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Chapter 436: Black Rain
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Under the night sky, the vicious, horrifying Creature of Desire was wailing without a sound.

Those human arms and legs were wiggling rhythmically like seaweed under the sea.

That red eyeball emanated a rainbow shine that would attract gazes from all around.

When layers of rainbow color shine gathered at a single spot, a bloody mouth with sharp, grinding teeth appeared.

Different from the first time it revealed its shine shyly, the anxious and restless Creature of Desire used all its might when Kieran gave the order.


A mighty suction force appeared in its mouth, enough to even pull in a truck.

The mechanical Creature of Desire floating above Edgar couldn't even react to the sudden suction force and was sucked towards the bloody mouth. When it realized the situation, Kieran's Creature of Desire had already had its mouth on a part of its mechanical body.

Pum Pum Pum!

The round mouth with layers of fangs spun fast like a chainsaw, grinding the gears and meat off its counterpart.

The meat beneath the gears was torn off together with the gears; its black blood started to spill from its wound as if it was raining black.

The lively land with grasses and plants were instantly corroded when it came in contact with the black rain.

The extreme negative energy loomed over everything with its sheer coldness before the life energy of the living faded away.

The plants started to wither, the land started to dry off!

After a couple of breath's time, the area that was showered by the black rain formed a mini dessert.

The sands of the mini dessert were up until the calves of the Night and Mutant race, yet they felt nothing. They kept standing where they were like a statue, allowing Edgar and the mechanical Creature of Desire to control them freely with the veins from its body.

The bunch of Nights and Mutants were supplying endless energy to Edgar's Creature of Desire yet the mechanical creature still gave out series of agonizing wails.

It was at a disadvantageous position, beaten badly by Kieran's Creature of Desire.

Edgar's eyes were widen and jaw dropped when he saw the scene.

In fact, when Kieran's Creature of Desire shone with a rainbow shine, Edgar's eyes had long been widened.

As the descendants of the Royal bloodlines, he knew perfectly well what it represented.

The Creature of Desire was catalyzed by the original Eye of Chimeras!

It was not a fake that he imagined it would be and definitely not an imposter!

Yet, how was it possible?

The Eye of Chimeras was destroyed! Edgar was certain of it.

Whether it was the information that reached his ears or the results of his own investigations, both produced the same outcome. It was impossible that he was wrong!

Could it be…

Suddenly, a thought bloomed in Edgar's heart.

"You burned your own bloodline?" Edgar looked at Kieran, exclaiming with a look of disbelief.

But soon enough, he returned to his pale and kind, pretentious face.

"In order to allow the Creature of Desire to reach its ideal form, you really burned the Royal bloodline? This is very astonishing! So what should I address you as now? The exiled 2567? Do you know what will you lose after what you did?"

"No, definitely not your higher tier "transform" ability, but the rights to the legacy! The king left his legacy for us rightful descendants, and now, without a rightful bloodline, you have no rights to contend for it anymore! Truth be told, I really wanted to let you go now because you couldn't pose a threat to me anymore!"

Edgar looked at Kieran who was standing still with his hands over the hilt of his great sword. Edgar was most certain of his guess, his mocking started to breakout in an outrageous way.

He wanted to attack Kieran at the weakest point in his heart. He assumed that he had done quite well and gotten quite the results. So Edgar proceeded with his next move.

"Though, since we are already at this stage, it is quite impossible for me to let you go! If my Creature of Desire devours your Creature of Desire, I think it could reach its ultimate form. I really have to thank you, 2567!" Edgar said with a smile.

His kind and warm smile looked very pretentious, similar to a cat teasing a rat that it just caught.

He stared at Kieran who had been silent for a while and then raised his right hand.

Promptly, three items with distinguishable features floated around Edgar's body.

First, a rough ruby that had a layer of flame burning on its surface.

Second, an obsidian ring, darker than black. Even under the night sky, its abysmal darkness was unrivaled.

Third, a folded leather of sorts that seemed to have not been tailored; it seemed the most common yet was the thing that caught Kieran's attention the most.

Kieran could guess a little what the first and second item were for, but as for the final piece, it was first time he saw it as well.

"See this? Now do you realize the difference between us?"

"These three great items followed me since I was born. Under the arrangement of destiny, they appeared before me one after another. They are the proof that I am the rightful heir to the legacy. The others were nothing more than mere stepping stones; their sole existence was to obstruct my rightful place! That also includes you!"

Edgar unfolded the final item as he said.

As Edgar flipped the layers off one by one. The leather started to rattle before a bunch of translucent, wailing, struggling souls floated out.

They were not common souls but those who were obsessed with something, persistent to linger longer in the mortal world.

Vengeful spirits, or even wraiths to some extent.

Kieran couldn't help but frown when he saw the vengeful spirits.

According to the outfit of the spirits, they should be wearing what they remembered at the last moment of their lives. Although it was something that didn't really exist, it had a substantial meaning not only to the spirit itself but to those who could see them as well.

To the spirits, the outfits were the memories that they couldn't cut off and to those who could see the spirits, they could judge when the spirits actually died.

"This is at least a few hundred years old!"

Kieran glanced over the vengeful spirit's outfit and made his call.

He also knew perfectly well what Edgar was planning next.

To feed his Creature of Desire! To the point that Edgar's Creature of Desire was strong enough to devour Kieran's Creature of Desire.

"If that's the case…"

A sudden thought made Kieran sent out an order to his Creature of Desire through his mind since both of them were connected in a unique link.

Then, everything unfolded as what Kieran had expected.

The moment the vengeful spirits appeared, Edgar's mechanical Creature of Desire started to spin its gears around rapidly, devouring groups and groups of the released spirits.

The part of its body that was torn away by Kieran's Creature of Desire started to regenerate with an exponential speed visible to the eyes.

Its body then started to bloat up like a balloon.

After a breath's time, Edgar's Creature of Desire had grown almost twice as big as Kieran's.

"The feast has begun! Don't worry, after my Creature of Desire finishes its meal, only then you will die!"

Edgar shouted loudly, and he shook the leather piece in his hand harder.

More and more spirits floated out from the leather, but when the spirits had been released to a certain limit, Kieran finally decided to strike.
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