Charles' Fire] was not what he after but Pro level!

In the cabin next door, Kieran took up the tattoo tools that he had prepared earlier. He drew a new line of tattoos from the ancient hidden knowledge circle on his left chest, extended it down to the other ancient hidden knowledge circle on the back of his hand, further connecting both circles with the additional line. The line eventually circled around Kieran's left index finger.

When he was done, the system notifications came up right away.

[Name: Charles's Fire (Pro)]

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Create fire with your finger, the attack is Average, burns continuously]

[Special Effect: Controllable Lineage Fire II (Your bloodline is suitable for fire magic, your talents allowed you to control it at will. You can ignite a ball of fire with the damage of None, Feeble, Weak respectively. After charging 5 seconds, fire elemental damage +1, has small chances in triggering Flame Burst to your enemies)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Constitution A]

[Remark: This is a spell without incantations, casting gesture, or casting time. A skill created by the alchemy master fusing ancient hidden knowledge together!]

[Note: You have acquired this skill through learning, not through a Skill Book. Therefore, you cannot upgrade it with Points and Skill Points. If you want to level it up, you will need to continue learning or acquire a Skill Book!]



Flames appeared as Kieran raised his left hand, a small fire quickly piled up and grew to a fireball with the size of a watermelon and after charging for 5 seconds, the ball of fire grew even more, reaching 1 meter in diameter.

With the buffs from [Lineage Fire] and [Fiery Sulphur], the Average fireball had rapidly grown and broken through the Strong rank and reached Powerful rank.

The surging temperature brought up layers of heatwaves, erupting fiercely.


The force field barrier that lasted for a whole week had broken under the fierce heat waves but the burning heat waves didn't harm the ship.

In fact, when Kieran gripped his palm, the 1-meter diameter fireball extinguished into nothing.

It was as the description described, everything was controlled by his will. This was what Kieran wanted, a controllable and Powerful attacking means.

He already started to plan strategies in his mind, including adding [Charles' Fire] into his common attacking combos and how he could bring out the full potential of the skill.

Though before Kieran could figure out a complete combo system for his skills, he was interrupted by a sudden bang.


The huge explosion brought rough waves to the ship, shaking it fiercely with Kieran on board.

A irritating siren rang and broke the peaceful cruising right after.

The ship was under enemy attack!
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