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Chapter 380: Snake and Raven
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Folly moved behind Kieran with extreme speed and drove his sword out without any mercy.

He wanted to killer Kieran with one strike.

In fact, Folly had utmost confidence in his sword strike.

Before becoming the military minister, he was a famous master swordsman in Warren. Maybe because of the passing of time, his title of military minister slowly overshadowed who he was before. People started to forget that master swordsman, but it didn't mean his sword skills would be forgotten by time as well.

Folly knew very clearly how he had earned his current position and the favour of that lady.


His sword was fast as lightning; the moment the air-breaking sound emerged, the tip of his sword was behind the rear part of Kieran's brain already. Another inch forward and Kieran's head would be pierced through.

However, a fraction of a second later, the sword flashed by but missed its target with its strike.

Kieran leaned his torso down with his right leg supporting him, lying a 90 degree straight forward and his left leg followed the movement and launched a kick backwards like an iron whip, kicking towards Folly with a bang.

Not only was his kick fast, but it was fierce as well!


The powerful wind from his kick buffeted Folly's hair and face, causing a stinging sensation on his face, but Folly responded with a cold laugh.

Folly moved backwards a little, assuring that he wouldn't get hit by Kieran's kick, and shook his wrist a little while he was moving. His seemingly normal hand extended further, and that straight longsword twisted like a snake. Its tip was like the venomous fang of a snake, lunging towards Kieran's crotch.

This was Folly's perfect strike. The once master swordsman had not only speed, but technique as well.

So did Kieran!

The kick that he launched backwards suddenly let out a hiss, his straight left leg also extended further at the same time.


The tip of his kick touched Folly's wrist and altered his sword's course before the sharp tip could hit his crotch.

Folly, who was smiling coldly, suddenly changed his expression.

"Viper Kick!?"

Folly took a step back, and grunted in a pondering manner.

It was not that he wasn't sure what technique Kieran was using.

He had quite the insight about [Viper Kick]. As far as it was inside his bones, he was sure Kieran had performed the [Viper Kick] because it was one of the secret inherent technique from his sect.

So, because of that fact, it shouldn't be possible for Kieran to use the technique. That sect that he originated from was eliminated by his own hands 10 years ago.

"I don't know where you learned this technique, but I know you've added another reason for you to die!" Folly said with a cold tone filled with killer intent.

Kieran stayed quiet; he turned around and raised his right hand. He moved his four fingers except for his thumb, provoking Folly by gesturing a "come on" sign. His intentions couldn't be clearer.


Folly let out a cold grunt and wielded his sword up.

He didn't feign with his sword anymore; he was wielding it left and right rapidly, swinging up into a dozen more blades before Kieran, as if his sword had divided into a dozen more.

Tss Tss Tss!

Countless snake hisses sounded repeatedly; Kieran felt like he was not facing an iron blade anymore, but a group of snakes.

The snakes were dancing as the sword swung, hissing as it tore the air around.

Kieran could feel the Fear effect from Folly again, and even fiercer than before!

Although it was useless against Kieran's B+ rank Spirit, it didn't stop him from guessing what Folly wanted to do.

"A sword skill mixed with illusion? If I couldn't resist his Fear effect, I might have fallen into his illusion of being devoured by snakes. When I realized it, my heart would be pierced! What a wicked skill!"

Kieran thought in his heart and commented on Folly's stance.

He then launched a barrage of kicks with his left leg.

The kick shadows overpowered the sword shadows in an instant.

Since Folly couldn't utilize his Fear power and force Kieran into an illusion state, his techniques were nothing but just a show. The snake hisses even stopped abruptly, as if a giant rock had fallen off the sky, crushing the snakes.

While Folly was facing the kick shadows that would soon drown him, he threw his sword out without hesitation like a flying knife. A dazzling glare emitted from the blade body as it was thrown out, causing the whole sword to shine brightly with a cold radiance; the sharp edge became even sharper, as if an ancient sword with blemishes had been polished delicately and had regained its shine.

Not only did it pierce Kieran's kick shadows, the flying sword was also locked onto Kieran.

The moment Folly threw his sword out, Kieran took a wise move and dodged a step aside after feeling the brightness of the sharp edge, but out of his expectation, the long sword altered its direction and followed Kieran again.

Kieran dodged once more as the flying sword chased him. It was still the same after a couple of dodge.

Folly was giving a continuous cold laugh when he saw Kieran dodging left and right.

"You never knew the true secret technique of the Viper sect…"


Before Folly's mocking words could be finished, he was interrupted by a sharp sound similar to a longsword unsheathing.

A half-moon qi energy wave was fired out from Kieran's right leg, crashing hard onto the longsword that was giving the cold glare.

As the sharp edges collided, the cutting sound dispersed the half-moon qi wave and the longsword also fell to the ground after a shiver.

A clanking noise sounded ceaselessly as the sword fell on the ground and continued shivering.

However, the battle between both of them didn't cease following Folly losing his sword.

On the contrary, a sense of danger rose up from Kieran's heart; he felt like he had walked into a jungle filled with shrubs covering many hungry beasts behind.

Kieran trusted his battle instinct exceptionally; he gripped [Arrogant Word] and retreated a step back, staring right at Folly.

The military minister's face was red and ferocious. It seemed like he was infuriated when his favorite technique was broken down, but Kieran, who had the upper hand, could smell sulphur around Folly. A faint one, but definitely there.

"What is this…"

Kieran squinted his eyes.

Maybe it was real that Folly tried really hard, but he was definitely not infuriated over the fact, but…

Without a second thought, Kieran swiftly retreated, and when he was less than 10 meters away from Folly.


A huge explosion happened.

As the deafening blast assaulted his ears, Kieran instinctively placed [Arrogant Word] before him


3 to 4 meters of blazing waves spread out to all directions with Folly as the center. Kieran was the first one to bear the brunt and was engulfed by the flames.

The fiery flames were scorching hot; even the white marble ground was burnt black by that blast. Even more so at the spot where Folly was standing, the hard ground had even started to melt. Folly, who was in a fancy outfit, had turned into a raggedly-dressed man after the blast, falling to the ground painfully and panting roughly.

The technique that Folly used was not originated from the Viper sect, but it was one of the ultimate skills of the Raven sect. At the same time, it was also his ace card.

Folly believed no one could dodge his fiery blast, and even with corresponding defensive measures, one would be turn to crisp with that blast!

Folly raised his head at the firm dark red two-handed greatsword; he was eager to see the burnt corpse behind the blade. He forcefully dragged his weak body over, staggering as he walked to the blade.


He was stunned to a stop completely.
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