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The Devil is Cage 471 Betrayer

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Chapter 471: Betrayer
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Nicil was staring at Ohara before him as he was sinking into his own unbelievable state.

Maybe because of his character, Nicil wasn't the respectful elder from first impressions, but everyone who laid eyes on Nicil knew that he wasn't some kind of idiot.

In fact, when Nicil discovered the unusual behaviour of Smulder, he already had some guesses.

When Simon was playing coy with all of his efforts, Nicil already knew what Smulder planned to do.

After all, as a deacon of the Sanctuary, he was very clear of the current state of the Sanctuary, though it was because of such an understanding that he was shocked by Ohara's betrayal.


Nicil could hear the fighting noises outside the room but he pretended to not hear them. He was staring at Ohara's delicate face, asking his question in a dry voice.

Nicil was puzzled. Ohara was one of the Archdeacon of the Sanctuary other than the current Holy Knight Smulder. She was the most respectful and had the most authoritative of them all.

Ohara was not lacking in glory or authority, yet still she decided to betray the Sanctuary.

Nicil couldn't think of a reason to betray them because it would do her no good at all.

"Why? Do you remember Sanctuary forty years ago?"

Ohara laughed lightly and replied with her own question.

"Forty years ago? That unexpected incident?"

Nicil was stunned, leading him to relate more about the incident.

Then, Nicil put on a bitter smile. He seemed to be slowly understanding Ohara's goal.

"Believe me! Rei has no grudge against the Sanctuary. That was really an accident! Rei is a person who is willing to stay in her own turf, mind her own business. You don't have to worry about anything! See how we get along for forty years! There wasn't a single dispute between us, and we collaborated once…"

"Collaborated? You call that forceful fight a collaboration? If she didn't force us to fight, how would Hugh have died?"

Nicil was interrupted by Ohara's sudden shout. Her delicate face started to show anger.

"Hugh… None of us wish to witness his death, but the situation back then…"

Nicil muttered the name, trying to say something but eventually fell into silence.

"There has to be someone to cover the retreat back in the situation right? But why Hugh? Why not the others? Don't tell me that is an accident anymore! That incident was plotted by that bitch Nikorei! She plotted everything just to justify her title of God of Earth!"

Ohara clenched her fist and scolded loudly.

"So I want to take everything from her! I want to destroy her name and her identity!!"

Her shout was getting sonorous as she scolded. The anger on her face was merging with her killer intents, causing her delicate features to turn extra vicious and terrifying.

More importantly, a sharp aura appeared faintly along with her expression change, forcing Nicil to back off a couple steps to avoid them.

Nicil knew that if he was caught in Ohara's sharp aura, he would be finished.

"Calm down Ohara!" Nicil cried for her but she pretended to not hear it.

"Hugh is the true Holy Knight and not some half-assed reckless Smulder! The Sanctuary in Hugh's command is the true Sanctuary! The Sanctuary now has gotten rotten to its very core. There is no use for such an existence on the earth! I will destroy his corrupt establishment myself. Then,I will go after that bitch!"

Ohara was muttering on her own. The frenzy in her eyes were getting heavier.

Then, Ohara went on to strike Nicil without any hesitation.

A sharp aura blasted out like an arrow let loose.

Nicil closed his eyes immediately. He wasn't ready to face his death but he knew that he could never dodge Ohara's keen strike.

Ohara, one of the three Archdeacons, thought that it was a piece of cake to deal with a deacon like Nicil.

He wished to die with an intact body! Such thoughts rinsed Nicil's mind after he closed his eyes.

Then, he heard a noise break out at his ear.

Subconsciously, Nicil opened his eyes and he saw a familiar figure standing before him and shielding him from the keen aura strike.

"2567!?" Nicil said in shock.

Similar to the shock of Ohara's betrayal, Nicil didn't believe that Kieran was able to escape the prison that Smulder had crafted.

In fact, at a certain aspect, the latter was even more shocking than the former.

"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be in… Aaaaarh! You bastard!"

Nicil blasted his questions but Kieran didn't have the intentions of answering. He grabbed Nicil by the neck and threw him out of the room.

After saving Nicil from that strike, Kieran wished to not involve Nicil by any means in the upcoming fight. Moreover, it was also because of the Special Event's rating. Kieran too wished that Nicil would be alive and kicking after this.

While Nicil was flying in mid-air after being thrown out, Ohara was like his shadow, following him and unwilling to let him go.

Kieran however intervened in between both of them.


The keen aura strike was fired again, aimed at Kieran's throat. It also brought up a sharp air-breaking whistle similar to some instrument.

No doubt, Ohara was trying to perforate Kieran together with Nicil with her strike,. However at the next moment…


The heavy wind whistle similar to a beastly roar sounded and echoed the room. The sharp air-breaking sound was overshadowed instantly and that was not the end.

[Arrogant Word] was imbued with Kieran's tremendous strength, allowing the great sword to bring up a violent wind that was enough to rip apart a common man with ease. When the violent wind from the dark red greatsword clashed with the keen aura strike, the energy aura shattered with a destructive force, reduced it to nothing.

[Arrogant Word] was ceaseless. It followed Kieran's swing and slashed right at Ohara.

Ohara's frenzied face didn't even flinch when she received a slash from the greatsword. She launched a punch as a counter. It was a normal punch absent of any air-breaking wind and violent aura. However, the seemingly normal punch evenly matched Kieran's slashing!


When [Arrogant Word] came in contact with Ohara's punch, it struck Kieran as if he struck his sword onto the hardest metal. Other than that, the power that came from the punch was no weaker than his own.

Dak Da Dak!

Both of them split up upon contact and left in different directions. The harden ground was even imprinted with their shallow footprints as they stepped back onto the ground.


The traitorous Archdeacon seemed to have noticed Kieran after that strike. Her eyes were even more hateful than she looked at Nicil.

"Very well then! 2567, you are also on my to-kill list! There isn't a difference. I'll kill you sooner or later!" Ohara was like a beast gazing at Kieran while muttering softly.

Then, a sense of danger which Kieran was very familiar with started to spread across the room.

"Repent your sins before Hugh's soul!"


The pearl white light shone brightly from Ohara's body all of a sudden.

It was Sanctuary Force!


Nicil couldn't help but cry for Kieran when he crawled over to the entrance and saw the scene.

However, his cried halted abruptly.

The elderly deacon opened his eyes widely at the overwhelming scene before him.
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