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Chapter 344: Countermeasures
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"So this is what everything's about!" Kieran muttered.

The title mission scroll was a reward for killing the killer player, Nobian.

Other than himself, no one else knew he had the scroll; even Lawless was kept from the fact when he arrived later back then.

So, how did the Broker know this?

In simple words, from the moment Nobian had gotten the [Blade of the Daybreaker] sub scroll, his movements were under Broker's inspection. As far as it was concerned, [Blade of the Daybreaker] sub scroll was a bait released by Broker himself; the purpose was to "fish" out even more killer players!

Broker must have gotten to know the existence of the killer players a long time ago, but he decided to keep an eye closed about it because the killer player's existence had their value to Broker.

Think of Broker's secret bazaar, how many items inside were from the killer players?

Broker must have gotten a clue from a certain item in his bazaar, but after some time, Broker's strength and influence had gotten a substantial enhancement, so he had a different thought about them.

For Broker, it was not that he didn't want the killer players to survive, but he needed a killer squad that he could control and comply to his every order. However, the killer players were hiding too deep; unless they showed themselves, it was hard to determine whether a player was one of them or not.

So, Broker needed a bait. The title mission scroll was such a bait!

By slightly altering the information about the title mission scroll and releasing some other phoney news, it was enough to attract the attention of the killer players. For instance, a title mission scroll could allow 3 to 5 players entry per run.

Other than the one holding on to the main scroll and the other two people with the Unique Title, the Witch and Broker, Kieran couldn't even differentiate the true from the false.

Since the Witch had left the game, no explanation would be coming from her, and as the mastermind behind this grand scheme, Broker of course would not explain the truth about the title mission.

As for the one holding the main scroll?

Those who were blinded by greed would not believe it anyway.

However, amidst the grand scheme, Kieran popped up as a interferer, forcing Broker to alter his original plans, and from the looks of it…

"Broker really did an amazing job!"

Kieran walked towards the window and looked down.

A crowd had quietly gathered beneath the building. Although Kieran had familiarized himself in the shadows, but when he looked down from a high ground, everything was clear.

"Broker told you about the title mission scroll? What about Coll's kidnapping?"

Kieran asked Nightingale once more to confirm.

"It was a special dungeon that could allow a total of five player per entry, not counting towards the normal dungeon run, but only one amongst the five could acquire the title!"

"Coll's kidnapping was also that bastard's order. He wanted me to kidnap Coll and send the news to Lawless!"

Nightingale hesitated a while before she spilled the truth.

"No wonder…" Kieran sighed in his heart. Nightingale's words solidified his theory.

What assassination, what collaboration! Everything was a trap set up by Broker himself. All he wanted was to lead the both of them to the wide square, suitable for getting surrounded.

Not only Kieran and Lawless but also the killer players.

"F*ck!" Lawless clenched his fist and cursed. He was no idiot after all; he quickly understood what had happened when he heard Kieran's question.

"Cursing will only make you look like a losing dog barking non-stop, pitiful and sorrowful. Think of what you should do now! Those reckless, greedy bastards will not listen to what you have to say!"

"A title mission scroll, eh? Pft, sounds really tempting… Lucky little bastard you are!"

Rachel scolded Lawless without holding back and she turned to Kieran, gazing at him with a half-smile, sending chills down Kieran's spine and skin.

Kieran's scalp felt numb once he thought about Rachel's skill when she had appeared.

If Rachel was after the title mission scroll and was determined to get it, he couldn't do anything about it. He might still able to turn it around with a couple of ace cards if it was a face-to-face battle but he wouldn't stand a chance if he was ambushed…

That will be devastating!

"So do I consider myself an innocent man landed in jail because of my precious stone?" Kieran mocked himself with a smile.

"Of course not!" Lawless looked at Rachel with a strict eyes.

"Its a joke! Just a damn joke! Where is the humour in your big muscle-head!"

Rachel scolded again when she was vexed by their odd manner.

"So what should we do now? The goons below are not much of a problem, but they outnumber us. If it was me alone, I could get out of here unharmed... but with you people? Not possible!" Rachel said.

"No need for all of us, just 2567 will be enough. Their objective is 2567. Once he is gone, the situation will solve itself!" Lawless pointed at Kieran.

"But Broker's goal will still be completed! His original goal is not me but the killer players below. Think of it this way: when the killer players were forced to a desperate situation, how many of them would throw their lives for a risk? I guess most of them will choose to side Broker! Now that Broker has uglified the situation with us, will he let us go after his forces grow?"

"Besides, he will definitely send us "compliance invites", once we reject, he will launch a relentless attack at us. When that happens, the moment when we return from the dungeons, other than our own game lobby, nowhere will be safe for us anymore! So let's take a gamble! Though mostly because of I am jealous to see Broker's plan succeed. I have a narrow heart; I always seek revenge with the smallest grievance!"

Kieran said in a joking tone, but Lawless and Rachel had caught the seriousness in his words.

Both of them knew it was not a joke.

"Um, then let's take the gamble! If worse comes to worst, I'll play single player from now on!"

Lawless agreed to Kieran's words without a second thought. Rachel didn't object as well.

The three of them started to discuss their next move softly.

Nightingale was still staring at Kieran with glimmering eyes from the side. The unrestricted conversation caused her to feel something was not right within her bones.

"Because I showed anger towards Broker, he chose to believe me? Could he be this naive? Or did he do it on purpose, wanting me to send a fake message to Broker?" Nightingale thought.

Though they were purely thought, and not hesitation. As a killer, all she ever thought about was benefits, whether in the real world or in the game.

Golden Canary was similar as well, but something differentiated them both: hatred.

The hatred towards Lawless made her more impulsive, or in other words, idiotic.


The people inside the shadows stared at each other with vigilance. They were also looking at the building entrance not far away from them, but none of them dared to take the step forward because they knew whoever took the first step would be the target of the arrows and being fired by the crowd.

They were waiting in a stalemate situation.

The atmosphere started to get depressing and dangerous. If the wait continued, eventually, someone would strike when they couldn't hold it back anymore.

Just before that happened, a figure suddenly appeared on the rooftop, drawing the attention of the people beneath, before he jumped down.

Translator's Thoughts
Dess Dess
Leave your guesses of who has the main title scroll?

And, Kieran is actually wrong for the 1st time.

Broker is much more cunning that anyone knew.

I'll try to explain every question but do give me sometime and check back the comment sections once in a while lol

Annnnnnd I just saw Kieran bitch slapped someone, damn satisfying!
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