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Chapter 443: True Quality
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Negative yin energy was rumbling fiercely under the black veil.

Amidst the shrieks and wails, waves and waves of spirits started to gather from all direction.

Broken limbs, twisted faces and some even holding their own skull; spirits in all kinds of form were floating towards Kieran.

The vicious scene with the eerie spirits was enough to frighten a bold person, causing his spine toshiver without the cold. Even more so when such a large number of spirits were gathered together. The negative energy gathering was like a rising tide, beating and corrupting the living around it.

Though, the Creature of Desire was not truly a living being.

The Creature of Desire was the conglomeration of Kieran's most instinctive desire, it has a body that could transform between mirage and material form, yet deep inside its eyes, it was still the cumulation of evil desires.

It was a being of evil that could devour souls, therefore under such dense negative energy environment, it became more delighted than ever.

Its wide mouth with sharp teeth started to spin and grind at the spirits surrounding it.

Regardless of how scary the souls or vengeful spirits were, they couldn't resist the suction force from the grinding mouth, each of them were being swallowed into the Creature of Desire.

Its hundreds of thousands limbs were wobbling and dancing, expressing its satisfaction to Kieran, yet just a second later, its satisfaction was replaced with hunger once more.

Just like its name, desire was the hardest thing to fulfill.

Emitting its signature rainbow shine, thousands of eyes were staring at its prey, signaling ceaselessly at Kieran through a special link that it wanted to continue its devouring.

While borrowing the eyes of the creature, Kieran finally spotted Black Hell Banning.

A man who seemingly had a broken hooded robe over him but was actually branded with unique, exquisite runes over it.

Even with the system facial blur, Banning's habit made him lift his hood over his head, covering his face.

His long robe touched the ground, his arms were hidden under the robe and the huge sleeves on the end revealed a scrawny and thin palm, similar to a chicken's claw.

He was holding a bronze rusted reversed cross in his hand in an odd way.

His right palm was holding the longer part of the bronze cross like holding a dagger, his little finger and his palm were firmly stacked on the horizontal part of the cross and the shorter part was facing the ground.

While Kieran saw Black Hell Banning through Creature of Greed's eyes, the Supernova titled veteran also saw Kieran through his own unique method.

Banning raised his head, gazing directly at the hideous Creature of Desire. Then, he stabbed the shorter part of the reverse cross into his left palm.


The end was supposingly square yet it stabbed into his palm like a sharp dagger.

Fresh blood dyed the reverse cross instantly, the rusted part of the bronze cross started to turn red.

A beam of light shone through the red and gave out a vile rotten stench.

Even though both of them were quite far apart, the smell still entered in Kieran's nose, causing him to unconsciously frown, not because of the stench but the black veil above his head.

"So that is his hidden ace card?"

Kieran raised his head at the black veil, it was rumbling like a thundercloud that completely shrouded almost a hundred meters in diameter in darkness.

Kieran knew Banning's attack was about to begin.

Without further delay, Kieran gave the order to attack to Creature of Desire through his mind.

Woum! Woum! Woum!

The Extreme attack core eye acted as the main unit and 10 more secondary eyes with Powerful attack acted as the subunit, together with hundreds more of the smaller and derived eyes, all of them lighted up in an instant.

A blinding rainbow color light shone brightly amidst the black veil all of a sudden.

A moment later, more than a thousand beams of burning rays were fired in unison!

The light from the burning ray almost materialized, as if it was a long rainbow sword that has been drawn at its enemy or a meteor rain from the sky, striking down its doe together..

The black veil was pierced upon contact; it was torn apart like a piece of paper but it didn't really faded away.


Banning ignored the thousands of burning rays fired at his black veil, instead he say with a casual tone.

Kieran couldn't hear what Banning said because of the distance and the volume, yet the disdain and mocking manner from Banning was clearly seen through the Creature of Desire's eyes.


The reverse cross was pulled out from Banning's left hand, blood gushed out as the wound was left open.

Then, a special kind of energy gushed out and went away from Banning's hand before it floated in mid air.

A layer of blood colored bright shine brought out even denser vile stench than before. It spread out from the reverse cross and laced itself onto Banning's body like a shield covering him completely.

KRooom! Kroom! Krrooom!

The burning rays from the eyes were fired out like ceaseless lasers after traveling some distance to hit its target but when it hit Banning, the blood shining shield didn't even budge.

At a farther spot, under the black veil of mist that has patched itself up, the rumbling negative energy was being directed by a bewitching purple light, turning the energy around into a purple lightning.

It was different from the common lightning that shone majestically with its inviolable sternness, the purple lightning before Kieran was more like a product of blasphemy, not only vicious but violent as well.

The purple lightning struck down from the black veil of mist, grazing pass a corner of a six storey building.

Without any crumbling, the corner of the building vanished into thin air; the building itself suddenly turned into an old withered building as if it had existed for thousands of years.

The sudden disastrous state caused the building to wobble, like it could crumble at anytime.

The purple lightning struck down at the Creature of Desire, the creature was destroyed upon contact.

It died off melting away and was turned into a rock statue when the lightning went through it. Then the petrified state of the Creature of Desire shared the fate of the building, it started to wither and crumble.

The scene froze Kieran because he was quite familiar with the power itself.

The curse! The power of curse!

It only took half a breath's time for Kieran to recall what he experienced in the fifth dungeon, [The Queen's Shield].

The power that he remembered and the power before him was very identical.

"So this is his true form? Everything else is a cover up?" Kieran muttered.

Black Hell Banning seemed like he heard what Kieran muttered. He replied directly, loudly.

"Yes, this is the true face of the black veil! But it is too late now!"

Banning explained in an arrogant tone, showing a prideful gaze down at Kieran when he explained. His eyes had already painted the scene where Kieran was surrounded by hundred bolts of purple lightning.

From his point of view, Kieran was finished.

So, before Kieran met his demise, wasn't it a kind of mercy allowing Kieran to know what was going on?

Banning explained for the sake of how much rewards and benefits Kieran's death would grant him.

As for his other targets, he would only blasted them into ashes with his lightning without a second word!

"You have quite the potential, it's a pity you crossed my path, the path of Black Hell Banning, one of the Supernova!"

Banning said slowly while he blasted more bolts of purple lightning at Kieran.

However, Banning didn't notice in the shadow beside him, two figures were waiting for him.

Pride and Wrath.
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