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Chapter 389: Trial of Strength
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Different from his previous guesses, Kieran was sure this time that he had been discovered.

Not only because of that signal arrow, but because he clearly sensed malicious intent brewing, and it was within the room he was in!

Kieran stood up focusing and activated his [Tracking] right away.

There would be traces wherever a human walked, regardless of how great their hiding technique was.

Though when Kieran noticed where the malicious intents were coming from, he was stunned.

The souls! The souls of the two men he just killed!

They were staring at him with hate-filled eyes, wanting to devour him.

"No, no, this isn't right! They are not souls!" Kieran frowned when he saw the two souls.

His Pro level [Mystical Knowledge] granted him the abilities to tell souls apart by their appearance.

The souls before him really shared the similarities with a real soul, but they were definitely not one and not a spectre either. It was something in between. Still, it didn't stop him from making his attack.


Kieran launched a sweeping kick like a battle axe, cleaving its target and instantly turned the two special souls into dust.

[Hand-to-Hand Combat] Transcendence option [Transcendence Kick], allowed Kieran to possess outstanding attacking power even against spirited beings.


A [Soul Shard] feel off the souls. Kieran picked it up and placed it his pocket, then headed towards the door. He could already hear footsteps and sounds of slashing in his ears when he was near the door.


Kieran raised his leg and kicked hard on the door.

The wooden door that seemed sturdy a moment ago was blasted away together with the door frame, hitting a couple Prairie soldiers behind the door who were caught off guard.

With bone cracking sounds, a couple of Prairie soldiers fell and rolled down to the horse racing square at Lightning Fortress.

The prolonged scream instantly stopped the moment they crashed on the ground.

The mountain walls which was 40 to 50 meters tall were lethal to commoners should they fall off.

The soldiers that rushed down from both sides of the mountain walls were stunned.

Kieran took the window of opportunity; he turned around and ripped one of the war machine's exterior plate off. Under the screeching metallic sounds, he folded the exterior plate into a temporary shield that could block 180 degrees forward.

Then carried it on his back and dashed out!


The Prairie soldiers who came to their senses then rushed towards the room and crashed head-on with Kieran who had the "shield" on him. The Prairie soldiers then followed their tribe-mates, rolling down the mountain wall.

It was also just a start for Kieran!

When he turned around and sprinted towards the spot where he hid his backpack, the Prairie soldiers on his way were like bowling pins, being knocked one after another down the mountain wall with his shoulders.

Agonized screams sounded continuously,;the Prairie soldiers were chasing relentlessly after him; the soldiers on top of the mountain walls kept firing arrows at Kieran, trying to halt his course, but none of them proved of any use.

The narrow mountain wall path could only hold at most three people passing at once, plus it was night and the paths were steep; the Prairie soldiers could not sprint for the chase. All they could do was see Kieran leaving their sights step by step. Those who were firing from the top also stopped because they were afraid of harming one of their own.

Of course, there were arrows that landed on top of the shield, but mere arrows could not penetrate the defense of that thing.

Bang Bang Bang!

The continuous knocking produced the endless screaming every time one of the soldiers was knocked down. Every one of the agonizing screams symbolized the end of one life.

However, the Prairie soldiers were not frightened by their tribesmates' deaths. Quite the opposite, their savageness was evoked. The kind of savage that was bred under natural circumstances and through a relentless fight with mother nature.

They were fierce towards their enemies and themselves!

"Hold him!"

After a yell in their mother tongue, among those who were knocked down by Kieran, two buffed Prairies soldiers jumped back up and landed in front of Kieran, almost together. Both of them were blocking Kieran in front, even though they knew they would be knocked down once more. It was to buy time for their tribemates behind.

Then, a dozen of the Prairie soldiers who were known for their strength lined up in two rows and dashed towards Keiran with a loud shout together.


A huge bang sounded louder than any before; Kieran was finally forced to halt his steps due to the immense manpower before him.

The temporary shield started to bend and twist while both sides brawled out with their strength.

"Push him down!"

Another yell with the Prairie language gathered more men behind the two rows, pushing forward; but Kieran was faster.

Kieran who was pushing the shield with his shoulder had his body sunk down a little because of the opposite force, but he switched it with his right leg instantly.

A stronger strength was exerted into the temporary shield from his leg.

Transcendence [Hand-to-hand Combat, Kick Combats] granted him additional Strength and Agility +4 buffs temporarily when he launched his kick, and at that very moment, its potential was fully brought out.

A+ rank Strength had far exceeded the commoners' imagination. That shield which had stopped mid-air due to both sides exerting their strength turned into a rampant ox, and plunged into the Prairie crowd.

The two rows of Prairie soldiers who were on par with Kieran's strength a moment ago were rammed hard by the shield. Their bones broke and they fell down the mountain, followed by the ones who joined the line later.


A whistle filled with strength overpowered the agonized screams from the fall of the soldiers.

After all sounds subsided, Kieran had knocked all of his enemies opposite him down the mountain, carving out a free path to the spot where he hid his backpack.

The invaders on the higher cliffs behind and beside Kieran were shocked before they roared in rage.

"Kill him! Kill him!"


The continuous roars from the soldiers were clearly heard by Kieran.

Although he didn't understand the Prairie language, when he saw their expression and gaze filled with killing intent, he could guess what they meant.

Kieran replied with a cold laugh and took out [Arrogant Word] while carrying his backpack.

Then he turned around, facing those behind and opposite him; he raised his right thumb and slid it across his neck.

"Bring it on!"

Kieran swung the dark red greatsword in his hand and dashed out like a black shadow into the soldiers behind him.

The steep slopes and cliffs which were hard for the Prairie soldiers to advance through were like flat ground to Kieran. It didn't slow down his dashing speed and wielding speed a bit!

The bewitching glare on [Arrogant Word] shone brightly in the night, like a demon's eye staring at its prey.

Each sweep, slash and stab made the glare shine even brighter; the brighter the glare, the stronger the power of the greatsword!

Wild! Untamed!

Killer intent was getting denser on Kieran. In the end, it evolved into a special energy and flowed into his heart.

Dong Dong Dong!

[Fusion Heart] started to beat even faster.

Kieran halted his steps, but the Prairie soldiers didn't charge on. They were looking at Kieran with anxious and doubtful eyes.

The chaotic and rampant aura started to materialize on Kieran's body. The sulphuric smell also burst out instantly, suppressing the bloody smell in the area.

Every one of the Prairie soldiers who picked up the smell trembled in their hearts. They felt they were not facing a human anymore but an ancient monster that was about to awaken or even something worse.

The Prairie invaders were trembling uncontrollably.
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