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Chapter 478: Promotion
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Lines of mystical runes started to light up on the blazing wings.

The runes appeared faster than ever, overlapping on each other.

When the mystical runes spread out together, a fiery blast wave gushed out from the wings.

[Flame Blast II]!

Not only was the Fire damage at the Extreme level, even the blastwave was too. The combination of both crashed at the tidal wave the moment it was fired out.

Upon contact, a huge breach appeared and because of the extreme heat vapourizing the water, the breach on the wave kept expanding.

A huge cloud of steam spreaded across the whole island, blocking everyone's sight at once. Even though they couldn't see clearly, they knew the tidal wave hadn't crash on them, which meant they were saved!

Escaping from death made some of them cheer.

Schmidt didn't but he clenched his fist hard, looking more excited than everyone else.

Although he was encouraging the others before this, he was also lacking the confidence deep down in his heart until Kieran appeared in the sky.

"Hope… IS HERE!" Schmidt muttered.

Nicil and the other higher rankings of the Sanctuary were looking dazed and unbelievable at the devil figure that had its wings opened up in the sky.

They were saved by a devil blood descendant?

Such an absurd fact filled their hearts with unknown emotions but what shocked them the most was that the devil figure could stop the tidal wave even when Smulder couldn't!

Was Kieran really stronger than Smulder?

The thought rose in their hearts, affecting their acknowledgement from the past.

Though most of them felt purely thankful for being saved.

Some of the Sanctuary members were going through the initial shock and disbelief but when they got to know the identity of the devil, they stood up stern and straight, performing an ancient salutation to Kieran in his devil form when he took a dive back down the land.


While being surrounded by the burst of steam, Kieran slightly released a breath of relief after stopping the tidal wave together with the strength of the mutated cyclops giant.

The tsunami that came from the huge explosion was much fiercer than he had expected.

Even after the force field barrier on the island and Smulder's Sanctuary Force weakening its power, it was still too much for Kieran to take in.

When Kieran activated [Flame Blast II], during the moment it crashed with the tidal wave, he could feel that his blastwave successfully created a breach in the middle but its power was weakening by the second.

If it wasn't for the decision of utilizing the mutated cyclops giant with his thought to help before he sent out the blastwave, his ending would be no better than Smulder.

Out of Kieran's expectation, the mutated cyclops giant's control of the seawater exceeded his best expectations.

Although Kieran fought the cyclops before and he saw how it drew the seawater into a water ball attack, he was still shocked over its performance when he sent the mutated cyclops with his thoughts into the depth of the ocean, creating a counter whirlpool to weaken the tidal wave's power.

Still after stopping the tidal wave, he didn't forget his goal.

To eliminate Smulder!

So why did he save the island instead?

It was because of Schmidt who was still at the beach, otherwise Kieran would just let the tidal wave crash down on them.


Kieran extended his wings and flew towards the unconscious Smulder, the beheader sword in his hands was ready to slice its target.

However, at that moment Kieran saw the Sanctuary members who was showing their gratitude and displaying salutations to him. He frowned under that devil form of his but he had no intention to stop.

Kieran didn't mind how the others looked at him and never did.

In simple words, he would not alter his actions because of other's view of him. To Kieran, those who changed themselves to please others were the most idiotic kind.

He was not a Union coin, so not everyone would like him.

The beheader sword rose up high, burning with blazing flames but a moment later, it stopped in mid-air.

The life energy of the Holy Knight spreaded out in Kieran's heart in an odd manner.

Kieran could clearly feel the sense of gratitude and delighted power through the Holy Knight's existence in him, and the changes of [Saint Thorns] that consisted of those feelings.

Kieran had pay attention to the matters related to [Fusion Heart].

He stopped his beheader sword from slashing down and tried to feel the changes in his heart.

[Saint Thorn's experience increased slightly…]

[Saint Thorn: If you choose not to activate Transform Devil II or Desire Summon II, you will gain 26% resistance against holy energy attack. When you receive damage (regardless of holy damage), of Average, Strong and Powerful level, you can activate a "Halo of Thorns" with different levels, to reflect the damage you receive by 6%, 11%, 26% respectively. You will also be healed with Light, Medium, Heavily wounded state respectively. When you choose to activate Transform Devil II or Desire Summon II, Saint Thorn effect will be temporarily halted.]


The 1% changes appeared on Kieran's vision but it didn't disappoint him at all, because it wasn't the last of it.

[Saint Thorn's experience increased slightly…]

[Saint Thorn's experience increased slightly…]

It was slow but clear and eventually trigger a qualitative change.

Kieran then glanced over the Sanctuary members who more and more of them expressed their gratitude to him. After a slight hesitation, the beheader sword in his hand burnt off brightly and vanished into thin air.

Compared to killing Smulder, the promotion of [Fusion Heart, Saint Thorns] was more important for him, because [Saint Thorns] will be the only skill that he could use against Sanctuary Force and powers alike.

He always bore in mind that he was not a native in his dungeon world!

As his dungeon entry kept increasing, so will the difficulty. He had no idea what kind of enemies he will face in the future but one thing was certain, should Kieran encounter any enemies that possessed powers alike to Sanctuary Force, they will definitely be stronger than Smulder.

It was an undeniable fact and he couldn't assure himself to have better ways to overcome his weakness in the future.

Hence, [Saint Thorns]'s value had spiked.

A slight mutter to himself later, Kieran made up his mind.

After all, Smulder might be a decent reward before his eyes but the other was a long term reward and would surely guarantee him huge rewards.

If Kieran hasn't burn his mind with the devil fire, he would know which to choose.

The killing intent towards Smulder vanished in his heart.

The Holy Knight energy in his body instantly became more lively than ever before.

Although the notifications were getting slower, Kieran knew it was an accumulation of power.

To hasten up the process, Kieran deactivated [Transform Devil II] right away.


The magma body petrified and shattered into stones and eventually dusts. It was then carried away by the wind.

While returning to his human form, Kieran's body was glimmering with white.

It was faint but it was real.

"Sanctuary Force!"

Many of the higher rankings of the Sanctuary witnessed the scene, they almost bite their tongues off because of the awe, yet the real jaw dropping event was just beginning to happen.

A line of metallic dazzling white started to take form following the faint glimmering Sanctuary Force. It was sharp and keen, appearing line after line and four lines of white shine eventually appeared. The white lines formed a circle over kieran's head and feet.

"Saint Thorns! Hugh!"

The words escaped the Sanctuary elder's lips.

Their gaze at Kieran started to turn excited, delighted but filled with strangeness.

Everyone of them had a sense of doubt on their face, except Nicil who was showing a bitter smile.
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