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Chapter 435: Who is the Fake One Now?
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The night was misty as darkness reigned. Monsters were stretching their bodies for a fight.

Gears with different colors and sizes that ranged as big as a house and as small as a teacup, gathered to form a huge crowd. In the middle of each of the gears, eyeballs popped up.

A colorful shine started to brew on the eyeballs, spinning the gears as it shone.

The gears spinned faster and faster.

Kark Kark Kark!

The friction between the grinding gears irritated the ears ceaselessly.

The mechanical Creature of Desire was very different from the one Kieran knew about but he was sure that it was the same kind but in a different form.

Although Kieran had seen the Evil Eye that could breed itself without the aid of the Eye of Chimeras, when he saw how the mechanical Creature of Desire was formed, he was still in awe and had no intentions of hiding.

Edgar saw how surprised Kieran was.

"You are astonished? By the Creature of Desire? That's right. The Eye of Chimeras was destroyed because of that reckless, hot-headed fool Bartos but I was able to replicate another! Although it isn't as powerful as the original, some traits still remain!"

Edgar said this with his ever friendly and smiling face but his face subconsciously turned cold.

"Or are you astonished that you and I shared the same bloodline? My elder brother? Or younger brother? This is getting a little out of hand! I've just realized that the Royals had other extensions of their bloodline but this is what it was supposed to be! That very person wouldn't place all his eggs in one basket. Surely, he would keep something for himself!"

"But did you know? Your existence has obstructed my plans!" He continued.

Edgar's face turned completely frozen as heavy killer intents erupted.

A replica of Eye of Chimeras? Which meant…

"All of these are just deviations from a replica with similar traits?"

Kieran thought in his heart and looked at Edgar with a doubtful gaze.

Although he already knew Edgar possessed the power to replicate "great items", he never thought that even Eye of Chimeras could be replicated so easily.

"You really do share my bloodline. My mind reading has no effect on you! Though, I assume that you should be eager to kill me now! After all, the fewer the people that could inherit the "legacy", the better right?" Edgar laughed again.

He hid his killing intents and his coldness. He turned warm again as if he was a venomous viper that kept away its fangs. Kieran knew that Edgar with his fangs kept away was the most dangerous and it was exactly as he thought.

The mechanical Creature of Desire above Edgar started to move.

The rapidly spinning gears stopped all of a sudden and beams of burning rays showered down from the sky.

Kieran grabbed Herbert who had passed out and jumped off the snake's head, diving into the shadows beside.

The two-headed snake turned into its mirage form once again but still, it was buffeted by the burning rays that had Powerful attack and was wailing in agony. In the end, its mirage form faded away and vanished into the air. However, the burning rays didn't stop just because of the disappearance of the two-headed snake.

In fact, the burning rays started to concentrate its beam.


Series of explosion sounded when the rays showered the ground; the ground trembled and debris splashed in all direction.

The Nights and Mutants gathered around Edgar one after another. Their dull and lifeless faces made Edgar's warm and friendly face stand out even more. The scene was strange to look at.

"Avoiding the problem is not the way to solve it! Since you have the same bloodline as me, you should know about the special traits of the Creature of Desire. That is the strongest point of ours, the Royals! The pitiful thing is that your gift is not "replicate". Otherwise, having two Creature of Desire battling would have been amazing! It's what I longed for!" Edgar said slowly.

Then he saw Kieran walk out from the shadows. Edgar smiled a wide and delightful smile.

"Are you ready to serve me? Wise choice!" He said with utmost confidence, assuming that he already won the battle.

"Serve? I don't do such a thing but didn't you say you longed to see two Creature of Desire battling it out? I'm here to grant your wish!"

Kieran said while spending his effort in avoiding the burning rays.

The Eye of Chimeras was long destroyed. Although Kieran's gift was some sort of "transform" ability, his Royal bloodline allowed him to advance into the higher ranks. However, it was still not enough when compared to Edgar's "replicate" ability.

Edgar instinctively thought that Kieran was playing a psychological tactic.

"Playing tricks with your words? Such things have no effect on…" Edgar mocked Kieran.

He didn't mind making his "brother" who shared the same bloodline suffer a little more.

After all, it was a test that the Royals had to face eventually.

However, before Edgar could finish his words, he halted abruptly.

Another Creature of Desire started to take shape above Kieran, the empty space above him.

Hundreds of thousands of arms and intertwining legs sprouted out from nothing. They were like tentacles dancing in mid-air, tangling and clashing together.

Eyeballs started to form in the intersection point from the clash.

More than a thousand eyes with different sizes appeared almost together.

Then, a rainbow shine brightened up the night sky. The shine showered down from the sky, shedding its bright radiance on Kieran's body.

The black feathered mantle reflected the radiance upwards, seemingly resonating with the shine above him.

Kieran shook his mantle a little and plunged [Arrogant Word]'s sword into the ground. He laid his hands on the hilt, staring at Edgar.

A sense of insult rose up directly in Edgar's heart. That pale face of his started to blush.

"Don't you think that relying on the shards of Eye of Chimeras and summoning the Creature of Desire is arrogant? Do you really think that could rival me?! I have the strongest gifts among the Royals! Replicate! I also still have my men with me! My Creature of Desire fed on their desires and were born from the deepest part of their heart. Although my men's strengths have decreased drastically which granted you the chance to exploit their weakness, don't forget that the weaker my men are, the stronger my Creature of Desire is!"

"After feeding off hundreds of my men and the desires that formed from within, do you have any idea how powerful it is? Your fake one would never even stand a single blow!"

Edgar was upset by Kieran's actions. He pointed at the Creature of Desire above him and roared loudly.

"Is that so? Then, shall we find out who has the fake one then?"

Kieran said each and every word out loud. He raised his head at the anxious Edgar and grinned.

Then, Kieran whispered, "Go on then. Devour it!"
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