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Chapter 369: Raid Incoming
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"Are you still in doubt about my identity? Other than the royal family's secret technique, I still have other ways to proof myself…" Bosco quickly explained.

Kieran remained silent while looking at the imperial envoy bursting out his words.

He had no problem against Bosco's identity after seeing the light from the scroll, but Bosco wanted to follow them to the imperial city?

Kieran would not just agree like that; he clearly knew the situation Bosco was in.

He was being chased down by killers!

Looking at his outfit and the place he appeared solidified Kieran's thoughts.

Kieran had quite the confidence that this imperial envoy has run out of options to keep himself alive. Even with the disguise he was in, he was still being chased relentlessly. That was why he decided to try his luck back at Swusters Castle.

If Kieran were to agree to his company, the trouble would definitely shift from him to the duo. Even if the trouble had originated from Mary herself, it didn't mean Kieran would help him unconditionally.

Kieran dislike troubles except for one special circumstance, when the rewards outweighed the risk!

In fact, within the dungeon world, Kieran was eager for troubles popping up here and there. Troubles meant rewards; it was what he was after diligently since the beginning.

Bosco didn't stop talking even though Kieran remained silent. He then shifted the focus of the topic.

"I am willing to pledge my loyalty to your Highness Mary. Of course, I would be willing to display my sincerity to Sir 2567 as well. How about five hundred gold coins? I could go as far as six hundred, not more than that! I am not a wealthy person. My family is just a petty noble one, I even have to save up money and food for my two daughters' expenses in Riverdale…"

The envoy seemed to be a smart person and a shameless one as well.

After guessing out Kieran's true thoughts, he didn't even hesitate to name his price, before complaining tearfully about his recent state.

Such behaviour from Bosco caused Mary to look askance at the man. Even with her early maturity, she couldn't comprehend why Bosco shifted his character in such a short moment.

Kieran, however, was treating it calmly. He had faced men even more shameless and cunning than Bosco and gotten the worst of it from the encounter. He knew perfectly how to deal with a person like this. All he need to do was remain firm on his stand, no matter how fancy Bosco's words might be. Kieran should be immune to his persistent nature and not be distracted by any words Bosco said.

Therefore, Kieran had no intentions to speak. He was just looking at Bosco calmly.

"A thousand gold coins! The amount is enough to turn heads! This is also the price of a remote land in the country! I can't, I really cannot offer any more!"

"A thousand five hundred gold coin!! This is really my last offer! It is almost all of my lifetime savings! Please don't tell me you want my family land? No, it's not possible! Even if I give my life away, I wouldn't trade away my family land!"

"Er… Can we switch the terms? Maybe, I can give you half of my family land? I have to at least save up a considerable dowry for my daughters! A third of the land! A third!"

Bosco started to up his terms and prices facing Kieran's silent and calm face.

Mary aside was struck mute by the speed at which Bosco increased his price.

Her gaze towards the envoy started to turn suspicious when she noticed that he said the land around Swusters Castle could be bought with one thousand gold coins after comparing it with her own home.

Mary's heart started to wonder: How did an envoy accumulate so much wealth? Especially when Bosco raised his terms and price, the guess had already deviated from her initial surprise.

The suspicious gaze quickly turned into disgust.

When Bosco noticed the little girl's changes, he quickly presented a bitter smile and explained.

"Your Highness, please believe me, I swear on my honor and name that I'm not a man who swarms around the rich like flies. All my wealth was acquired through proper means! None of my actions disgrace the name of my family!"

Bosco sounded very sincere, but Mary didn't buy his words.

The envoy's face turned even bitter when he felt the unusual gaze from the heir to the throne.

If Bosco was not forced to reveal his hand, why would he risk such a move?

"Please believe my words!"

He pleaded once more to Mary and turned his eyes to Kieran.

Bosco seemed to have a decision made in his heart.

Once he returned to Riverdale, he would move his family out of the country. With his title and nobility, plus the lands he owned, it would be enough for the rest of his life.

After all, if he didn't, being misunderstood by the heir to the throne meant his future would be in crumbles. It might go as far as having his life at stake, rather than living under the influence of fear, might as well run away while he still could, leaving everything behind.

Though, Bosco didn't write his thoughts over his face. He spoke with an even more sincere tone to Kieran.

"Sir 2567, what do you wish? I'll do whatever I can within my powers!"

As Bosco laid out his final terms, he had handed over the rights to Kieran as he was out of options; he was already at the line of life and death.

With his little life at stake, the imperial envoy knew what his choices were, and his wait was finally ended by Kieran stating his conditions without further hesitation.

"Sword skills, sword skills related to two-handed swords!" Kieran said.

"Two handed sword skills? Understood! When we return to Riverdale, I'll search every corner possible for the two handed sword skills at once!" Bosco nodded eagerly.

"Before we enter Riverdale! I want to see the books and scrolls writing down the information about the skills!" Kieran emphasized.

Kieran's main mission was to escort Mary to the imperial city. After being toyed by the system a couple of time, he understood how the system worked. Should the main mission remain the same, the moment Mary stepped into the city, it would be the time he left the dungeon.

He didn't have any time for Bosco to return from Riverdale with his search.

Kieran's condition made Bosco tighten his heart.

The imperial envoy unconsciously thought that his thoughts were seen through by Kieran, but a sneaky look at Kieran's face couldn't tell him what he wanted to know.

While his heart was flooding with whispers, Bosco could only hide his emotions with a bitter smile.

"This might be forcing me beyond my powers… But I'll give my utmost effort to it!"

Bosco was still trying to probe more using his words, but when he noticed the chilly gaze from Kieran, he quickly altered his answers to an agreement, like sailing with the wind.

Only then did he notice that Kieran was staring behind him.

Maybe Bosco might be not of use in battle but as the king's private consultant, he had unparalleled understanding towards a man's gaze and changes of manner.

Bosco could clearly tell Kieran's gaze at the moment was filled with killer intent and vigilance.

What caused such emotions to overflow from his eyes?

Enemies! There was only one possible answer, and the following moment…


Bosco screamed without giving any further thought and quickly hid behind Kieran under the contemptuous gaze from Mary.

Suuuu, Suuu Suuuu!

A series flesh-creeping and scalp-numbing buzzes sounded from inside the jungle not far away.

When Mary saw what was causing the buzz, her face turned pale.

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