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Chapter 430: Unbearable
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"What...What is that?!"

The Night and the Mutant race were frightened when they felt the devilish aura and gazed at the battlefield from afar. Some common Night monsters even started to tremble.

Even the Mutant race that had superior battle capabilities were also shocked by what they saw.

Those Nobles with the utmost power could even feel the terrifying power more directly.

"Impossible! Impossible! How could this be…" Mozorc exclaimed in shock.

Obviously, as a leader, Mozorc knew more than his subordinates, but his words stopped abruptly.

He clenched his teeth and swallowed down the words that were about to escape his mouth with his willpower.

Then, an extremely distinct killing intent erupted from his body. The killing intent was like ice cold blades stabbing the other Night and Mutant monsters around him, causing the others to take a step back.

"Wait for my return!" Mozorc said before he leapt into the darkness, disappearing from sight.

The Nights and Mutants exchanged gaze; they didn't know where their leader had leapt off to.

Then, the crowd's gaze turned to Edgar.

The pale Edgar though responded to the gazes on him with a warm smile.


The blood mist was very humid, making it feeling like a red swamp swirling around one's skin, even more so with corrosive properties.

The battlelog notifications kept piling up in Kieran's vision. If it wasn't for his B+ Strength and A Constitution, he would be forced to stay where he was, unable to move another inch.

Though, the opposing soldiers weren't so lucky. Series of agonizing wailing and crying came from the soldiers' mouths. Their body were rotting, melting with exponential speeds, similar to a melting candle.

Whether was it their flesh or blood, or even their skulls and organs, everything dissolved into puddles of blood without exception. The blood then infused into the blood mist.

A simple and extremely effective chain of supply has formed.

Kieran's gaze was following the flow of the blood that was converting into mist.

Eventually, his gaze landed at the deeper section of the blood mist.

There, a huge, disfigured figure was faintly presenting itself and starting to coagulate into shape.

A huge eyeball, the size of a small house, started to form in mid-air and tendrils with an arm's thickness sprouted out behind the eyeball and started wriggling in the air. At the tips of the tendrils, smaller eyeballs formed.

It was condensed and concentrated, at least a hundred eyeballs were formed from the tendrils.

The moment the eyeballs appeared, each of them stared at Kieran.

[Fear: You are within target's Fear range, Spirit has passed the authentication, no debuff occurred…]

[Fear: You are within target's Fear range, Spirit has passed the authentication, no debuff occurred…]


Battlelog notifications started to spam his vision. Kieran didn't even have the time to count the tendrils, but he guessed there were at least a hundred of them.

"Every eyeball can cause a Fear effect?"

Kieran's heart skipped a beat when the guess popped up in his mind because the monster before him reminded him of the Creature of Desire.

"Something related to the Creature of Desire?" Kieran guessed.

Then, the things that happened after verified Kieran's guesses in an instant.

The house-sized eyeball started to emit a layer of colorful glare on its surface and gathered at its pupil. It then fired out a beam, like a laser.

Tssuuuuum Bang!

The burning laser grazed Kieran's body and sunk into the space beside him, creating a deep hole on the ground.

The attacking pattern was similar to Creature of Desire's [Thousand Evil Eye Strike]; its power was also at the level of the main eye.

"Relying solely on blood and desire, it can give birth to an Evil Eye?"

Kieran was shocked beyond words.

According to his knowledge, to give birth to the Creature of Desire, the Eye of Chimeras was needed as a catalyst to propel its formation. At the same time, the Evil Eye was the main part of the Creature of Desire; its formation should be hastened by the Eye of Chimeras as well.

Yet, what Kieran saw before him told him that his thinking and knowledge were all wrong, in a miserable way as well!

The humid blood mist started to swirl around like water swiftly, spinning like a whirlpool with undercurrent and gathered at a point in an extremely strange way, similar to a crushed wooden block being thrown into an incinerator.

Then dozens of smaller Evil Eyes formed with a size of a millstone. They gathered beside the biggest Evil Eye and fused with the wriggling tendrils.

A moment later, a 30 meter pillar with tons of eyes with different sizes embedded on it appeared before Kieran.

"As I expected, the Nights, Mutants that inherited the legacy from Neegor Dynasty one thousand five hundred years ago had too many tricks I didn't know of!" Kieran drew in a deep breath.

Then, he dashed out towards the Evil Eye pillar.

Although the Nights and the Mutants that had the legacy from a thousand five hundred years ago were powerful but it was also not reason enough for Kieran to back down.

In fact, any enemy that he would face from this point onwards, he would never back down against them. Giving up without trying was not his style.

Sou Sou Sou!

Just as Kieran was charging towards the Evil Eye PIllar, the eyes on the pillar adjusted their angle and fired out beams of lasers from the pillar.

Each and every beam was at least a Strong rank attack and the strongest among the beams had exceeded the Powerful rank.

Obviously, the dozens of Evil Eye were not merely fusing together for show but to increase its power as well. Though, even if its laser beam was enhanced, it was useless if the beams couldn't hit its target.

Kieran dodged left and right, with short steps and leaps, charging forward. Every beam of laser was locked on Kieran but they could only graze past his body.

Musou level [Dodging] allowed Kieran to perform an easy dodge against such a huge monster's attacks.

Even though the firing speed of the laser beams was fast, it couldn't even land on him properly!

Similar to the theory of dodging bullets, it was never about outspeeding the bullet, but predicting the bullet's trajectory.

The gap between both sides was closing rapidly.

Just as Kieran was less than 20 meters away from the pillar, the upright pillar stopped its burning laser attack. Instead, it wanted to crash its body down at Kieran with the force of a toppling mountain.


The land trembled fiercely, the thundering blow shocked the sky. Dust and dirt were blasted into the air, blocking every sight within the area.

Crack Tsk, Crack Tsk!

A series of tooth-souring noises sounded in the dust storm. When the night breeze finally blew the dust away, a frightening scene was revealed.

The Evil Eye pillar that fell on the ground was caught by Kieran with his bare hands at the tip of the pillar, his legs were plunged deep into the ground by the force of the pillar upon impact.

The Evil Eye pillar could withstand Kieran grabbing its tip with his bare hands, even managed to struggle to get away, but when Kieran's legs were firmly planted in the ground, he forced the Evil Eye pillar to a standstill position, unable to budge even for an inch with the strength from the ground.

Even though the biggest Evil Eye at the end of the pillar kept wobbling around, trying to exert its strength to the top, but the strength was dissolved when it reached the top.

The Evil Eyes were unwilling to be pinned down by Kieran like that; they were ready to break apart their tendrils, releasing a part of their eyes and preparing for another attack. For the monster born from the darkest place of desire, it would be normal for them to do so.

Yet, Kieran was always one step ahead.

The moment the saw the Evil Eye pillar, he was waiting for that exact moment. In simpler words, he was ready for the pillar to break apart.


A huge rhino mirage formed behind Kieran, growling at the sky with its loud roar.

The most primitive force of nature brought Kieran's body together and charged on.

A moment later, the dozens of Evil Eyes were crushed like piercing bottle gourds and popping balloons; they were being pierced through one by one.

Bom! Bom Bom! Bom!

Just like balloons filled with water being smashed at the ground, the dozens of Evil Eyes splashed out green and red juices all over the field when they were crushed to nothing.

Among the greens, there was a slight orange glow, giving out its dim radiance in Kieran's sight.

Though Kieran saw it, he couldn't care about it then.

He had to focus his mind and prepared his body for what was about to arrive.

Dong Dong Dong!

The [Fusion Heart] in his chest started to beat in a strange manner.

The Creature of Desire… No, it should be the Eye of Chimeras couldn't hold itself back anymore!
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