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Chapter 343: Clarity
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Enraged, Kieran dashed towards Golden Canary, but he was stopped again by Lawless raising his hand.

"I...I am fine!" Lawless said.

He struggled to turn around and looked at Golden Canary who had tried to stab him with that tiny dagger. Even with the system blur, Lawless's face was filled with memories, sorrow and guilt.

"I'm sorry!" Lawless said.

"Sorry? You hypocritical bastard, why don't you die!"

Golden Canary tried to exert her strength once more, but she was never good at it. Additionally, under the magic repulsion, she couldn't drive the dagger any deeper. She felt like she'd stabbed an iron plate.

No, even sturdier than an iron plate!

Her mortal enemy was just in front her, letting her stab as she liked, but she couldn't do anything to harm him…

The helpless feeling bloomed in her heart. Her beliefs that had supported her thus far started to shake.


Golden Canary screamed her lungs out in sorrow and rage.

"Um… I promise you, when I finish what I should do, I'll give you my life!"

Lawless spoke seriously, having turned around to face Golden Canary.

"Before that…"

While Lawless was speaking, he launched his right hand and grabbed the empty space beside them.

A shadowy figure suddenly emerged from nothingness and retreated quickly.

Though Lawless's right hand seemed slow, it was following the shadowy figure like a real shadow. Not only had he predicted and blocked the shadowy figure's retreat, his hand even landed on the figure's shoulder before the figure could react to what had happened.


After the clear sound of his bones breaking one after another, the shadowy figure's bones were completely crushed, and it fell to the floor, weak and limp.

That was only the beginning.

From Kieran's perspective, Lawless's hand continued on and brought up layers of afterimage, making it look like his hand had split into ten. He then grabbed the hidden killer players out of the void one after another, and with an effortless tap, all the killer players' bones were crushed.

A killer aura started to form on Lawless's body.

From the first time he struck with his hand to the fifth time, violent winds of killer intents were blowing out from his body to all directions.


The heavy wind whistled, making the dust fly and forming a dust cloud that blocked Lawless's figure.

Between the indistinct image, Kieran thought he heard a tiger's roar.


After a moment, a striped tiger leapt out from the dust cloud.

The violent wind around blew fiercer and the tiger's roar echoed through the whole building.

Then, translucent tigerslave spirits[1] started to appeared along with the violent wind one after another.

The tiger-devoured spirits were shivering amidst the tiger's roar, following the orders that were given to them.

One after another, the killer players were dragged out by the spirits.

Then, the killer players were all slaughtered; none of them remained with an intact corpse after they died.

The paw slashes, teeth crushing and tail sweeping eliminated all the killer players with ease.

When Kieran saw that Lawless was biting off a killer player's throat without the slightest hesitation, he knew something had gone wrong.

Lawless seemed to have fallen into a frenzy mode, but Kieran had no idea how to wake him up.

On the side, Golden Canary was completely astonished. She was staring at the cowardly man that she had under control before he went completely mad. Her mind was recalling the memories of a conversation between her and her elder brother.

"Brother, who is stronger between you and Tiger King?"

"I am stronger during normal times but he is stronger when he goes all crazy! Other than Butcher, whosoever stood in the frenzied Tiger King's path shall perish!"

"So the Butcher is the strongest?"

"Of course not, the strongest is …"

Her brother never finished, but Golden Canary knew someone needed to stop Lawless, or else all of Nightingale's men would perish.


Where would she find the Butcher now? How could the crazy woman be here?


The astonished Golden Canary was awakened by a clear smashing noise.

A wine bottle had smashed on Lawless's head and upon impact, Lawless was stunned.

A small fire then lit up from the shadow beside. It was Rachel who had lit up the cigarette in her mouth. She took a deep puff and blew the smoke at Lawless's face.

"Wake up yet?" The lady owner of Harvest Inn asked coldly.

"I'm sorry, I…"

"I know what you are holding back! The day that you made up your mind, you've held a lot back inside. Even though you nicknamed yourself Lawless, but you strap yourself down with restrictions and fetters, because you don't want that incident to happen again. I respect your decision, but it doesn't mean I'll keep cleaning your ass! I hope this is the last time!"

Lawless wanted to explain but he was abruptly interrupted.

Rachel's uncourteous words had Kieran making some guesses in his heart, but he was smart not to ask about it. He looked at Rachel with astonished eyes.

Rachel's appearance was too sudden, to the extent that Kieran could not even react to her presence until the bottle smashed, just like the killer players.

No! Even scarier than the killer players!

At least the killer players had signs of their appearance, but the Rachel before Kieran was something different. If it was not for seeing her with his own eyes and listening to her words, Kieran would even suspect it was an illusion.

More doubts formed in Kieran's heart.

"Very well!" Lawless smiled bitterly and said.

"Come out!"

Rachel didn't care about Lawless anymore. Instead, she turned her attention to a shadow at the corner. After she ordered, a figure walked out of the shadow.

It was Nightingale who had returned to the building long ago and was waiting for the perfect chance to reap her harvest. But she did not expect that her wait would result in such a surprising person.

Nightingale placed her eyes on Kieran, reeking of killer intents, but most of it felt like greed. She knew what Kieran had; it was what she had always wanted but now there were obstacles between them.

What should a killer do to overcome the obstacles?

Kill it!

Though, if it was possible, Nightingale would prefer not to provoke the other two before her, but the item she wanted made her want to take that risk.

There was not much of a hesitation in making choices when the rewards were greater than the risk.

"Butcher, this doesn't concern you…"


Before Nightingale could finish, she was slapped by Rachel.

"Scram!" Rachel said with an irritated tone.



Another slap landed on her face, even stronger than the one before.

"One more word from your mouth and it will be your last!"

Rachel was staring at Nightingale; her body was emitting immense danger.

Nightingale kept quiet; a killer knew better than a commoner about what to do when faced with someone stronger than them. Nightingale didn't even dare look at Rachel anymore; she hid her vicious gaze away and turned around, wanting to leave.

"Wait!" Rachel opened her mouth again.

Nightingale turned around again; her hand was holding a dagger. She felt like she was insulted and it fueled her rage, causing the ever-proudful Nightingale to want to take a gamble at Rachel.

"Bring this fool with you!" Rachel pointed at Golden Canary.

Nightingale was surprised; she never thought Rachel would release Golden Canary.

Although, there were still value in the "fledgelings" that the organization spent so much in training. Bringing her back would also be a compensation for the manpower lost during this trip.

Nightingale then walked over to Golden Canary, helped her up and walked outside.

After a few seconds, the whole building was emptied of people except for Kieran, Lawless and Rachel. Kieran looked at Lawless and Rachel but kept quiet.

Rachel also never wanted to speak about it; she was smoking her cigarette quitely.

"I said it before, when it is is over, I'll tell you everything…"

Lawless finally opened his mouth with a bitter smile but before he could finish, he was interrupted by another series of footsteps.

Nightingale and Golden Canary had returned.

"That son of a bitch, unscrupulous businessman! He actually sent the information about 2567's title mission scroll to so much people! What an assh*le!"

Nightingale was enraged and scolded.

Title mission scroll?

So everything was about the title mission scroll?!

Kieran was shocked, and all the dots regarding the incident started connecting instantly.

TL Note

Tigerslave spirit: Originated from Chinese folklore. The spirits were the ghosts of one devoured by the tiger. They couldn't reincarnate or leave the tiger's side after they die, and hence became a spirit guiding the tiger to its next victim.

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