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Chapter 434: Clash
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Herbert's calm face was ready to reveal the answer that Edgar sought most. However, just before the answer escaped his mouth, the elderly scholar's face started to struggle again.

Underneath his coat, a golden coin started to shimmer.


Edgar looked at Herbert strangely. His colorful gaze then shone brightly. The most direct mental shockwave turned into a formless dagger, trying to penetrate deep into Herbert's brain.


The shimmering golden coin suddenly shone brightly as well. Its shine even penetrated Herbert's coat, beams of golden shine going through Herbert's shirt and coat and landing within Edgar's sight.

"Interesting!" Edgar commented on what he saw.

He raised his hand into Herbert's shirt. He wanted to uncover the item that was obstructing his power. After all, it was quite rare to find something that could have such an ability.


A heavy bang sounded from afar, causing Edgar to retract his hand suddenly.


A small hole was blasted on the ground before Edgar.

"This is the new pellet for that firearm?"

Edgar looked at the deformed bullet in the ground and followed its trajectory to its origin.


An unidentified object flew past Edgar with an irritating, air-breaking whistle.

Subconsciously, Edgar decided to take a step back while tightly locked his gaze on that flying object.

Edgar himself who was already skilled in all sorts of tools and items had an extraordinary vigilance and also curiosity for unknown objects.

Edgar's colorful eyes stared at the object that hurled at him in an instant. He was trying to see what the object was but...


A blinding light burst out following a loud explosion. It caused Edgar to cover his eyes in pain and growl heavily. The other Night and Mutant monsters who were also staring at the object followed in covering their eyes in pain and crying in agony as well.

Croom! Croom Croom!

Although Edgar's eyes were blinded for the time being, he could clearly hear the noises around him, the loud trembling, and thundering growl. He forcefully opened his eyes and held his tears back. He saw Herbert wrapped by a two-headed giant snake as it brought him out of range.

Edgar couldn't stand that his target was being taken away. He looked up while his eyes were tearing up because of the irritation and the tears were instantly replaced by a realistic, colorful gaze.

The colorful shine caused his tendrils and veins to sprout out of his body as it connected with the other Nights and Mutants around him.

The connected Nights and Mutants behaved like thread puppets as they were controlled by the tendrils to dash madly at the two-headed snake regardless of their body conditions.

However, the two-headed snake possessed strength far beyond their imagination. A slight wiggle from its body and a swipe from its tail blasted almost a dozen of the monsters that had thrown themselves at the snake. Monsters kept being sent flying backward faster than before and were blasted 20 meters away.

However, more monsters stacked themselves up before the two-headed snake's path fearlessly.

But then, behind the stacked up Night and Mutant monsters, a figure appeared with air-breaking speed and sound.


That figure didn't stop when he charged into the Nights and Mutants. Instead, the monsters who were supposed to be a lot stronger than common humans were crushed by the figure on impact as if they were as fragile as glass.

Each of the monsters was sent flying away with broken bones and torn muscles. Most of them landed on each other, causing them to roll on the ground like a bottle gourd. However, that figure has no intentions of stopping.

Charge! Charge! Charge!

Regardless of who stood in his path, they were crushed without mercy!

It was not as fierce and powerful as the force of nature but it was still unrivaled by his enemies.

It was the display of pure strength and speed.


A loud roar sounded from [Wild Soul]. The belt that was strapped on Kieran's waist, the rhino spirit, was cheering delightfully, enjoying every moment Kieran crushed his enemies.

The black brownish belt with a texture of a coarse leather was glimmering faintly.

A petty rhino mirage appeared from the glimmer.

The mini rhino mirage first humbly looked at where [Lionheart] was and then looked with reverence at Kieran's right wrist where [Mardos Arm] was before fusing back into the black glimmer.

Soon, the black faint glimmer disappeared and the belt returned to its original state. It seemed like nothing had changed but something was definitely different.

But Kieran didn't care about all that at the moment. He knew that he had to reach Herbert's side quickly. To do that, he needed to charge through the Nights and Mutants that were blocking his path.


Another Mutant monster was knocked off but when its feet flew off the ground, Kieran grabbed it with his left hand by its ankle and wielded it like a spiked club. On the side of the idled right hand, [Arrogant Word] was swinging ceaselessly. The bewitching red energy flowed all over its blade.

Arrogance! Untamed!

The more enemies Kieran faced, the more advantages Kieran had when he was wielding [Arrogant Word]. He didn't have any dual wield skills at that moment, so he was relying on his B+ Strength to carve his path out, relying solely on brute force.

Still, among the concentrated Nights and Mutants, brute force fighting was the best way to get rid of them quickly.

Bang Bang Bang!

Kieran swung the Mutant in his left hand. Three to four more of them were sent flying.

Pum Pum Pum!

With another swing from his right hand, [Arrogant Word] slashed another four to five more in half.

Kieran didn't pause his movement. He was exchanging swings with both his left and right hand, swinging a flurry at the hoard of monsters similar to a razor blade slicing through the grass and carving out a path.


The hisses of the two-headed snake could already enter Kieran's ears.

Kieran swung his left hand in front and let go instantly. That dead Mutant was thrown out like a rocket, crashing into the bunch of monsters that was growling at Kieran. It revealed the two-headed snake behind them.

Kieran quickly leaped up towards the two-headed snake. Since the two-headed snake was connected with Kieran through a special link, it followed Kieran's pace as it leaped out a little and lowered the right head, allowing Kieran to land firmly on top of the giant snake's head.


The giant two-headed snake gave out a loud hiss and straightened its huge body upright, lifting Kieran to the air.

Then Kieran took out a crystal staff and pointed it at the ground.


A huge area of poison mist appeared around the giant snake's body, enshrouding the Nights and Mutants within. Then, they either fell to the ground one after another or went into a trance.

[Death Crystal Staff, Death Miasma]!

It was just the start after Kieran activated the poison mist. A couple of grenades was thrown in all directions right after the mist.


Even though its destructive power was decreased by half because of the dungeon restriction, it still blasted the monsters beneath into nothing but a pile of broken limbs and skulls.

The veins that were connected to the monsters started to wobble after the explosion. It seemed like it might break any moment but instead, it strengthened up promptly.

Edgar has recovered from his uncomfortable condition. His shut eyes opened up once again, emanating the realistic colorful shine. It grew even brighter and even had a substantial change to it!

A devilish aura started to flood the field which Kieran was so familiar with.

Then, a monster started to take form above Edgar!

It was the Creature of Desire!

Kieran's face turned ugly.
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