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Chapter 337: Vicious
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The footsteps were approaching.

When Kieran and Lawless saw the person behind them though, they were stunned.

Despite the fact that he was wearing a black coat and a round hat, the moment he looked at them, they knew it was Monien the Broker.

"What the hell are you doing here, Mr. Broker?" Lawless said rudely when he saw the Broker in that weird outfit.

Compared to the Broker they remembered, the man before them gave them a strange feeling. He looked like a fox wearing a chicken’s feathers and claiming to be a hen.

"Guiding you, of course. While also reminiscing about the former glory of Old Strea Street!" the Broker said, making Kieran frown.

Everyone else could have said this about Old Strea Street, except the Broker. The fact that he had taken advantage of that incident to replace Old Strea Street with Loens Street made Kieran feel extremely uncomfortable when he said that.

Kieran didn’t want the Broker guiding them. The man had to have some ulterior motive. After all, they were not going for a stroll around the city. They were heading to the den of a killer organization. The trip there would be very dangerous.

If the unscrupulous merchant was willing to take that risk, there could only be one explanation. He had something to gain!

Kieran was certain about it.

Otherwise, the Broker would have kept contacting Kieran and Lawless safely through PM and sent someone else to guide them.

"What is his real purpose in coming here? It must be something that only he can accomplish or benefit from!" Kieran guessed as he communicated with Lawless through PM.

Lawless agreed with his perspective, wondering about what could have caused the Broker to take this risk himself.

Kieran and Lawless were communicating behind the Broker while he walked ahead, pretending that he did not notice them chit-chatting behind him.

"The assassin I encountered last time left me in a state of shock! I need to witness this myself. I need to see what will become of those bastards! Only when they are killed, will I be able to feel safe again. I can’t even finish a meal in peace anymore..." the Broker said.

Kieran and Lawless pouted as they heard him.

The two of them were not some kindergarten kids. They’d never believe anything he said.

If he was in a state of shock, but still willing to take this risk with them, then he had to have an ulterior motive. The two parties were not close enough to risk their lives for each other after all.

The Broker definitely possessed a certain level of confidence though.

"Lawless: Be careful, something is fishy about this guy!"

"2567: Sure!"

Lawless warned Kieran once more via PM.

They both remained vigilant as they followed the Broker to a wider space.

The fallen street lamps, the broken benches and the dried-up fountain told Keiran that the place had once been a plaza or public square. When the players had left though, it had shared the same fate as Old Strea Street. It had been turned into a wasteland.

"Tada! There it is!"

The Broker, who was standing at the square’s entrance, was pointing at a six-storey building on the other side of the deserted area.

"Coll is in there?" Lawless asked to make sure.

"According to my sources, yes! Go ahead!" the Broker said with an inviting gesture.

"You are not coming?" Lawless asked with a cold grunt.

"I’m just your guide. You will reach your destination soon, so it would be wiser for me to stand aside. I hope the two of you make it back safely!" the Broker said with a smile before he stepped back and merged with the shadow.

Broker’s skill which was on par with Transcendence [Undercover] made Kieran squint but what concerned Kieran the most was the Broker’s blessing before he’d left.

It felt very unsettling coming from him.

It had sounded like it had been addressed to the two of them, but it had actually just been meant for Kieran.

Although there was no proof for this, after going through all sorts of dangers, Kieran had begun to trust his intuition. He was currently feeling like he was being watched.

The Broker must have wanted to make sure that Kieran and Lawless entered the six-storey building.

"Something is wrong here!" Kieran thought unconsciously. Before he could connect the dots though, a person appeared in the six-storey building in the distance.

His face was blurred off by the system, but he had a tall, buff figure. He looked very tanned and his arm muscles seemed tight. His palms and fingers were thick and robust.

The buff man was using his left thumb and index finger to hold the scrawny Coll, as if he was holding a small chicken.

The man had obviously seen Kieran and Lawless, as he raised his right thumb up and moved it over his throat.

Then, before Kieran and Lawless could react, he threw Coll off the building.


The sound of the impact was mixed with a clear bone-splintering noise.

The sudden impact caused the body to twist upon making contact with the ground.

Fresh blood dyed the ground red in an instant.

"COLL!" Lawless yelled loudly, unable to save his friend in time. His eyes widened in rage as he dashed towards the building like a vicious tiger running down a mountain.

Kieran wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

"F*ck!" Kieran’s heart skipped a beat.

As he had watched Coll get thrown off the building, he had realized what their enemies had wanted to achieve. They wanted to enrage Lawless!

Lawless and Coll had been very good friends. Even Kieran, who had barely known the guy, felt rage in his heart, but he forced himself to calm down.

One of them was already being fueled by rage. If both of them lost their calm, they would be finished off by their enemies in no time.

Kieran gripped the box that held [Arrogant Word] as he chased after Lawless.

His eyes were scanning the area and his ears were listening carefully, trying to catch anything unusual.

However, even though he was 120% focused, he still couldn’t understand how Lawless had disappeared.

A moment ago, his friend had been dashing out madly within his sight, but the next moment, he had disappeared without a trace, as if he had never been there.

Kieran was stunned.

Suddenly, a sharp noise was heard behind him.

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