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Chapter 345: Aura of Madness
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"It's 2567!"

One of the killer player from the crowd shouted on seeing the leaping figure.

The word fired up everyone in the crowd. Those who were hiding in the shadows walked out and headed towards where Kieran would land.

Just when that was happening…

Bang bang bang!

Three shots were fired from afar.

When the first shot was fired, Kieran, who was free-falling, swung himself back on the building and climbed into the window of the third floor. When the second and third shots were fired, Kieran was nowhere to be found.

"Kill the sniper!"

One of the leaders of the killer players shouted. A couple of them then dashed towards where the sniper was.

In fact, those who dashed towards the sniper were not just a couple, almost a quarter of the crowd went off. While killing three snipers wouldn't require so much manpower and those who really wanted to kill the snipers were only a handful of the quarter, part of them were running away after they saw that the situation had gone south.

Yet, most of them had a sense of unwillingness in their hearts, but they knew what they were capable of. They wanted to leave the area, aiming for chances to grope for the fish in a turbid time.

Every killer player who arrived at the place shared the same fate as Nightingale; they only knew they were deceived after they arrived. But the situation before them was too intense; no one dare to move recklessly.

Now, a great opportunity had presented itself. If they didn't take it and run, they would be the real fools.

As for those who stood ground, they had confidence in their strength and were determined to get their hands on the title mission scroll. They were looking around with utmost vigilance and threatening gazes.

The crowd started to scatter, breaking into small groups and teams.

After breaking into around a dozen group, they took over the empty space in front of the building. There were no solo players among them though. During the retreat a moment ago, the solo players had joined the majority.


The leader of the killer players opened his mouth again, ready for another order, but just after he had uttered a single word, Kieran burst out from the building.

Not from behind or the windows on the left and right side, but through the main entrance, crashing into the the killer player leader.


The dark red great sword performed a horizontal slash. The player killer leader didn't even have the space to dodge; he could only take it head-on with a forcefield barrier on his body.

However, when [Arrogant Word]'s blade body came in contact with the force field barrier, it was like cutting through soap, decapitating the leader's head with the slash.


Fresh blood started gushing out, but Kieran didn't avoid the splashing blood. He allowed the warm blood to shower on him and pressed on forward.

Huuu! Sooo!

A couple of longswords, knives and arrows, together with bullets were fired at Kieran together.


[Primus Scale] was activated, though even the Powerful level barrier cracked and broke into pieces under the multitude of attacks. Only some of the attacks landed on Kieran's body though.

A long knife managed to slash open the guard of [Paul's Conceal] in front, and two long swords from behind pierced through [Crow's Black Feather] and [Paul's Conceal], and hit Kieran's back.

However, as if he didn't feel the pain, Kieran continued wielding his greatsword by turning around regardless of his wounds getting bigger. A round slash killed the three killer players in front and behind him who had broken his defense.

Along with the three was another bunch who jumped on Kieran, wanting to steal the kill.

With that round slash, those who thought Kieran had suffered a heavy injury fell together with the ones who had successfully caused damage to Kieran.

Blood and flesh splashed everywhere; organs were flowing like rivers.

The diminishing of his enemies' life gave Kieran endless energy; he kept charging on with utmost energy.

Souuu! Puuu!

A iron arrow flew out from the shadows and hit Kieran on the shoulder, though he pulled the arrow out right away and threw it back to the shadow.


After the sound of the iron arrow stabbing into human flesh, a killer player staggered out of the shadow while covering his throat, with the arrow lingering, muttering some unknown words and finally falling down to the ground. There were no more signs of life after a couple of twitches.

But Kieran didn't see any of it, he was dashing towards the other direction after he returned that arrow.

More attacks were fired at Kieran, wanting to stop him from advancing.

Kieran, however, was as usual, neglecting the attacks that slashed and stabbed him, as if he couldn't see them! He was only wielding [Arrogant Word] like a frenzied whirlwind, slicing and dicing the enemies in his path.

Arrogant! Untamed!

A never before seen resonance appeared between Kieran and [Arrogant Word].

The arrogant expressed their arrogance, chanting loudly and pressing on with an indomitable will!

The arrogant displayed their arrogance, eyeing all as their nemeses and annihilating everything in their path!

Exchanging life with wounds, regardless of the sacrifice!

A bewitching red started to radiate from the greatsword.

Its sharpness became unparalleled. Anyone who stood in its path was slashed down mercilessly.

Whether was it an iron weapon or a bloody body of flesh, there were no exceptions.


The killer players gasped heavily one after another when they saw such a scene.

They thought if they had the wounds like Kieran, if not being immobilized, at least their movements would be hindered. But based on what Kieran was showing off…

A mad man? A monster that could feel no pain?

Every one of the killer players had such a thought blooming in their mind.

Truth be told, Kieran was anxious to scream out loud but he couldn't. Not because of the enemies around him but he didn't have the spare time to do so.

Even more so, Kieran was clear that without the superior defense, HP, stamina and continuous replenishment of health of [Body of Evil], from [Fusion Heart] and [Soul Devour] from [Mardos Arm], he would have fallen a long time ago.

Though as long as he was still standing, he should accomplish what he promised. He clenched his teeth and withstood the pain.

All that was left in his mind was "Charge! Charge! Charge!".

Anything that stood in his path, "Kill!"

Under the heavy roaring, the brutal desire for slaughter sprung out from the depths of his heart. For an instance, a tiny spider mirage flashed over Kieran's right hand.

Although it was just a moment, but it didn't weaken Kieran by any means. Quite the opposite. it made him even stronger as he fought.

It was just that everything was happening so fast, even Rachel who was hiding in the shadows didn't notice the tiny spider mirage.

As the first person to "unravel" Kieran's identity with her words, following him while hiding among the crowd and helping Kieran deal with those who sneak-attacked him from the dark corners, Rachel was the one who paid the most attention to Kieran. If even she didn't notice the spider mirage, the other killer players never had a chance.

The majority of the killer players had the intentions of retreating after seeing Kieran in his frenzy mode. As for why they were still chasing him relentlessly, it was because of the greed in their hearts.

While a minority of the killer players still had their confidence in taking on Kieran.

At least, it was still what they thought.

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