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Chapter 439: Changes
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When Kieran's eyes could see again, he was back in his old broken garage.

The dungeon ratings then followed.

[Special Dungeon: Primordial Invasion]

[Dungeon Type: Free Mission]

[Dungeon Difficulty: Below Average]

[Main Mission: Protect Herbert for 3 months]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating F)]

[Sub Mission 1: Tracking!]

[Mission Completion: 100% Rating F → D)]

[Sub Mission 2: Escaping Threats]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Perfect Completion, Rating D → B)]

[Sub Mission 3: Persuasion!]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating B → A)]

[Battle Performance: Very Active (Rating A → S)]

[Exploration Performance: Average]

[Special Rating 1: Complete Main Mission in advance (Rating S → SS)]

[Special Rating 2: Eliminated Mutant race leader, Benz (Rating SS → Z, Rep +1)]

[Special Rating 3: Eliminated Mutant race leader, Mozorc (Rating Z → ZZZ, Rep +1)]

[Special Rating 4: Eliminated heir of the Royal bloodline, Edgar (Rating ZZZ → VV, Rep +3)]

[Player final dungeon rating: VV!]

[Calculating player's special dungeon rewards…]

[Final player's special dungeon rewards as follow…]

[Points: 100,000; Skill Points: 40; Golden Skill Points: 6; Golden Attribute Points: 6]

[Acquired special dungeon: Primordial Invasion II]

[Acquired special reward 1: Herbert's Note II]

[Acquired special reward 2: Night race Herl City communication logs]

[Acquired special reward 3: Mutant race Herl City communication logs]


"As expected!"

Kieran glanced over the special ratings of his kill on Benz, Mozorc and Edgar. Each of them had increased significantly.

Kieran nodded in delight.

No doubt, even the system recognized Benz, Morzorc and Edgar as enemies that had surpassed the dungeon difficulty.

When Kieran received his final dungeon rewards, he was quite satisfied with the amount as well.

Despite it was a VV rating, [Primordial Invasion] was only a fourth dungeon difficulty special dungeon, compared to [The Queen's Shield] which was a fifth dungeon difficulty and its rating of V, the final rating was not too outstanding.

Though, the rewards on the Points, Skill Points, Golden Skill Points, Golden Attribute Points were delightful enough for him.

As for the special reward, [Herbert's Note II], [Night race Herl City communication logs] and [Mutant race Herl City communication logs]?

Following his dungeon rating getting higher and higher, Kieran speculated that eventually it will reward him with something useful. Yet when he saw the logs and notes which were only slightly better than a souvenir, he was helpless and couldn't even give a sarcastic remark.

[Herbert's Note II] no doubt was about more of the Neegor Dynasty's history.

The communication logs of both races though, since both races were exterminated by Kieran, what use of the logs anymore? It might even be even worthy as a souvenir after all.

Kieran took a deep breath and he turned his attention to the special dungeon description, [Primordial Invasion II].

[Special Dungeon: Primordial Invasion II]

[Primordial Invasion II: Benefiting from your reminder, Herbert is currently under the surveillance of the government, faking amnesia. He is waiting patiently for your return!]

[Main Mission: Begins when you enter the dungeon!]


"I did it!"

Kieran clenched his fist hard when he saw the description of [Primordial Invasion II].

In fact, Kieran had been wondering other than his reputation, what actions would directly affect the potential special dungeon, yet the possibilities were near infinite. Kieran wasn't able to categorized each and everyone of them.

If he really wanted to categorized them he would have to take note of all his actions and choices from the moment he stepped into the dungeon in the first place. The process was too complicated.

Kieran wasn't able to achieve that since he only had a week of rest time, so he changed his perspective on the matter.

What kind of actions could maximize the effects on the potential special dungeon?

Similar to this new encounter.

Following all sorts of special incident that happened throughout Herl City, including but not limited to the destruction of the small square at Charlie Street and tons of serial murder, all the incidents were eye-catching, enough to draw attention from all over Langton state.

In fact, Kieran's malicious speculation led him to think that those who had authority over the state of Langton knew what happened in Herl City.

They decided to close an eye to the incidents because of some situation.

The balance of authority was like a toy to those who had utmost authority.

Of course, even those authorities were really as slow as pigs or pure as rabbits, after what happened in Herl City, they couldn't pretend to be ignorant anymore, surely they will send over some related personnels for investigation.

As for Herbert, the key person related to all the incidents, he would naturally given the primary importance among all the priorities.

Following his current thought, Kieran attempted to test out his theory and left a note to Herbert before he left the dungeon.

To Kieran, it didn't matter if his attempt would to succeed or not but thankfully, it did.

Now, some of Kieran's original guesses, thoughts about the special dungeon [Primordial Invasion II] became viable. More importantly, following this successful attempt, it will benefit him even more for the rest of his underground game progress.

An unknown dungeon world versus a known dungeon world with some setups beforehand.

Which was was easier? The answer was a no-brainer.

"Lucky!" Kieran smiled delightedly while opening his PM tab that was flickering non-stop.

The messages were from Lawless who had been away for awhile, Lawless's representative, Coll and the Blood Alliance's boss, Allen.

Kieran opened up Lawless's message first.

"Lawless: Everything is fine."

A simple message but Kieran sighed over it. He knew Lawless must be having a hard time, otherwise with his nagging characteristic, how would he leave such a simple message?

"Couldn't even lie properly eh?"

Kieran muttered softly, his brows furrowed hard.

He once again felt helpless against Lawless.

If it was in the game and with his current power level, he was confident to be of aid to Lawless, even against the ten supernovas, Kieran had certain level of confidence that he would survive.

Though back in the real world, Kieran was nothing more than a orphan getting welfare aid from the Union government. Not only he was poor but he had no one to aid him as well.

If he would sell some of his equipment in trades of real world currency, he might be able to remove the "poor" from his life but he wouldn't be wealthy either.

At most better than an average family, almost stepping into the middle class.

Yet with his assets and power in hopes of helping Lawless in real life, it was a fool's talk.

Although there were still many things he was still unclear off, based on what he knew and concluded, it was hard for him to provide help to Lawless in any means.

Though it didn't mean Kieran would stay back and do nothing.

Although he was weak and petty in the real life, some tricks in the game could boost his strength in the real life, a lot!

Such trick was…

The mimosa plant!
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