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Chapter 445: The Very Unexpected
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"Immortal? You f*cking bastard!"

Shocked and enraged by the embarrassment, Banning shouted.

He realized the banter in Kieran's words. Obviously Kieran was playing him, teasing him who was a Supernova!

"You think you can escape your death with some petty tricks and you can talk nonsense now? I will let you taste…"

While he spoke, Banning wanted to move his left hand but similar to his right hand, Kieran beated him to it. Kieran held Banning's hand firmly and let the reverse cross stick to his palm tightly.

Blood started to gush out because of the pressure from Kieran's hand and because of the pressure, the wound was getting wider, causing what seemed like minced meat to ooze out.

The seemingly square and blunt reverse cross were sharper than one could imagine. Kieran squinted his eyes as he looked at the reverse cross.

"This is quite the item you have here!" He said.

Banning didn't answer but his imposing manner was brought to a halt.

Then he shouted with an even angrier tone, "This is mine!"

"It is yours now alright but what about later?" Kieran fired out his disdainful comment at Banning, trying to agitate him.

"It will still be mine later! Not only this, everything that I lay my eyes one, it's mine! You bunch of ants, I will destroy you easily!"

Further enraged, frantic words came out from Banning's mouth. This time around, even the players from afar noticed something was wrong with him, yet they were all scared of the title, Supernova, resulting in none of them stepping up.

As for the lone wolves, they abide the rule of fair distribution of loots.

Everyone of the lone wolves could see Kieran had the upperhand in the battle, although they had no idea how he did it, none of them planned to approach further at that particular moment.

After all, the properties and belongings of a Supernova should be quite sizeable.

Everyone's gaze were laid on Kieran and Banning and their tangled hands.

A moment later, their already astonished heart was shook again, sending shiver down their spines.

What did they see?

2567! 2567! And more 2567!

Although his face was blurred out by a layer of distortion similar to the system blur, everyone was sure they were 2567!

Three more 2567 popped up from the shadowy spot around Banning. They were standing in triangle, surrounded Banning in the middle firmly.

"A mirage? Illusions? Clones?"

Rising voices of shock came from the players from far, then followed by dead silence, because they felt an extreme anger presence brewing from one of the Kieran.

The face was hidden. There was nothing wrong with his body and neither did he utter a sound but most of the player around felt the wrath in Kieran, as if they were witnessing a volcano bursting out black smoke, sending earthquakes through the land.

Though, it was not the reason they the crowd went silent.

The real reason that shut the player's mouth was the prideful gaze. As real as matter itself, it was staring at them from high up like a God witnessing the acts of mortals.

The gaze made them felt ashamed of their ungainly appearance, made them feel as inferior as ants. Especially when they compared themselves to the lone wolves in front, shame befell them all. All of the retreating players shut their mouths.

The lone wolves were shocked and astonished when they say a couple more Kieran popping out.

They were also having thoughts at the scene, just not as awestruck as the players behind and didn't stir up a ruckus among themselves.

Though, similar to the other players, the lone wolves were quite baffled by the scene before them.

Among the lone wolves, only two of them felt something different.

The Alchemist, Lemour and the Loner, Raven. Both of them shared a common trait as well.

They were also Chosen Ones! The Chosens One that had outstanding Spirit attribute!

Both of their gaze were lingering between Pride, Wrath and Kieran himself who summoned Greed a while after.

Lemour had a slight thought of what she saw but Raven was dumbstruck. Still, it didn't stop Kieran from continuing what he was doing.

He was looking at Banning who was puzzled and baffled by the appearance of the cardinal sins; his heart sighed uncontrollably.

Kieran had to admit that Banning indeed had some outstanding strength compared to the others, at least he was good at being pretentious as he assumed a greater appearance. Kieran could only fall far behind behind Banning in that category.

If a normal player could be recognized as a Chosen One, together with the power of the reverse cross in Banning's hand, he could really be as formidable as other claimed.

If it wasn't for a face to face confrontation with Banning, Kieran might never believe the infamous Banning was just a common player.

In fact, when Pride and Wrath easily bewitched him, Kieran felt it inconceivable and he even went as far as thinking it might be a trap.

That was the reason why, after Kieran withstood Banning's lethal attack, he decided to lay low for a while. Until he was sure Banning was really bewitched, only then did he decided to step out.

Right after that, Kieran was shocked once again, because of how weak Banning was.

After relying on [Ring of the Serpent King, Snake Molt] to endure the lethal strike from Banning, Kieran was induced with Weakened state.

Weakened state: all attributes -6.

His Strength and Agility were decreased by at least two major ranks, leaving him with only C- stats yet still, Banning couldn't dodge him nor escape his grip.

According to Kieran's speculations, Banning's Strength and Agility were around E or so, he was not a Chosen One. Since his Strength and Agility were around E, his Constitution and Intuition were average as well.

However, with such a weak character base stats, he could rely on a single equipment to reach the ranks of Supernova, how was it not shocking to Kieran?

However, no matter how shocking the exposed fact was, Kieran's actions were not slow.

His launched his left kick directly at Banning's right knee.


The clear noise broken Banning's right leg, cracking it into a wicked shape. Banning's upper body leaned down following the loss of balance, revealing his head down without any protection.

Kieran quickly changed his left kick stance before landing and launched his knee up like a battle mace swung upwards with all his might.


The loud and heavy sound crushed Banning's head like a watermelon hit by a baseball bat.

"Not even other extra equipments on his body?"

The outcome was out of Kieran's expectation once again, but the scene before his eyes told him that it was indeed as he saw.

Not only was Black Hell Banning weak in stats, other than the reverse cross, he didn't even have an extra piece of equipment.

[Player Killed: Banning]

[Treated as self-defense through authentication]

[Categorized as an Honor Kill]

[You will receive all the Points and Skill Points of the player…]

[Total: 3000 Points and 0 Skill Points]

[Received the player's house key]

[Granted the right to use the player's house]

[All the player's belongings are returned to their house]

[Honor Kills: 46]


The honor kill notification even allowed Kieran to relate into more.

Though before he could delicately speculate further, a figure threw itself out from the shadowy spot aside, the sword in the figure's hand was aimed at Kieran's back, where his heart was.
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