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Chapter 397: Mental Suppression
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Shandy who was on top of the tall building widened his eyes when he saw Kieran walk out of the dissipated shadows.

He was looking for traces of the three killer players, but behind Kieran, there was nothing.

A chilly feeling spread out from his heart. As a veteran and towards a scene like this before his eyes, Shandy could only come up with one explanation.

The three killer players were killed by Kieran!

But how was it possible?

Shandy himself had witnessed the strengths of the trio.

Other than Spirit, their Strength, Agility, Constitution and Intuition were at least at B rank or higher. Plus, with some corresponding skill, their strengths had far exceeded most of the veterans.

Compared to the second tier echelon of veterans, all they were lacking were some experiences.

Especially, his boss had provided respective equipment and items for this operation; there should have been no dangers of things going south.

What really happened?

Shandy looked at at the doorsteps before the garage with disbelieving eyes.

After he was stunned for a while, he unconsciously opened his mouth, muttering non-stop.

"How is this possible! 2567 is a Chosen One?"


Kieran was walking slowly, scanning his surroundings.

After Broker's men locked gazes with Kieran, they were sent into [Fear Illusion] by [Deadman's Gaze] Fear effect; none of them were able to escape.

Since Kieran's Spirit had reached S rank, none of Broker's men were able to resist his attacks when they faced off against him.

Fear descended like nightfall, swallowing them into darkness and death was like the pitch black crescent moon, hanging above them clearly. The coldness that froze even their bones seeped into their body, followed by their consciousness dissipating.


Broker's men spat out mouthfuls of blood, limping on the ground and eventually disintegrated into white lights.

Tons of honor kill notifications piled up in Kieran's vision, but all he did was inclined a look at [Half-dead's Gaze].

Although he knew [Half-dead's Gaze] would be more powerful as the wearer's Spirit reached higher, when he felt the power for himself, he was still overwhelmed by the fact.

Truth be told, before Kieran pushed open his door and walked out, he was still having second thoughts, but the fact that he was lacking points and skills points to repair his damaged items forced him to walk out.

After all, back in [The Queen's Shield] dungeon, although he had quite a few valuable rewards, his loss was huge as well.

What was a better way to accumulate points and skill points to compensate his loss than slaughtering other players?

The opportunity had presented itself before him; Kieran didn't want to give up, but at the same time, he knew.

The moment he appeared outside of his room, Broker's men would strike.

That cunning bastard must have calculated precisely when he would appear, so Kieran had to prepare as best as he could and plan multiple responding measures for contingencies.

Just as Kieran had expected, he was ambushed the moment he stepped out the door.

While within [Shadow Cloak], the supernatural darkness granted enhancement to his dodging abilities but didn't halve his Intuition. He could clearly feel the threat of [Holy Water V] and the aura from the three killer players that differed from other players.

After easily dodging the [Holy Water V] splashing at him, Kieran was ready to fight the three killer players with all his might.

However, when he activated [Half-dead's Gaze], the trio with the fearsome manner lost their abilities to resist, similar to other Broker's men around.

The Chosen One!

Oddly, the term appeared in Kieran's mind once more.

"A suppression towards other players of the same rank?"

Kieran muttered to himself, and his eyes turned to another bunch of men unconsciously.

Allen and his Blood Alliance members. The moment they saw Kieran's gaze, their hearts skipped a bit; some of them with quicker responses blocked their eyes immediately.

Although it was the first time they witnessed Kieran using [Half-dead's Gaze], their rich battle experiences granted them the knowledge of how to avoid such an attack.


Allen even covered his eyes with a side of his poncho; his eyes were different from the first time he met Kieran. The arrogance and the feeling of looking down on him were gone. He then did a backflip and disappeared into the shadows.

The members of Blood Alliance were retreating as well; Kieran didn't give chase or prevent them from leaving.

Although he did not have a good impression of Allen, compared to Broker, Allen was a hard-to-come-by ally.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Kieran could never acknowledge the saying but nor could he deny it. As long as Allen kept doing what he was doing, it would be helping him, just like today.

[Honor Kill: 45]

After another 10 honor kills, not only did his Points increase by 150,000, his Skill Points increased by 20 as well.

The majority of the contribution to the points he acquired was from the first three killer players; the trio contributed at least 2/3.

What made Kieran anticipate more was the weapons and equipment of the trio. From his Intuition, he could tell the equipment on the trio were quite outstanding.

Although he knew it was impossible to get to them since Broker had set up defensive measures everywhere, it still solved his pressing thoughts for now.

At the same time, the incident allowed Kieran to know that the collaboration between the killer players and Broker was not even close to what he had thought.

It could be said that the open strife and the veiled struggles between killer players were much more fiercer than he had imagined. At least, the fact that Kieran was a Chosen One was something only Golden Canary and Nightingale knew.

"Maybe things aren't as bad as I thought it would be!"

Kieran thought while looking at his Points and Skill Points tab.

After a short battle, the amount had a significant change.

[Points: 179,800; Skill Points: 55; Golden Skill Points: 2; Golden Attribute Points: 1]

It could allow Kieran to at least proceed with half of his upgrading plans.

Though, before upgrading, there was one more thing he needed to pursue.


The moment Shandy realized Kieran was a Chosen One, he turned away immediately.

He didn't possess the ability to glide down from tall spots, so the stairs were his only option.

Dak Dak Dak!

The hasty sprinting made him jump down almost a whole flight of stairs.

After a dozen breaths' time, Shandy reached the ground. As he was just dashing out the door, a figure blocked his path.


Shandy yelled, and staggered back quickly, but only after one step backward, his gaze went dull and he stopped.

On Kieran's right index finger, [Mesly Ring] was giving out a bright shine.

After a second, Shandy looked at Kieran with a sincere face.

"I want to know something about Broker," Kieran asked.

"No problemo! I can tell you whatever I know…. Ugh! UGH! Aaaaah! Boss! No, please no, boss!"

Shandy responded in a happy manner, but right after he agreed, he fell to the ground, wailing agonizingly, holding his head and rolling non-stop on the ground.

After three or four seconds, Shandy's head exploded just like that.


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Dess Dess
Off goes his head, and its not Kieran who did it.
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