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Chapter 486: The Real Objectives
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The unknown deacon before Kieran and Schmidt was the perfect representation of that word.

Kieran held Schmidt back even though Schmidt wanted to argue. He knew that there was no point to continue.

The deacon came fully prepared. Any further argument would lead them along the rhythm of his trap.

Thus, Kieran stared at the deacon with eyes as dull as dead waters.

"So they wanted to achieve their goals by any means necessary? This kind of people… we don't regret their deaths!" Kieran emphasized each and every word.

He even added killer intentions among the lines without concealing them.

"Death is not the end! I would be honored to use my death for the return of Hugh! In fact, the entire Sanctuary is willing to honor their lives to serve the purpose. It is a thorny path, to begin with. Why fear the flow of blood and sacrifice?!"

The unknown deacon said with a calm tone without the slightest change of expression and revealed his stern conviction.

Kieran frowned. He had to reevaluate the deacon before him.

It seemed like he was not afraid of death! Kieran could clearly understand the point from the calm expression and aura around him. It wasn't fake!

Kieran's furrowed brows almost mashed together.

The scariest kind of people were the people who weren't afraid to die. When such a person had another layer of shamelessness to it, it wasn't pretty.

Kieran took a deep breath and laid his eyes on Nicil who was standing beside him. He was giving a bitter smile, looking helpless as ever.

The unknown deacon seemed to not notice the scene unfolding before him. He continued alone and said, "Hugh, I never thought that we would see each other again. Let me introduce myself again. I am Phandle, at your service!"

The so-called Phandle then extended his hand.

After a slight pause in mid-air, seeing that Kieran has no intentions to shake his hand, Phandle continued.

"Officer Schmidt. The training regarding the secret techniques will start very soon for you. Deacon Nicil here will escort you…"

That being said, Nicil took a step forward and stood beside Schmidt while Schmidt looked at Kieran.

After a slight nod from Keiran, Schmidt simply followed Nicil away from the hall.

Kieran had no reason to stop him because it was also one of the reasons they were there, even though some accidents happened along the way.

Kieran looked at Phandle. He was curious about what he would he say after leading Schmidt and Nicil away.

"Maybe Phandle wants to remove his mask?" Kieran thought out of instinct.

A moment later, Kieran realized he was overthinking it.

Phandle sat beside Kieran with an eloquent posture. His hands were on the handle, his legs were closed, and his upper body was straight. He looked straight ahead without tilting.

With such a sitting posture, the words that came from him sounded like ravings of a fortune teller at the corner of a street. However, it sounded more sincere.

"Hugh, do you believe in fate? It's quite intriguing really. I thought that I would never see you again for as long as I lived. Yet you came back by reincarnation… just when I was about to leave this world."

Phandle's words were stuttering and spoken softly. However, it made the feelings behind his words more real.

Kieran was dubious himself about him being the real reincarnation of Hugh the Holy Knight even after listening to Phandle's words. Even if Phandle wast certain, Kieran didn't believe him.

The highest technique in lying was to lie to oneself. There was no doubt that Phandle before his eyes was capable of such.

After making certain of it in his heart, Kieran remained quiet.

It wasn't wise of him to discuss the fake topic with a person who could even lie to himself.

He thought that he might as well stay quiet and wait for the cunning fox to reveal its tail.

Phandle must have some other intentions! Kieran was very certain of this. Otherwise, Phandle wouldn't have stirred Schmidt and Nicil away.

However, Kieran seemed to underestimate Phandle's patience.

Phandle started to tell stories about Hugh's entire life. It sounded far-fetched but each word came with his own feelings, exclamations, and praise. He even sounded helpless occasionally.

In the end, his words could be concluded to only one sentence.

"It is the greatest thing, Hugh, that you were able to return to us through reincarnation!"

Kieran's furrowed brows almost formed a dead-knot after hearing what Phandle said.

Two hours! He told stories for a full two hours just to say one sentence and he hasn't even fully expressed his intentions yet!

"What are you trying to say?" Kieran cut in before Phandle could continue.

"Hugh, do you remember when the last time the foyer hall gates opened?"

Phandle said slowly after taking an eye at Kieran.

Kieran wanted to instinctively say that he didn't know but when the urge was at his mouth, it came out differently with a lighter sense.

"Was it Rei?"

It wasn't a hard question.

There was only a handful of people within the dungeon world who was related to him and was able to make the Sanctuary open the foyer hall gates.

Based on closest relationships, it could only be Nikorei.

"Yes. Have you recovered your past life memories?"

"No? Nevermind. We have a lot of time to help you regain them! Be patient!"

Kieran held the urge to punch Phandle in the face when he saw Phandle trying to be considerate of his situation.

Phandle never stopped even for a second in stirring Kieran with the "You are Hugh's reincarnation" trap.

"What are you really trying to say?" Kieran said with clenched teeth.

He was prepared to show Phandle the cruelty of fate if he kept talking about fate and destiny.

"I need your help, Hugh! It's about Ohara!"

Out of expectation, Phandle said sternly.

Right after that, the system notification followed.

[Discovered sub mission: Heart]

[Heart: Ohara, one of the Archdeacons of the Sanctuary, had shut herself away because of the past. You have to help her…]


On top of the new sub mission [Heart] was the complete notification of [The name of reincarnation]. The moment the whole Sanctuary cheered "Praise your return, Holy Knight Sir Hugh", the sub mission was completed in a way that Kieran least wanted it to.


Kieran's mind quickly recalled the lady's punch which was harder than real steel and her frenzied look when the name was mentioned. He also remembered the reason behind all her craziness, Hugh! Coincidentally, he was being treated as Hugh at the moment.

"I see!" Kieran took a deep breath.

Kieran finally got a firm grip on the key factor behind all the events up until that point.

The reason why Sanctuary treated him as Hugh's reincarnation, other than the unexpected disastrous situation with the war, was because of or related to Ohara, one of the Archdeacons of the Sanctuary.

Different from the imposter who he was, Ohara was the original member of the Sanctuary and because of Hugh's death, she created a gap between her and the other members.

What if Hugh was alive?

The gap would be non-existent.

If that was the case, Ohara would naturally still be one of the Archdeacons of the Sanctuary.

Maybe her fighting capabilities weren't outstanding but surely, she has some stellar points of her own which the Sanctuary desperately needed.

Kieran turned his head to Phandle but before he could utter a word, Phandle took out a palm-sized book from his wide sleeve and placed it directly in Kieran's hand.

"This is Hugh's training notes," Phandle said softly.


"Inside the Hall of Legacy, there lays the records of the Holy Knight of past generations that had the ability, Saint Thorns!"


"All the records of Saint Thorns! Inside the Hall of Legacy!"

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