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The Devil is Cage 370 A Rough Approach

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Chapter 370: A Rough Approach
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Black, brown, and red bugs!

Bugs with horns, legs and pincers!

The bugs were dense and overlapping layer by layer, gushing towards the trio like a raging wave, but when the bugs reached the border of the jungle, every one of them stopped abruptly.

A melodious whistle from a flute sounded within the jungle and calmed the bugs down as if they were asleep.

Though Kieran could clearly feel that the pretentious feeling was not just the looks…

It seemed like it was the enemy's habitual tactic to scare its target.

In fact, things were unfolding just as Kieran had expected.

A figure started to emerged from under the bugs in the jungle.

"Bosco, you think you can escape?"

A cold voice sounded under the layers of bugs.

"Samara, I am not running away, I am just temporarily avoiding…"

Bosco was hiding behind Kieran, smiling and speaking in a light tone while looking at Kieran quietly.

The imperial envoy at that moment had lost his direction completely.

When he left the imperial city for the mission, he understood the trip would be dangerous, but he would have never thought an insect master would be sent after him.

If he knew it would be this dangerous…

A heavy feeling of regret started to rise from his heart, but there was no cure in the world for regret. All Bosco hoped was that the deal he just made with Kieran could save his life. In other words, Kieran was his only hope.

"Who allowed you to address my name directly?!"

The cold voice sounded together with the flute whistling.

Promptly, the bugs that were asleep a moment ago awakened and opened up their pincers and mouths, buzzing and crackling inside the jungle.

The buzz sounded as if the bugs wanted to tear Bosco's flesh off piece by piece.

Dark green venom was drooling off the bugs' mouth; a vile stench was floating around the jungle. The breeze carried the stench forward to Kieran and the others.

The buzzing lingered in their ears, and the stench assaulted their nose, which made Bosco feel the breath of death.

Fear had completely shrouded the imperial envoy. Even though he knew the insect master's tactic was to let his enemy collapse without attacking, at that moment, Bosco was even worse than the little girl beside him, hiding behind Kieran and crying like one.

"Save me!!" His high pitched voice stung Mary's ears.

"Shut up!" Mary scolded him.

After she shut Bosco up, she turned and looked across.

Mary's face was pale, but still she clenched her teeth and held her gut together. She pulled the short sword out from her waist and pointed it at the infestation in the jungle.

Though, her hands were shivering non-stop.

She was afraid of the scene before her, but her conviction supported her mentally and physically to not cry like Bosco did.

Her actions were responded to with a laugh of mockery from the insect master.

"You want to stab me with your needle? Come, come on! My little precious ones love tender and juicy meat like yours!"

The insect master spilled out threatening words from his mouth, which caused Mary's hand to shiver even fiercer.

Even her fingers were starting to turn stiff, causing her to lose her grip on her sword.

Right away, her sword started falling off her hand, but in the nick of time, a bigger hand held her hand that was gripping her sword. The firm hand made her hold her sword tightly.

"Leave this to me," Kieran said calmly.

Kieran's tone was flat and never emphasized on any specific words, but it was enough to comfort the little girl's heart.

The little girl was looking at Kieran who was just a couple of years older than her and his youthful face silently. She nodded.

Kieran stepped up and placed the little girl behind him.

"Another fool not afraid of death! Do you know who you are facing? The insect master, Samara! A name that will strike fear in your heart, you…"

The words of disdain, mockery mixed with threatening manner were interrupted before they was finished.

"You speak too much," Kieran said coldly.

He didn't have the patience to play mind games with the person in front him; he always preferred to deal with matters the direct way.

Then he clapped his hands and took out a 30 centimeter long wooden staff which was as thick as a pencil and coated in paint.

[Fireball Spell Array!]

As Kieran's thoughts moved, a reddish orange fireball rumbling and swirling with hot flames and the size of a basketball was fired right into the jungle.


The deafening explosion blasted out 5 meter wide fiery waves half a man's height. The venomous bugs within the blast range were turned into ashes in an instant.

The figure that was hiding himself in the jungle started to reveal himself as well under the brightness of the flames.

A dwarf-sized, bare-chested man revealed himself. His chest was tattooed with countless strange tattoos, and his head was twice as big as a normal man, almost taking up half of his body.

His face was vicious, and he had a mouthful of yellowish, rotten teeth.

The abomination's eyes went round as he stared in incomprehension at what had just transpired before him.

"How is this possible?! Why is there another sorcerer here?"

The scene proved different than the information Samara had been given.

He had never made the preparation to battle with an enemy that was a sorcerer.

The insect master unconsciously wanted to retreat, but it seemed like he had underestimated Kieran's speed and determination to kill his enemy.


Amidst the trembling ground, the image of a rhino flashed behind Kieran, and the dark red greatsword was dazzling with a bewitching shine.

The heavy sense of danger caused Samara to instinctively move his bugs in front him as a shield, but the venomous bugs that all his previous enemies were afraid of couldn't even stand a hit from Kieran.


Crushed! Every insect within Kieran's path was crushed as if a tractor ran through them.

The most primitive force of mother nature presented itself in a rampant and violent form before Samara, Mary and Bosco.

Samara was soaked in fear, Mary's eyes were overflowing with splendor and Bosco's jaw had dropped.


Kieran shouted; [Arrogant Word]'s bewitching shine became even brighter.

Wild! Untamed!

A sharp edge flashed over the insect master's eyes. The force penetrated even the sky and the earth and terrorized the arrogant soul of the abomination.


From top to bottom, a clean slash split the insect master in half, causing two parts of his body to fall on the ground.

With the absence of control and bindings, countless bugs scattered away. Some even started to devour others.

Kieran glanced over the venomous bugs and picked up the green glowing item from the insect master's body promptly.

"Y-you are a sorcerer?" Bosco ran over and asked with a stutter.

His eyes were filled with unconceivable shock and reeked of unusual anticipation.

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