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Chapter 488: Coincide Coincidence
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"Yup. It's not really a good thing but I would like to reinforce one point. I am not the reincarnation of some Holy Knight. I've never heard of him nor did I have any intention to inherit his reputation and legacy. I am myself and only one person. I think my reputation could compare with the Holy Knight!"

Kieran seemingly nodded in agreement but switched the topic right after.

Ohara was emotionless, but Kieran noticed Ohara's breath pause a little when she heard his words. Although the unusual pause returned to normal, it couldn't escape Kieran's sharp senses.

"As expected. Although she looked calm on the outside or tried to look as calm as possible, once Hugh the Holy Knight was mentioned, she seemed a little shaken inside. I guess it was not that easy to let it go! Otherwise, she wouldn't have unconsciously mentioned the differences between Hugh and her current identity when she rejected me just now!"

Ohara's performance made Kieran slightly relieved. She wasn't as formidable as he expected, which meant that there was a solution to her condition!

"Strike while the iron is hot!"

Kieran raised his hand and filled his palm with the glimmering power of the Dawn Force which was the extension from [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art].

During the level from Grand Master to Musou level, Kieran was able to control the energy of Dawn inside him at will and materialize it in his palm as if he knew how to do it since birth, even though the system didn't present a notification.

Kieran deeply knew that it was the changes granted by [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]. Even more so, he already foresaw the power at the next level.

The Dawn Force! A formless aura energy that could be materialized and was similar to a blastwave that collided with the waves of treasures back in the underground Church of Dawn.

After experiencing multiple dungeon runes, his sight was greatly widened and was no longer surprised by such a technique. Still, he didn't mind mastering it along the way.

Of course, it would take a long time like how Guntherson the old knight mentioned the quality changes. At the time being though, it was enough to deal with Ohara before him.

The moment the glimmering Dawn Force appeared in Kieran's palm, Ohara no longer had her calm expression. Her eyes started to show more colors and emotions as if a pebble was thrown into a still lake, causing ripples that rippled throughout her heart. The layers of ripples gathered at one point and breached the final defense line in her heart that she kept holding back.

"Hugh!" Ohara said softly. Following her voice that was filled with emotions and longed for someone's love, she seemed like she came back to life at that moment. Ohara instantly broke the cold and plain emotions of hers. Eventually, she looked at Kieran with a vigilant gaze.

"Is this one of Phandle's tricks again?" Ohara asked.

"Phandle's tricks? I admit that the old geezer is really shameless but for him to force me to this extent? It's impossible! I've said it before. I am me, myself, and I!"

Kieran went towards Ohara while he spoke.

The glimmering energy didn't dissipate from his palm but when he took his first step out, the rampant, sulfur-filled, chaotic aura erupted from his body.

On his second step, the seven wicked auras of the cardinal sins: Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride followed tightly. The auras blasted out from his body like an erupting volcano.


The aura brought up a minor stream in the limited space, forming a small whirlwind and ravaging the room. The book pages were fluttering, the racks and study table were trembling, and Ohara's long hair was blown.

She raised her head to the young man who had the Sanctuary Force in his palm but was erupting a devilish, chaotic wicked aura.

Her heart was confused. She knew that Phandle was not capable of doing this. Not only Phandle, even Nikorei who she hated the most couldn't pull off such feat, just like how she couldn't revive the spirit butler.

"If...If this is… Then…Then…"

Thoughts and possibilities appeared in Ohara's heart. It made her confused heart even more puzzled and perplexed.

Kieran opened his mouth again when he saw how Ohara was reacting.

"You still think this is one of Phandle's tricks?" Kieran asked.

Ohara shook her head awkwardly while her heart was still confused.

Just as Ohara replied, the unusual occurrence in the room dissipated right away.

The rampant, sulphuric chaos aura and the wicked, sinful cardinal sins disappeared altogether. All that was left was the Dawn Force in Kieran's palm.

"And this is not the Sanctuary Force that you know of. I call it the Dawn Force!"

Kieran emphasized each and every word.

Before Ohara could reply, Kieran turned around and wanted to leave.

Ohara fell into a trance when she saw Kieran's unusual straightforward manner and his leaving figure.

"My power originated from the Sanctuary Force but there is something different from the one that everyone knows of."

"Huh? What do I name it?"

"I don't know… Do I really have to name it?"

"It's troublesome! I hate naming things!"

"Fine fine! I'll tell you when I think of one!"

The conversation in Ohara's memories replayed itself, lingering in her ears.

In the end, all she could hear was only a single sentence.

"I call it the Dawn Force!"

"Hugh! Hold on, Hugh!"

Ohara climbed up from the floor and went after Kieran. Just as Kieran pushed open the door to leave, Ohara grabbed him by the arm.

Kieran raised a brow when a stranger suddenly grabbed him.

"Let go!" He said loudly.

"I've let you go once before and I've regretted it for almost forty years… This time, I won't let you go anymore! You are not used to the things now because you haven't regained your memories! It's fine! I'll be by your side, helping you restore your memories!" Ohara said eagerly and anxiously.

[Sub Mission: Heart (Completed)]!

Kieran saw the notification in his vision but he wasn't one bit happy over it. Looking at the concerning, nervous Ohara, Kieran suddenly realized that it seemed like he had gone too far and too real with his acting!

"I am 2567, not Hugh!" Kieran emphasized.

"I know! You have to regain your memories! I'll help you!" Ohara nodded and even gave a slight smile by lifting the edge of her mouth.

Kieran looked at her expression with a headache.

"What the hell do you mean with this smile, thinking that you know everything now?"

Kieran thought to himself.


Phandle was also watching the scene with a headache.

He knew Kieran's appearance would definitely change Ohara.

Even though Kieran didn't want to admit it, he was surely going to make a move.

After all, having [Saint Thorns] and Sanctuary Force together was not a mere coincidence.

In simpler words, the vague and insubstantial hope was also considered hope to a certain extent.

People would not let go of hope when it was still reachable. Phandle knew it deeply. However, the situation before him was not so delightful…

Phandle heavily grunted for a while before raising his hand.

A figure appeared from the shadow before him.

"Yes, sir!" The figure said.

"Bring the news to West Coast. Let everyone know that the assistant of God of Earth, the Bird of Death, 2567, has awakened his past life memories after meeting Ohara!"

"Right away sir!"

The figure then disappeared.
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