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The Devil is Cage 395 Repeated advice

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Chapter 395: Repeated advice
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As seconds turned into minutes, the stream slipped away.

When everything returned to normal, Kieran opened his eyes and let out a morbid breath.

[Through training, Master level Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art received a significant amount of experience, reducing 5000 Points in cost…]

[Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art, Pro to Grand Master, cost 45,000 Points 5 Golden Skill Points. Yes/No?]

The precise information showed that Kieran's training this time was outstanding.

However, he was not presented the chance every time, only during skill level up.

"If only I had more time!"

Kieran sighed slightly in his heart. Once again, he felt the importance of time.

His choices of "excavate every possible sub mission, title mission within a dungeon" and "enter the dungeon right away after cooldown to increase his strength rapidly" made him realize that whether he was inside a dungeon or within his game room, time was always on his back, urging him to move faster.

However, everything had its advantages and disadvantages!

Since Kieran had to ditch the option of grinding through time, what he got in return was a rapid increase in strength.

Although it came with a substantial amount of risk, but from the looks of things, it was quite pleasant.

[Strength: B+; Agility: B+; Constitution: B+; Spirit: A; Intuition: B-]

Everyone of his stats were in B category; his Spirit had even reached A rank.

More importantly, he still had spaces for upgrading.

Kieran turned over to his Points and Skill Points tab.

[Points: 28,800; Skill Points: 35; Golden Skill Point: 2; Golden Attribute Points: 6]

"My remaining Golden Attribute Points could fulfill the requirements of [Fusion Heart] after increasing Constitution and Spirit!"

Kieran was still occupied by the requirements of [Fusion Heart].

After all, it felt extremely wasteful for the skills to consume 1 Golden Skill Point every time he activated it.

Even though [Transform Devil] and [Desire Summoning] were really powerful, the main point was the backlash!

Back in [The Queen's Shield], if it was not for [Mardos Arm] and [Lionheart]'s spirit, he might have been turned into a puppet of flesh and blood.

Fear still lingered in Kieran's heart when he thought about that scene. So at this moment, Kieran made his choice of increasing his stats without a second thought.

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Constitution B+→ A-]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Constitution A- → A]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Spirit A → A+]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Spirit A+ → S-]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Spirit S- → S]


[Fulfilled Fusion Heart requirements, Backlash cost removed…]

Following the addition of a total of 5 Golden Attribute Points, the backlash cost of [Fusion Heart] was removed and the remarks were altered as well.

[Remark: This is a fusion organ fused with the heart of a human, the demon lord, and the Creature of Desire. You have acquired a strong body and a firm will to tame the special organ, but it won't yield so easily. Not only will it grow stronger with your battles, it is still searching for chances to overtake your conscious. If you wish to conquer it completely, you will need a trigger chance or continue growing strong!]

Kieran raised a brow over the newly presented remarks.

Obviously, it was different from what he expected. Although the cost of Golden Skill Points was removed when using the skills, the backlash effect lingered, or more precisely, it was not gone completely.

"A trigger chance? Or continue growing stronger?"

Kieran read out the last part of the remark and unconsciously raised his hand, rubbing the spot in the middle of his brow with the second joint of his index finger.

It seemed like two choices, but actually it was just one.

All Kieran could do was continue to grow stronger.

As for the trigger chance that it stated?

He had no idea at all.

However, he had a foolish idea based on the new remarks, which was to cease fighting and remain what he was. It was the safest, most effective and the most alluring method to overcome the effect. But if Kieran could try it, he wouldn't consider it foolish unless he had a death wish.

"So I still need to control my emotions from now on?" Kieran murmured lightly.

After experiencing a few assaults from Creature of Desire and the devil lord figure, Kieran naturally noticed the pattern of their appearance.

The former was connected to his emotions and all sorts of desires, and the latter was connected to his killer intents and pure destructive thoughts.

He had to force himself to calm down from now on before he could further improve his strength or find the trigger that was mentioned.


Kieran tilted his head down at [Mardos Arm] and [Lionheart].

If he could find a way to communicate with the souls of both equipment, it seemed like it could provide him a way to resist the backlash from [Fusion Heart] as well.

'Soul equip' was the name Kieran gave to the tiny spider and golden lion mirage.

Obviously, it was not an easy task. Kieran tried every method that he could think of: using his will to summon them, talking directly, or even starting off with [Mystical Knowledge]'s help.

Nothing proved useful.

While Kieran was considering using his own blood to perform some special rituals, his message tab pinged.


Kieran was astonished to see that name.

Although Lawless said as long as Rachel was around, Coll wouldn't die, when he saw that Coll had sent him a PM, Kieran was still overwhelmed by the situation.


Coll: 2567, thank you for everything you've done for me.

Coll: Although I don't have anything that could repay you directly, but I feel I must do something to make up to you! Coincidentally, Lawless is quite busy this time around. He temporarily assigned me as the middleman for your selling business.

Coll: Feel free to ask about anything!

Towards Coll's attitude of taking every responsibilities on himself, Kieran didn't voice out his thoughts directly. Even though Kieran was in need of a middleman and he had saved Coll once before, but the unfamiliarity between them made him unable to trust Coll right away.

2567: Thanks.

After some thoughts, Kieran replied with his gratitude, which, at the same time, acted as a closing for the conversation. But not for Coll; he started to blabber like Lawless did before.

Coll: Before Lawless left, he reminded me that you are quite a loner!

Coll: Worry not! I am a talkative person!

Coll: Whether you are up for a casual chit-chat or professional knowledge of the underground game, I dare to say that I am no worse than Lawless!

Coll: And that crazy fella Allen is starting a war outside your doorstep with Broker's men. don't ever step out of the door!

Words piled up very fast. Kieran consciously looked at the player name. If "Coll" wasn't written there, Kieran might have thought it was Lawless that he was talking to.

Other than that, not only Coll talked gibberish like Lawless, even his manner of talking, placing the main point behind was identical. If Coll was mimicking Lawless's talking manner, Kieran had to admit that he had succeeded.

Coll: I have utmost confidence that Broker bastard had set up traps around, not only for Allen but also for you, 2567!

Coll: Remember, don't step out of the door!"



Even as Coll was giving his advice and words were piling up, an explosion went off outside Kieran's door.

Kieran squinted his eyes right away.

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