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Chapter 325: Intentions
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"We are invited as well?"

Schmidt was looking at Rosland Landsky in shock.

When Kieran and co. went back to the house on 1st Black Street, the elderly man, who had temporarily taken over his granddaughter's duties, stopped by for a visit.

He had some surprising news to share. The Shepherds of Death had sent out invitations.

Everyone in the house was given an invitation, except Charles, who was the latest addition to the group, and Boller, who was still unconscious.

"According to my source, they sent out even more invitations. Any West Coast mystic with a reputation has been invited. They also rented Morsenburg to use it as a venue for the banquet. It seems like they've decided to give up on all the secrecy and step into the light… I don't think this is a good sign!" Rosland added.

The others didn't object to his statement. Everyone frowned. They were no idiots after all.

The Shepherds' peculiar actions implied that they were sure of their victory.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have sent out so many invitations and risked stepping into the light.

Everyone's attention was on Kieran, who seemed calm over the news.

"What about the East Coast mystics?" Kieran asked Rosland.

"I haven't gotten any news about them, but according to reliable sources, they have reached the West Coast and are awaiting your return! Philly did deliver your declaration after all, and considering their nature, they will not give up until it's done!" Rosland said in an affirmative tone.

"I hope they live up to their reputation!" Kieran said softly.

The appearance of the East Coast mystics was a part of his plan. He was not surprised that they had decided to team up with the Shepherds and form a temporary union.

Kieran had speculated that they would do as much when they changed their way of handling things. There was no proof, but he was very sure of his theory. There was no way to explain the peculiarity of the Shepherds.

Almost everyone in the house had the same thought, except for Kieran, but before anyone could voice it, he switched the topic.

The conversation that followed was mostly casual chit chat. Rosland left after half an hour.

He walked out of the house and got in the car waiting for him by the side of the road.

Inside the car was Tally, who lit up a cigarette and lay back on the seat, staring at 1st Black Street quietly.

The smoke that moved around her added a layer of mystery and danger to her beautiful face.

The driver covered his nose to protect it from the smoke.

Rosland frowned at his granddaughter's behavior.

"Are you being rebellious now?" he asked.

"Is it working?" Tally tilted her head, staring at her grandfather. Before Rosland could answer, she went on, "Seems like it isn't. You deal with things your way. I'm basically wasting my time, but what's wrong with that? You already took away my rights as the first in line, so there's not much else you can do to me..." Tally took another deep puff of her cigarette.

"Enough!" Rosland grabbed her cigarette and threw it outside the car.

Tally didn't even put up any resistance. She was just looking dully at her grandfather.

Rosland was panting angrily, but he calmed down quickly. He looked like a leaking balloon as he lay back against his seat.

"You know, you are exactly like that man! Like the Bird of Death!" he said.

"He didn't ask for your help, even though he realizes that something is wrong?"

Tally seemed to be both praising and mocking him at the same time.

"Not only did he not ask for my help, but he made it seem like he didn't care! As if he wouldn't even stop so low as to look at the union between the East Coast mystics and the Shepherds! I admit that he is powerful, but the union is just as powerful! Most importantly, he has already exposed his ability to transform into the devil!" Rosland said with a soft sigh.

"The East Coast mystics and the Shepherds will surely be prepared. This will not be another ambush like the one at the docks! I have started to regret this collaboration already. The Bird of Death has been blinded by his previous victory!" Rosland added.

"You don't think 2567 has the confidence to win?" Tally refuted her grandfather's argument.

Rosland didn't bother answering.

"Start the car!" he ordered the driver.

The black car drove away swiftly, followed by another one. The spies hiding in the shadows were returning to their own factions with some important news.

The Bird of Death had returned.

Within half an hour, the whole West Coast had heard the news.

Some people were delighted, others were worried, and some felt their killing intent grow.

Philly did not fall into any of those categories. He felt delighted and worried at the same time.

Delighted that Kieran had returned, but worried about his fate.

Philly gave a fawning smile to the well-dressed gentleman before him.

"Master Barry, the Bird of Death has returned. His friends have also received invitations. Considering Simones' traditional way of thinking, he and the Bird of Death will definitely attend the meeting, even if they have noticed that something is off!"

Philly was nodding and bowing as he delivered the message. It looked like he had turned into a suck-up again.

"Well done, Philly!" the well-dressed middle-aged gentleman said.

Philly was over the moon, but his face was still filled with fear and reverence.

"It is all thanks to Master Barry's perfect planning, I only try to make myself useful!"

Philly lifted his right hand, pinching his little finger with his thumb.

His manner and actions satisfied the middle-aged gentleman, who waved his hand.

Philly felt like he was being pardoned from death row as he left the room.

"This won't do... I must think of a way to get out of this mess! I can't deal with both the Bird of Death and the Spirit of Evil! I will be crushed if I get stuck between them! Damn it! What should I do?"

The gears in Philly's mind were spinning quickly as he tried to think of a solution to save himself. He regretted delivering the message back to the East Coast.

If he had known, he would have sent someone else to deliver it.

"I am too honest… Huh?"

As Philly was trying to brainstorm, he saw a person in the corridor.

It was a man with a golden mohawk and a long denim jacket. A thought instantly bloomed in Philly's mind.

"Hey, messenger! I have an important matter to take care of! I know you are busy sending all sorts of invitations on behalf of the Shepherds, but I can offer you ten times that money!"

Philly touched his moustache as he ran over to the messenger, not the least bit concerned about the man's reaction.

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