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The Devil is Cage 351 A whole new world

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Chapter 351: A whole new world
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[Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms]!

It was what Kieran had decided.

When the basic skills were leveled up to Transcendence, the attributes would definitely increase.

[Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms] had three related attributes: Strength, Agility, and Constitution.

While [Arrogant Word] became Kieran's main weapon, under the same circumstances, the related attributes should be prioritized.

In simple words, Kieran might consider [Sharp Weapon, Spear] or [Sharp Weapon, Bow] if he had the same rank weapon, but for the time being, he didn't need to consider.

However, Kieran still had to wait for Lawless' points transfer. The previous leveling of his skills had drained his Points and Skill Points a lot.

After leveling [Riding] and [Adaptive Armor], Kieran still had 317,800 Points and 30 Skill Points.

But after leveling [Sharp Weapon, Dagger (Master)], [Firearm Weapon, Explosives (Master)], [Lockpicking (Pro)], [Sharp Weapon, Spear (Pro)], [Sharp Weapon, Bow (Master)] and [Medical, Medicinal Knowledge (Master)] to Musou level, he would be left with 20,800 Points and 0 Skill Points.

Among the mentioned skills, [Sharp Weapon, Dagger (Master)], [Firearm Weapon, Explosives (Master)] and [Medical, Medicinal Knowledge (Master)] would cost 3000 Points and 2 Skill Points to go from Master to Pro respectively.

Then, excluding [Sharp Weapon, Bow], the other five skills would cost 6000 Points and 4 Skill Points to level them to Grand Master rank.

Finally, bringing all six skills to Musou level cost 15,000 Points, 10 Skill Points each.

Especially the last Musou leveling... Kieran would need to rely on exchanging Skill Points with Points to fulfill his requirements.

While Kieran seemingly had a wealthy status after all the honor kills, he would return to what he was before within a night. Though in response, Kieran's strength and abilities would also increase.

This would be a full-fledged leveling and would allow Kieran to have more abilities to deal with sudden incidents and not be busy rushing from one end to another when things happened.

Still, Kieran was not familiar with such a huge difference in feeling.

Fortunately, he knew how to regulate his emotions. Reading books and practicing [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] was a good idea.


By the time Lawless transferred over Kieran's points and items, a week had already passed.

During the wait, other than dealing with his real life business, Kieran spent most of his time in his garage reading and practising, though the duration was too short to yield progress.

"Time is not enough!" Kieran sighed in his heart.

If it was possible, Kieran wouldn't mind trying to be like the normal players, entering dungeons with the given time limit and spending more time in learning skills because whether it was [Mystical Knowledge] the knowledge type skills or [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art], the special skills would rely on accumulation of time to lessen the Points and Skill Points consumption.

The benefits to a player were self-explanatory.

After a discount on the required Points, the player would have more freedom to utilize them elsewhere. No doubt it would strengthen oneself faster and more robustly. The benefits would be obvious when the player entered the dungeon world.

Though, it was a pity that these methods were not suitable for Kieran. The hidden illness in his body forced him to choose another way. Even more so, Kieran had Broker and Extremus on his tail!

Kieran did not wish to be a coward who hid in his garage like a tortoise for the rest of his life.

"Wait! I have to wait a little longer! I am still not strong enough now!" Kieran told himself.


After spitting a heavy, turbid breath, Kieran switched his attention to the items Lawless sent over.

[Name: Safety Potion Pack]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attributes: Constant Potion]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is a pack that could hold a total of 12 potion tubes at once. It is built with anti-shake, anti-drop, and high water resistance. It can also be strapped around your waist, mobile-friendly!]


[Constant Potion: Potions, balms had a longer store period when placed inside]


Inside the potion back were 4 tubes of [Elementary Healing Potion], 4 tubes of [Holy Water VIII] and 2 tubes of [Calming Potion]. Though it was not free.

[Elementary Healing Potion] costed 5000 Points each.

[Holy Water VIII] costed 1500 Points each.

[Calming Potion] costed 1500 Points each as well. Together with the [Safety Potion Pack], the total cost was 35,000 Points for everything.

Lawless exclaimed about Kieran's luck once more in the message, the life saving healing potions were always extremely in demand in the market during normal times. Even player will tons of points couldn't get it easily. If it was not for a veteran in desperate need of Points, Lawless couldn't even get a total of 4 tubes this round.

While [Safety Potion Pack] seemed to be a half freebie during that purchase, Lawless boasted about his bargaining skills, though Kieran who knew Lawless through trading wouldn't believe what he said.

"Such a false act!" Kieran shook his head with a light laugh.

What good luck, what veterans who were in desperate need of points and the half freebie [Safety Potion Pack]! There weren't that many fortunate and coincidental events in the world.

Kieran was sure that all the items were Lawless's precious collections. Lawless took it out and sold it to him with the mentioned market price.

As for why Lawless did it, it was a compensation! A compensation for the previous trades.

Kieran knew it in his stomach, but he didn't exposed it because he knew if he did, he would place Lawless in an awkward position.

With Lawless's attitude, he would definitely have to double his price to pay to help Kieran.

Kieran couldn't accept it since he was involved in the incident with a favour to repay in mind.

So, after Kieran took note of Lawless's favour, he took the remaining 35,000 Points without hesitation.

Kieran then placed 2 more tubes of [Elementary Healing Potion] that he had gotten from the previous dungeon and filled all the slots in [Safety Potion Pack] and turned his attention to [Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms].

[Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms, Musou to Transcendence, cost 45,000 Points, 1 Golden Skill Points. Yes/No?]


[Skill has reached Transcendence level, acquired additional Transcendence option]

[Shock: The fierceness of the great sword in your hand is unparalleled, and target that comes in contact, weapon or armor, will have to undergo a Strength authentication. When the Target's Strength is lower than yours, target's weapon will be struck off and armor will suffer extra damage. When you strike an unarmed or bare-body target, if target's Strength is lower than yours, Target will suffer additional Heavy Would Status!]

[Name: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Transcendence)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: You know how to use two-handed greatsword, battle mace, spiked club and all sorts of heavy arms to fight, increase 80% damage]

[Special Effect: Two handed Sword Excellence (Increase 60% damage when wielding two handed sword)]

[Shock: The fierceness of the great sword in your hand is unparalleled, and target that came in contact, weapon or armor, would have to undergo a Strength authentication. When the Target's Strength is lower than yours, target's weapon will be struck off and armor will suffer extra damage. When you struck an unarmed or barebody target, when target's Strength is lower than ours, Target will suffer additional Heavy Wounded Status!]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Strength C, Agility D+, Constitution D+]

[Remark:You are the beast, the meat grinder on the battlefield, when you are using heavy arms, no one could rival you!]


[Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms leveled up, related attributes increase…]

[Strength B- → B]

[Agility: C+ → B-]

[Constitution C+ → B-]


[Strength: B, Agility: B-, Constitution: B-. Spirit: B+, Intuition C+]

After seeing his current stats attributes, Kieran was savouring the warm stream in his body.

The feeling of a power-up was very intoxicating. Kieran was no exception.

It took a full twenty seconds before the feeling faded. Kieran started to quickly pack his items and equipments.

He was anxious to be stronger again!

"Enter Single Player Dungeon!"

Kieran said after making sure everything was ready.

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The new dungeon's name is "The Queen's Shield"
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