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Chapter 362: Sword Skill
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After inspecting the scene where Mary's mother was killed, how could Kieran not take precaution against such a stab?

In fact, not only did Kieran come up with precautions, he even placed himself in the situation, simulating how would he face the stab.

Dodging was the first option Kieran ditched.

Under the circumstances of not knowing whether the sixth had some follow-up skill after his attack, a direct dodge would cause Kieran to fall into a possible relentless combo attack, forcing him into a tight corner.

The second option that Kieran ditched was blocking.

The stab from the sixth man was certainly fast. If there was no negative effect of [Heavy] from [Armor of Excellence], Kieran might still consider blocking. But with it on his body, he couldn't afford to do so.

[Armor of Excellence] was not a backpack that he could remove anytime. The time consumed to take it off would allowed the sixth man to stab him like a beehive.

As for counterattacking, although the negative effect from [Armor of Excellence] still existed, but with the buffs from [Hand-to-hand Combat, Kick Combats], the negative effects could be neglected. But after some thought, Kieran chose not to go with that option as well.

Kieran had a more appropriate countermeasures up his sleeves. As the rapier was meters before him, Kieran raised his right hand swiftly.

The wristband with the spider symbol flashed before shooting out a spider web 3 meters in diameters from his hand. The spider web shrouded the sixth man before Kieran instantly, robbing off his fierce and vicious sword aura.

All that was left of the sixth man was struggle!

On top of that, the venom on [Mardos Arm, Web Binding] started to kick in, causing the exposed skin area of his to turn green.

[Web Binding: Target's Strength does not exceed B rank, binded for 10 seconds…]

[Web Binding: Target's Constitution lower than C+, received a Powerful poison attack…]



After an agonizing cry, the sixth man, who failed all three poison authentications, fell to the ground, sinking into the venom uncontrollably.


The battlelog notifications from Kieran's vision raised a question in his heart.

According to his speculations, the killer who killed Mary's mother shouldn't be this weak.

The spider web might bind him but it shouldn't last this long either, and the venom…

Even though the attribute was a little biased, but he shouldn't have failed all three authentications.

"Could it be?"

A new thought bloomed in Kieran's heart, but it didn't slow him down one bit.

Bang, Bang Bang Bang!

Kieran's first kick was like a hurling battle axe, crushing the wrist that was wielding the rapier. Then, Kieran retracted his kick swiftly and launched it again at the man's chin with his heel.


Crack, crack…

The noise of cracking bones sounded more than once.

The afterimage of Kieran's kick had shrouded the man under the bindings of the spiderweb before him. When Kieran finally stopped, the man's body was heavily deformed. Other than his head which Kieran purposely skipped, the rest of his body was turned into minced meat.

Though the heavily deformed body didn't prevent the green color skill book from floating out from the pile of meat.

Kieran picked it up promptly after and the system notification started to appear.

[Discovered skill book: Sword Skill, Fast Sting]

[Prerequisite met, learn skill?]


It was a no-brainer decision for Kieran to learn whenever he came across a new skill.

[Skill learned: Sword Skill, Fast Sting]

[Name: Sword Skill, Fast Sting (Basic)]

[Related Attributes: Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Using an explosive speed to perform a stab at a target 3 meters in front you, +30% attack speed for that particular stab. (Consume 100 Stamina, cooldown 5 minutes)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Any of Sharp Weapon- Dagger, Knife, Longsword skill reaches Master, Agility F+, Constitution F+]

[Remark: You can choose either dagger, knife or longswords to perform the skill but greatsword, two-handed sword are out of the range!]


"An advance skill!"

Kieran was certain of the skill when the attributes of [Sword Skill, Fast Sting] came up on his vision. Every aspects of the skill fit the criterias of an advance skill.

Using a basic skill as a base and the prerequisite were not that high; it was completely alike to what Lawless had said back in the bazaar.

Just that Kieran never would have thought of acquiring an advance skill like this.

After all, according to Lawless's words, most of the advance skills relied on learning to acquire them. Although it was not as beneficial as the newbie benefit, it was still a lot easier and delightful.

What Kieran had been through just now was definitely not delightful, but it sure was easy.

Kieran bent down and stripped away the black mask covering the man's face.

Behind the black mask was a youthful face, to the extent that it wasn't even possible to befriend Mary's mother.

"Because of Mary's mother's arrangement, the killer doesn't even dare show his face now?"

Kieran muttered softly.

The killer's fear of the unexpected aid-giver had far exceeded Kieran's expectation, which made Kieran curious about the abilities and identity of the unexpected aid-giver.

If the killer was this scared even with their strength, the aid-giver's strength was surely something to be reckon with.

As Kieran's gears turned in his head, it didn't hinder him from cleaning up the battlefield.

As for the identity of the young man Kieran had just killed, surely he was some assistant or disciple of the killer.

Kieran then took the weapon from the young man and the knight sword at his waist. Both weapons were only common tier, nothing too fancy about their attributes. Still, Kieran took them with him, including the head of the young man.

After a second check around the battlefield and making sure nothing was left behind, Kieran turned and went back.


When Kieran returned to Mary and Galeart, the sun was already hanging high in the sky, blessing the earth with its warmth and shedding light through the foggy jungle path.

The lighted up environment made it easy for Kieran to spot those two hiding in the woods.

Even though Mary covered the tracks like Keiran requested, under [Tracking]'s vision, the covered tracks were very clear and visible.

Wherever the foot landed, there would be tracks.

To Kieran, who had a Grand Master level [Tracking], everything was presented before his eyes.


Mary was gripping her sword tightly but gave out a breath of relief when she saw Kieran walking into the jungle. However, she straightened swiftly once she saw the bag of cloth in Kieran's hand.

Even thought it was wrapped with layers of cloth, but the shape and the red seeping through the seams was enough for Mary to guess what it was.

Her face turned pale instantly.

"This is the head of the arsonist?"

Mary had difficulties trying to ask the question.

"Umm, do you need a break?" Kieran asked.

"No need for that!"

Mary switched to her hardened tone and took over the bag of cloth from Kieran and revealed it herself.

As expected, Mary's face turned even paler, but fortunately, she didn't vomit.

While looking at Mary struggling with her adaptation, Kieran took out the rapier and the knight sword from his backpack.

"Do you recognize any of this?" Kieran asked.

Although Kieran had a clear answer in his heart and Mary denied repeatedly like Kieran had expected, what Mary requested afterward had Kieran completely stunned.

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