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The Devil is Cage 473 Empathy and Mercy

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Chapter 473: Empathy and Mercy
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The sudden hisses and bites of a myriad of vipers sunk Ohara into an illusory realm in an instant.

Not only was Ohara affected but Nicil was caught in the effect as well.

[Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] has an effective range of 20 meters. Although it wasn't considered huge, it was enough in the building.

With Kieran's powerful Spirit attribute, [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper]'s sudden attack was always going to be a successful strike.


A powerful slam struck Ohara, sending her flying out of the room and crashing into the wall in the corridor like a kite cut loose.

However, Kieran was gripping his left chest with an unusual look.

Just when he was about to finish off Ohara once and for all, an anomaly suddenly occurred in his heart.

It was a very familiar feeling: the unusual anxiety from the Creature of Desire and the fiery devil when they were restless.

Although the only difference from their confusion and priming was that this time, he felt empathetic.

Kieran could only describe the unusual anomaly with empathy because he could clearly feel from the bottom of his heart that he wasn't able to kill Ohara who was waiting for her demise.

"F*ck!" Kieran cursed in his heart.

Kieran only needed to give it a little more thought to figure out what was going on. After absorbing [Sanctuary Star] and completing the Extra Special Evolution, [Fusion Heart] must have absorbed some other foreign matter!

What was it exactly?

The attribute on [Sanctuary Star] had explained everything.

"It contains the life energy of the Holy Knight of the previous generation!"

Once the thought came to Kieran, his face almost turned green.

He didn't really despise the meaning of being a Holy Knight. He couldn't deny that the title was respected but he would rather die than become one.

It has too many restrictions underneath the title!

Losing his own freedom over such a title was similar to being a living dead; it was an unusual feeling of despair.


Kieran took in a deep breath, gripping [Arrogant Word] harder and walking towards Ohara.

He was not going to allow such restrictions to hold him back!


[Arrogant Word] was whipping up its dark red energy stream again as it swung towards the unconscious traitor of Sanctuary.

However, the anomaly happened once again. It froze Kieran's movement.

This time around, it struck Kieran with a "compromise". It wasn't an intact meaning but just a vague expression through his emotions.

Yet with Eye of Chimeras and the devil's energy as examples, after Kieran had frozen his movements, he knew that suppressing his emotions wasn't the best idea.

Kieran needed to communicate with his feelings and so he did, knowing what was right for him to do.

"Mercy? Redemption?" Kieran muttered. His heart was beating with an odd rhythm.

Then, a blurry white mirage appeared in his sight.

It was a man with full plated armor and snow white skin. He wasn't wearing a helmet, revealing his kind face that had the love and modesty for everything that existed through time.

The blurry mirage turned to Ohara with Kieran eyeing over him. Ater two to three seconds, he turned around to look at Kieran with a merciful gaze.

"Only her!" Kieran said with a resolute and decisive tone.

The mirage figure hesitated for a while and eventually nodded. It then vanished into thin air.

Kieran quickly glanced over [Fusion Heart]'s attribute, including attributes and effects of [Saint Thorns] but he didn't notice any changes.

"Different from the Eye of Chimeras and the devil's rampant manner, the power of a Holy Knight couldn't get the changes in its power after a successful communication… So the evil side favors benefits more? No wonder everyone prefers the dark side."

Kieran mocked himself with a laugh.

He then looked at Ohara before grabbing her.

Since he made a promise, Kieran intended to keep it but it didn't mean he wouldn't make use of Ohara here.

"Nicil!" Kieran said out loud.

Nicil was awoken in a shiver by Kieran's call after having fallen into [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper]'s effect.

His face was still looking scared after going through the hisses and bites, but when he saw Kieran grab Ohara over, his fear was replaced by shock.

"Ohara, she...she…"

The shock made Nicil stutter hard.

"Don't worry, she's not dead! I need a favor from you!" Kieran said.

"Do tell!" Nicil nodded immediately after letting out a breath of relief.

"Help me gather the other traitors who sided with her!" Kieran said.


The waves at night were extra fierce because of the low tides.

Smulder who was grabbing the head of one of the alchemy fighters laughed disdainfully.

"After all these years… Barry still hasn't improved on anything! He really likes to shame himself by sending all these defective junks to battle!"

Smulder crushed the skull of the last alchemy fighter as he said this.


The head exploded like a crushed watermelon.

The red and white brain substance with a dash of green splashed out in all directions.

Smulder swung his palm in disgust.


The night breeze of the sea couldn't expel the bloody stench on the beach.

Almost a hundred of those alchemy fighters' dead bodies were scattered all over the beach as if they were discarded toys of some kid.

Smulder was looking further away. While he was waiting for one of the important targets to appear, he was warming himself up for the next fight.

Then, he raised his right hand and struck a punch out.

The punch was normal and in absence of any formidable aura or energy, similar to a casual fling of his hand.



A white burning shockwave blasted out from his punch. It felt like an endless aura of arrogance, traveling straight forward like a divine sword drawn out from its sheath.

One of the battleships was destroyed completely when the white shockwave hit it.

There wasn't an explosion or an agonizing cry. When the white shockwave dissipated, all that was left was debris of the ship floating on the surface of the sea.

Smulder saw the remains floating. He frowned in dissatisfaction. By his calculations, everything should have been wiped out and no remains should have been left behind.

Smulder then took in a breath, trying to be more serious the second time.

He retracted his right hand slowly and the burning white Sanctuary Force was concentrating on his punch.

Just as he was about to fire the second wave, a fiery blast wave that fired from above the sky cut him to it.


Another battleship was struck and different from the destructive Sanctuary Force, this battleship was perforated by the intense heat from the blast.

Then, the iron battleship started to melt like glue. It couldn't even stand a single blow.

The icy water around the melted ship started to boil as well. The burning steam from the surface was enough to scald a person alive. Yet the temperature on the surface of the sea was incomparable to the blazing flames on the ship.

The blazing flames were like spreading cancer, burning away all lives on the ship. No one was at its mercy. Series of agonizing cry sounded and the fear of death filled the sea.

After taking the first blow, the fleet of battleships never thought that there was another enemy around.

All the soldiers on the remaining ships raised their heads, trying to locate the fiery blast owner.

It was too obvious for them. Almost everyone saw that fiery figure flapping its blazing wings under the clouds at the first moment. Its sharp-as-blade spiral horns and reddish magma body were dying the sky red, striking fear into everyone who laid eyes on him.

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