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Chapter 382: Impossible to guard
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Jeanne had heard the loud explosion a while ago, but she was not a bit concerned.

She knew it was Folly's ace card, and after witnessing Folly utilizing the Raven sect's secret technique, she was sure that enemy had been turned into ash with that blast and the flames.

So, all she needed to do was wait patiently and wait for her best consultant to decipher the defensive magic set by Fandral; she believed it would soon be fruitful.

No doubt Fandral was Warren's strongest sorcerer, but every person had a weakness, and so did the strongest sorcerer. Fandral longed for an outstanding heir to his powers.

To Jeanne, all she need to do was to slightly make arrangements to exploit that obvious weakness, and she could get what she wanted with open hands.

Her disciple was up to her expectation; not only did she prove to be exceptionally useful at crucial times, but she provided Jeanne with a lot of Fandral's secerts.

The sorcerer's power originated from the mystic. Once the mysterious veil was lifted, the sorcerer would have no power to utilize anymore.

She had grasp over Fandral's secret since then!

Even though it was not all, but it was enough for her to easily break Fandral's setup.

"Sand of Time, you need to be faster!"

She didn't sound rushed. After speaking, she sat down on the chair that her followers had brought over with their presence of mind.

As she sat down, her followers quickly gathered around her.

The followers originated from the nobles, the military, the mobs and even the civilians. All of them were looking at Jeanne with a fanatic look and blazing eyes. They never thought their lady of their dreams would fail.

Even if she did, it was their mistake!

So when Kieran appeared before Jeanne, the followers threw themselves over like true fanatics, absent of their minds.


The heavy roars similar to a beast were coming out of the followers' mouth.

Kieran was looking a little shocked at the fanaticism of these faces; it was a type of expression he had never seen before. Their face were ferociously twisted, but their gaze was as solid as rock and iron. Anyone who saw their faces would have chills in their heart and their backs, but it didn't stop Kieran from swinging his sword.

[Arrogant Word] brewed up a cyclone of death, slashing those who threw themselves over in half.

They were not too hard to deal with. Although the men before Kieran were stronger than a common man, there was a huge gap when compared to Kieran himself.

The advantages that Kieran had established since the newbie dungeon kept changing and improving through many normal dungeons and special dungeons.

His process was like brewing wine. The longer the brew duration, the richer the aroma of the wine when he opened the cork. Even though the cork was not opened at the moment, clues of his powers were overflowing.

Clap, Clap, Clap!

After the last standing follower fell, slow claps sounded.

Jeanne, who was sitting in the chair, inspected Kieran with her strange gaze.

"2567, Andy's disciple. It is quite unimaginable that "Heavy Swordsman" Andy could raise a powerful person like you…"

Jeanne said slowly; her voice was like a pleasant melody, flowing into Kieran's ears.

She was displaying a noble, stern face, showing that her holiness couldn't be tainted.

If it was not for the broken limbs all over the place and blood flowing like a river but a church instead, one would have thought they were meeting the holy maiden.

Though, the following moment surprised Kieran.

"Are you willing to serve me?"

As the words came out of Jeanne's mouth, she turned on her charming and seducing side. The temperament was even more alluring than the untainted holiness from before.

At least one wouldn't dare fantasize about the untainted holiness, but the charming and seductive side was like the strongest aphrodisiac being poured into Kieran's body.

Huuu! Huuuu!

Kieran started to breath rapidly, while Jeanne laughed.

Jeanne laughed like the blooming flowers and shivering twigs, causing her huge breast to rise up and down, catching any eyes out there. She had met too many men similar to Kieran. No matter how powerful and strong they were, in the end, no one could escape her grasp.

Even more so for those who shared a similar age with Kieran. They were exceptionally easy to control; a slight sweetness would cause them to get addicted, then they would stick around like flies.

Too simple! Everything was too simple for her!

Jeanne stood up from the chair. She raised her legs slightly, moved out softly with each step, sashaying towards Kieran. Under her mantle, the snow white dress quietly hugged her skin, carving out her stunning figure.

She raised her pearl white arm, placed her slender palm on Kieran's chest and pointed softly with her finger.

Dong, Dong Dong!

Her palm could clearly feel Kieran's heart pounding.

Strong, vigorous and very fast!

Such speed had already exceeded the common heart's beating speed.

Jeanne raised her head with a slight shock.

She fell quiet.

When she laid her eyes on Kieran's, everything became quiet.

The night, the milky wave, the palace, everything else were gone.

Ambitions, wishes, and persistence became void.

All she wanted at that moment was to look at Kieran; that pair of eyes that caused her to sink deeply and uncontrollably.

That pair of eyes became her sky of stars, shining brightly with a rainbow-colored glare.

A dense and extravagant Lust aura emitted from Kieran's body, filling every inch of the space before the bedroom within a moment.

The Creature of Desire's shadow quietly formed behind Kieran; hundreds and thousands of hands were extending themselves from the void and landing on Jeanne's body.


A burning heat that hadn't appeared for a long time was boiling in her heart, going as far as bringing the inner desire from her.

Jeanne suddenly lost the ability to think. She ripped her clothes off, and hugged Kieran with her delicate body. She twisted and shook her alluring parts to bring out everything she got; she wished for Kieran's reply.

The faint moaning sound was numbing ears and bones; the soft and tempting pant were causing bodies to shiver.

After a heavy shiver from the shock, Kieran snapped out of it completely.

He saw Jeanne before him and also the battlelog notification.

[Seduce: You are within target's Seducing range, your Spirit has passed the authentication, no debuffs occurred…]

Kieran had resisted Jeanne's [Seduce] based on the system's notification, no doubt.

However, the part that belonged to Eye of Chimeras and the Creature of Desire in [Fusion Heart] started to play its tricks again. Using Jeanne as a bait, the Creature of Desire availed the window to let itself out, even though Kieran warned himself to be careful.

Still, preventive measures seemed to be useless.

Maybe without Creature of Desire, none of these would happen, but Kieran wouldn't find excuse for his own mistakes and never would he forget about his enemy.

He gripped [Arrogant Word]'s hilt and slowly raised the dark red greatsword up.

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