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Chapter 368: Rejection
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Although the duo had decided to leave for the imperial city, Riverdale, before they could leave, they need to finish up one last matter.

Recover Mary's mother's sword.

After realizing that Galeart was the killer, the search was not difficult at all. When Galeart dismissed the doubts on Mary after he killed Ellen, he never had the chance to leave Swusters Castle premise.

Rather than hiding it in a place that he was not familiar with, the familiar Swusters Castle turned out to be the best choice.

Before this, when Galeart's subordinates and disciples burnt down the high tower, they might have the motive to bury the location of the sword with the tower.

So, Kieran and Mary went back to Swusters Castle.

The hang bridge was destroyed by the fire, but fortunately, the remaining iron chains were still sturdy enough.

Kieran carried Mary in one hand and climbed over the iron chain with the other. After swiftly crossing the gap, they started to search the crumbled walls and ruined curbs under Mary's direction.

The higher part of the high tower had crumbled down completely. All that was left in the ruins was the burnt bottom part.

The high temperature and the blazing flames made the bricks fragile. Kieran carved a path easily with his hands, leading towards Galeart's room. When the debris was cleared, a hidden door was found in his room.

"There should be a carpet around here." Mary said, pointing at the door.

Though Kieran had checked the surroundings, he wasn't sure whether Galeart left some traps behind. It was better to be safe than sorry.

Though, the following moment proved that his vigilance was much needed.

Kieran signaled Mary to get behind him, and he pulled the door on the floor up hard.

Sou Sou Sou!

Seven to eight arrows were fired through the door, piercing through the crumbled walls and ruins. If someone was still standing at the spot, they would have been shot into a beehive.

Then, the changes on the wall that followed frightened Kieran and Mary.

Tss Tsss!

After that irritaing noise, the wall started to melt with a speed visible to the naked eyes, and just after three breath's time, the wall turned into a pile of asphalt-like goo.


The scene before Kieran probed more vigilance out of him.

After a reminder to Mary, Kieran took a glance inside the secret room and after checking multiple times, only he jumped down.

The secret room was not big by any means, only 4 to 5 square feet. There weren't many items within the room either, only a sheathed knight sword.

The sword was double the width of a common long sword and the length was half as longer. But it was narrower and smaller than a two-handed greatsword like Kieran's. The tilt had additional weight on it, granting the user the gripping advantage during a ground sword-fight, yet still being outstanding for fighting on horseback.

[Name: Thorn Blade]

[Type: Sword]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: Powerful]

[Attributes: 1. Thorn Sting; 2. Keen Slash; 3. High Spirit]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Ellen's heir]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: No]

[Remark: It was one of the symbols of the royal family of Warren until it was gifted to Ellen as her own]


[Thorn Sting: Unleash a Powerful sword energy wave forward, 3/day]

[Keen Slash: Has a certain percentage to cleave off equipment or weapons lower than Legendary rank]

[High Spirit: When Keen Slash is triggered, attack rank +1]


"Keen Slash! High Spirit!"

Kieran saw the attributes of [Thorn Blade] and was shocked by it.

He kind of understood why Galeart was blinded by his greed because he himself had the thought of getting [Thorn Blade] for himself.

What if Kieran had a longsword with a base Extreme attack and could cleave off weapons and equipments lower than Legendary rank?

Most of the players would be afraid of him and avoid him like the plague.

Kieran thought of that in his heart but ultimately sighed.

[Thorn Blade]'s prerequisite alone had destined him to never wield the legendary sword, and Mary's attitude towards the sword was also clear enough for Kieran to make up his mind.

Mary had become related to his his main mission. Should the main mission fail, his highest attribute would go down by 2 ranks. It was not something Kieran could afford, let alone comparing it to a Legendary sword that he could not even wield. What should be his priority?

Since Kieran was not an idiot, he knew what decision he had to go with.

Kieran leapt back outside and handed over [Thorn Blade] to Mary.

The little girl was holding on to the sword as tall as her chest. Although it seemed like she might tip off any moment, she remained silent and held the blade with all her strength.

The duo went back over the bridge through the chains once more.

Adding another blade on top of Mary was nothing for Kieran in terms of burden.

However, when the duo was crossing the chains halfway, a person appeared on the other side.

Kieran's heart instantly skipped a beat.

Though Kieran carried his precious belongings everywhere he went, but now, Mary with him hanging in mid-air was a disadvantage for him.

If the person who suddenly appear was hostile, all they needed to do was cut the chain off and it would force him into an ugly situation.

Just as Kieran was calculating how would he overcome the potential danger, the person across from him opened his mouth.

"I mean you no harm! I am the king's consultant and minister, Bosco!" He identified himself, but it was not enough for Kieran to buy it.

Even after Kieran crossed the chain with Mary and landed firmly on the ground, he still held his guard up when he saw Bosco in a gunny outfit dressed like a farmer.

As for the king's minister and consultant? That was only his own claim. Before there was any solid proof, Bosco was just another stranger.

"So you are as vigilant as the rumours has it, Sir 2567! If you could pass me the secret order, it could prove my identity! Fret not, I have no intention of knowing the contents within. After all, his Majesty did write the contents down before my very own eyes!"

Bosco, from the prosperous imperial city, seemed to have heard of Kieran's reputation.

He showed a friendly smile towards Mary, but she diverted the attention to Kieran.

The little girl had chosen to trust Kieran.

Kieran nodded. He took over the scroll from Mary and handed it over to the man named Bosco and also quietly moved [Arrogant Word] box to his left hand.

Kieran was right-handed, it was far more agile and stronger than his left hand. If any sudden situation should occur, he would have better confidence in dealing with it.

Suddenly, the scroll started to emit a bright light.

Kieran's right hand was shivering when the scroll shined, but he didn't make further movements.

He could clearly see the light rising up and extending towards Bosco's left hand.

A bright red vein started to form on the back of his hand.

"A connected bloodline?" Kieran guessed.

"This is the secret spell from the royal family of Warren, using the power of the bloodline to prove one's identity! Now, I think I've proven myself, so… Can I accompany you the rest of the journey, Sir 2567 and your Highness Mary?"

Bosco signaled Kieran to inspect his hand before he asked with a light smile.

Though, what followed was a shocking turn of events.


Kieran rejected in a decisive tone.

Bosco was shocked, seemingly puzzled with Kieran's answer.

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