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Chapter 396: Doorstep
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Bang Bang Bang!

Allen did another side roll, escaping the blast range easily and delivered a fatal counterattack to Broker's man before him.

Every shot that his revolver fired would take away one player's life. No matter how hard they dodged or defend, their efforts were futile.

The bullets fired from that revolver not only had the abilities to identify its target but also possessed high level armor penetration effect. Most importantly, it was combined with Allen's firing speed!

Amidst the repeated firing, Allen's left hand flashed over, leaving an afterimage behind, and his revolver was reloaded fully, making one feel that there was absolutely no delay in his reloading.

He almost suppressed the whole attacking team by himself and kept creating space for his comrades.

"That crazy bastard!"

Standing on the roof of a higher building, Shandy cursed.

Although the team of mercenaries were baits that had signed a contract with his boss, Broker, and he was instructed to spread the baits, but in the end, the mercenaries were still a considerable asset. All they needed was a little training; they could very well strengthen Shandy's own team. It was a waste for them to be slaughtered before his eyes.

Though he wouldn't blame his boss, only that maniac Allen.

The first time Shandy saw Allen, he knew he was crazy. Otherwise, who would challenge a team of twenty players alone with a sane mind?

What infuriated him even more was that crazy Allen succeeded in defeating the twenty-man team.

It was Allen's success that made others fear him.

During their first encounter, Allen relied on multiple layers of setups to take out Shandy's second tier mercenary team. But after that time, even a first tier mercenary team couldn't pose a threat anymore, let alone a second tier. Especially when that crazy bastard successfully robbed the secret bazaar; he was facing his boss's ace troops.

Even still, the ace troops of Brokers were beaten out of shape and fled in panic.

If it was not for his boss utilizing some of his authorities in real life and gathering even more manpower into the underground game, Shandy and his boss might have been eliminated by the Blood Alliance.

"But! That was before! Now?"

Shandy turned his eyes towards the three men hiding in the shadows; his confidence was instantly boosted. He had no right to say anything about his boss cooperating with the killer players, but if he could use the killer players to remove the threat, the crazy Allen, he'd agree a hundred times by raising his hands up.

After all, as one of the trusted subordinates of Broker, Allen was a target that he had to remove.

"So this is a Sharpshooter Allen? Quite a good gun skill, but the rest? Not so much! I'm wondering about that 2567 that was feared by everyone. I really wanted to see the famous person that broke through a hundred killer players' encirclement!"

One of the three killer players commented while still hiding in the shadows.

His tone was full of mockery, towards Allen and towards Kieran as well. Especially when he spoke about Kieran; his disdain was more than words could express.

"Players with the power of bloodlines shouldn't be underestimated! This is in the game, not real life!" The taller one of the three said.

"Hmph! If this was the real world, I could crush them all with one hand!"

The last of the three killer players spoke; he was a dwarf with only the height of an average grown man's thigh. The moment he opened his mouth, his vicious tone overflowed.

"In the real world? If you can say this in front of the Tiger King, I'll give it to you!"

The first killer player said with a cold laugh.

"The Tiger King… Hmph!"

The dwarf killer player muttered the title that he dreaded; his body shivered when the name was spoken and only after a while did he pretend to be disdainful with a cold grunt.

Then the three killer players went silent. The moment Tiger King was mentioned, all of them lost interest in the conversation.

The taller killer player turned his head towards Shandy.

"2567 will appear, right? We took your money to kill 2567, not this crazy bastard!" He said.

"Of course! Boss said that with 2567's character, he won't give up anything that easily without trying! In other words, even if 2567 knows this is a trap, he will definitely come! Because he'd like to test whether the trap was sturdy enough for him!"

"After all, after getting the taste of the benefits of mass slaughter, he won't give up that easily! Boss once said, the baseline and principles of your left hand will always lose to the benefits of your right hand! Then it will eventually turn into a game of exchanging roles of both your hands!"

"The same goes for the real world, the same goes for the underground game!"

Shandy felt the cold and killing-intent filled gaze from the killer players; even though he knew he would be fine, his body still shivered.

He didn't even need to check his battlelog notification to know that he was struck with Fear by the killer player's killing intents with his experience alone.

However, he was not afraid, but instead felt delighted.

The stronger the killer players before him, the higher the chance of them killing Allen and 2567.

One was a thorn in his heart from a long time ago, and the other one was a new disease plaguing his mind. Regardless of which one the killer players killed, it would make Shandy happy.

It was not solely because of loyalty but also the rewards back in the real world from his boss; the latter was the main point of his operation.

It was what his boss relied on to lure those mindless people repeatedly into this dangerous game.

"Well said."

The three killer players nodded in agreement and felt the same way.

Then all their eyes were focused on a single spot.

13th Wallway Street. A garage that looked broken and abandoned.

At that moment, the door of the garage slowly opened up.

"Here he comes!"

Shandy shouted in excitement, and immediately activated the traps that he had set up long ago.

Ten vials of [Holy Water V] were splashed towards the door when it opened.

Shandy was hoping for Kieran's agonizing scream, but he heard nothing after that. Not only did he not hear the scream, but he didn't see anything as well.

Suddenly, shadows burst out from the door and blocked everyone's sight.

"[Shadow Cloak]! Transcendence level [Undercover]!"

Shandy was caught off-guard and he shouted promptly.

Sou Sou Sou!

Just as Shandy was yelling in shock, he heard the air-breaking sounds from sleeves and collars. When he came back to his sense, he noticed that the three killer players had leapt off the building and used a gliding-like ability, which was countless times faster, and had dashed into the piece of shadow.

Then, everything went silent. Not even a slight peck of sound.

As if the three killer players were devoured by that darkness when they glided into [Shadow Cloak]'s range.

An odd atmosphere spreaded through the air. Those who were still in the fierce fight halted their attacks right away and looked at the shadow quietly, including Allen.

1, 2, 3!

After three seconds passed, Kieran slowly walked out of the shadow he had created.

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