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The Devil is Cage 311 Emerging From The Darkness Within

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Chapter 311: Emerging From The Darkness Within
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Before Kieran could speak, a series of footsteps were heard.

The familiar sound made Kieran frown.

"Please forgive my selfishness. Tally is my granddaughter and heir after all!" Rosland said in a pleading tone.

The door was pushed open as he begged Kieran.

A beautiful girl that looked like a younger Tally Landsky walked in. Kieran frowned hard as he looked at her tall, perfectly proportioned body.

The footsteps had belonged to Tally, but the young girl before them looked younger than 20 years old. It was a huge contrast compared to what Kieran had imagined the middle-aged woman to be like.

"Tally had to alter her face a little for this mission. She's not deceiving you on purpose!" Rosland explained.

"Please forgive my earlier rudeness and ignorance. This is everything we have on the Shepherd of Death…" the young Tally said lightly, placing a thick pile of files before Kieran.

Without the reverence of her esteemed position, her voice sounded more pleasant than it had before. Plus, that beautiful, charming face of hers really struck a chord with men.

Kieran didn’t relax his furrowed brow though.

"According to our agreement, Tally Landsky had to return to your family," he said slowly.

"Of… Of course!" Rosland was already sweating.

"Very well... As long as you remember!" Kieran picked up the pile of files from the table and his own belongings before he left.


"Damn it!"

When Kieran left, Tally reverted to her true nature and started yelling in an agitated tone.

"It seems like Sir 2567 has a stronger will than we thought… Our original plan can’t work anymore. Tally, go back to our family for now," Rosland said straightaway.


"No buts! I’ve tried once before, and this situation won’t allow a second chance. Not unless we want to lose the upper hand!" Rosland stopped Tally, sounding resolute.

"Okay..." Tally nodded unwillingly.


"Did he want to test my limits?" Kieran thought silently as he sat in the taxi on the way back.

Tally was Rosland’s granddaughter, and he didn’t want his own granddaughter’s future to be destroyed completely, but Kieran had still sensed something else during that scene back there.

It had been a silent test.

If Keiran had backed down, the Landskys would definitely have asked for more, and their future plans would have been centered around Tally. Although he was not sure how Tally had been able to disguise herself as a middle-aged woman before, he was certain that the Tally he had met back at Rosland’s place had been dressed meticulously.

The way she had looked at Kieran had given him a weird, uneasy feeling, as if she were a female jaguar with its eyes on its prey. Kieran would never place himself in such a position, and he would never back down before Rosland Landsky.

Rosland was not strong enough to pose a threat to him.

The taxi reached 1st Black Street without any further disturbances. Kieran paid the driver and took out his belongings. He noticed that the lights were still on in the living room.

Kieran smiled.

What was the difference between a relationship based on mutual benefit and a true friendship?

It might very well be the warmness in one’s heart, Kieran told himself while he pressed the doorbell at the gate.

The door of the house was instantly opened. Elli was the first to rush out. She was staring at Kieran blankly. When she saw that he was in one piece, her eyes turned red and she covered her mouth before turning away from him.

Simones, Schmidt, Raul and her husband Cidney were behind her.

Simones was smiling as well.

Raul and Cidney were cut off by Schmidt, who rushed past them and tapped Kieran’s shoulder hard in relief.

Louver was the last one to walk out, his dull expression mixed with confusion. Soon, he reverted back to his lifeless expression though.

As the night got darker, their laughter got louder.

When the Sun blessed the West Coast with its light again, the front page of the "Special Daily" was about the Bird of Death, the Ominous Bird that had swept away the East Coast’s attack the previous night. The "Special Daily" had spread to every corner of the city, and even to places beyond the city, at ridiculous speed.

"Fiery Devil" had been officially added to Kieran’s long list of titles and been acknowledged by the public.

Everyone was shocked. It was unbelievable.

All sorts of expressions were pasted on the mystics’ faces. The only thing decreasing was their doubts. There was no room for doubt between the bodies of the East Coast mystics.

Even more so when a couple of famous East Coast mystics had been recognized.

Everyone was overwhelmed, completely struck by fear.

When the news spread, letters started snowing down on the garden of 1st Black Street.

All the senders wanted to pay them a visit, and they and their organizations bore no hostility towards Kieran.

At first, Elli would check each and every one of the letters, but after a while, she just threw them right into the trash.

Kieran was not concerned about it, so why should she be?

However, Elli remained unhappy when Kieran left in the morning, even though he had a valid reason to. Kieran allowed Schmidt to follow him, but not her.

"Is his brain loaded with sawdust?"

The young lass was pinching her dress grumpily, as if it was Kieran’s face.

Simones unconsciously let out a heavy sigh when he noticed. He was crafting a potion for the unconscious Boller.

As an experienced person, Simones knew that Elli had too many burdens and responsibilities. At the same time, he hoped that Kieran would have a safe journey.

"Ancient alchemy… It's impossible! Impossible! We destroyed that thing with our own hands a long time ago!" Simones muttered under his breath, shaking his head. Then, as if he’d remembered something important, he tapped his own forehead.

"I hope it’s not too late!" Simones went into the study and picked up the phone.

Kieran was driving his Picard, with Schmidt in the passenger seat and Raul and Cidney in the backseat.

"I wonder how Rukie is..."

Raul’s hoarse voice was filled with worry.

"Worry not, Rukie will be fine! She’s smart and she comes from a family of mystics. She still has a lot of tricks up her sleeves to protect herself…" Cidney tried to comfort his wife.

Both Schmidt and Kieran could hear the lack of confidence in his words though.

Schmidt changed the topic.

"Why are you so eager to leave, 2567? You just won a big victory last night. You should take this opportunity to rally every mystical faction on the West Coast and the Shepherd of Death and give them the killing blow! Sweep them clean!" Schmidt said in a puzzled tone.

Kieran smiled and shrugged.

He couldn’t explain that the reason he delayed it was to delay the Main Mission progression and explore more Sub Missions.

Fortunately, Schmidt was familiar with Kieran’s mysterious behavior.

"I wonder what Forende Town looks like... Raul, do you-"

Before Schmidt could finish his question, Kieran interrupted him.

"Careful!" he cried loudly, turning the steering wheel hard to the right.

A black spear chaffed the car’s rear, piercing deep into the ground.

Loud galloping could be heard from afar. It was the horses carrying the Black Knights.
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